UPDATE: Unjust Parking Ticket #2 From the City of Boise Parking Enforcement This Time During a Week of Massive Harassment. I have Huge Evidence It's Unjust.

I've had it with the whole damn bunch. 

This post is about the second unjust parking ticket I have gotten in Boise Idaho. The first time is documented in a video from May 28th 2020 and so is the phone call with parking enforcement in which they said time limits were not being enforced. If this assbackwards city had two different entities making decisions about parking enforcement citizens should have been informed, most certainly when I called them they should have told me the Boise Boise Police Department just does as they damn well please. And BPD does do as they damn well please BTW.  You bet they do. Here is the video, there will be very justified swearing.



I posted this post:


UPDATE: After An Inappropriate Conversation with a Watch Commander I Filed a Public Records Request About Long Term Ongoing Mistreatment and Slander From the Boise Police Department. The Response Indicates Corruption.


Then this unjust ticket below happened, such coincidences. I called the police about massive other harassment going on by thugs and druggies which is SOP, in Boise these things come together. BPD are you paying loser types to gangstalk with your C.I. funds? Or is it a contractor who has been hired by a business or is it just the massive drug ring in Boise? I asked for someone at BPD to file a report like I do often knowing full well nothing will be done about any issues or even crimes. That can mean a phone call or no reaction at all. I have not gotten returned phone calls many, many times for years. I have had some really inappropriate things said to me. Also if I swear some of them get the vapors, they are so delicate, oh the humanity. Believe me the things I call about are very swearable. 

I called about a very large amount of harassment that went on over several days to ask for a report to be filed expect an officer to call me or not, never know. Boise put a sticker on a motorhome which does not run that had been parked in one spot for about 6 weeks. There were problems, yelling, fighting, garbage, the usual scenario. Two days later they moved where I normally park and the gangstalking activity began from multiple sources including being harassed by a lowrider. Yea, that was odd. I did document that because who the hell would believe the story like so many other bizarre things that go on in Boise Idaho. Then there was either a drug drop scenario which I had also seen last summer or a LARP of a drug drop, yes they do that. 

This time a bike cop arrived rather than call. Guess who, the cop who gave me the first unjust parking ticket. He wanted to argue the case. I don't think that was a coincidence and it may have been a message. Message received and rejected.

This ticket was issued for being parked in a spot on a street with a three day parking reg for greater than 72 hours. I had however been parked there less than 48 hours. If I screwed up and got count of the days wrong or something then that would be on me even though unintended. I had documentation that demonstrated it was a false claim, false ticket. 

There is a large amount of evidence this ticket is false. With the first ticket I did not document because I believed parking enforcement when they said the time limits on parking were not being enforced during the pandemic. I do not believe after all I've been through anything anyone with the city of Boise says. 

This is what one has to do in an oppressive society to protect themselves from being targeted by the local government. 

When running errands I use my debit card so my bank account can be used as evidence I left where normally parked and came back. Parking enforcement officer PC08 on February 22nd had taken a picture of the stem on my left front tire which they call chalking as real chalking is a violation of the 4th Amendment. Then I went and ran errands for hours on the 23rd. Then on the 25th he took pictures of my car including the same tire. I got out of my car wearing my sock monkey pajamas because I saw him taking the pictures. He looked similar to a man parked behind my car the day before. I knew I had not violated any parking codes so was shocked to see the city of Boise targeting me for a second unjust ticket. He took off like a little bitch when I exited my car. 

The whole point is harassment and taking in money for the city and they don't care that what they are doing is evil, sadistic torture. In fact after years of abuse from the city of Boise Idaho I know for a fact their intentions are to harm people, otherwise they would not do these things to people living in hard situations in this dangerous city. The current mayor was on the city council for over a decade while they all diddled around and did not get affordable housing built. The city officials would not have intentionally decided to not promote and build affordable housing in order to push out the poor if they had any morals which they clearly do not.  

Don't get me started on the state of the homeless shelter, the crowding, the issues with health and safety and my whistleblowing that resulted in massive harassment. The government uses non-profits so they can claim everything that goes wrong or goes on has nothing to do with them. 

On February 23rd I did lots of errands, more than are shown here. One of these purchases is a gas station, one a grocery store, one a sandwich shop and another is my storage unit where I paid in person.

None of this could have been done while I was parked. 

I went to my storage yesterday and asked the manager if he remembered me coming to the office on February 23rd to ask him to put my payment through. He remembered and printed out the receipt and noted I paid in person. Thank you. 


Was glad to have all the above evidence because my normal documentation when parking to prevent the city of Boise from giving me an unjust parking ticket I believed was accidentally deleted when searched for due to my being so upset. I accidentally moved it to another spot instead. Imagine being so oppressed by the city you live in after they helped make you homeless by allowing a crime, a drug ring and gangstalking that you have to make a proof of date and time parking video every damn time you park to prevent the bastards from giving you an unjust parking ticket.

It was still there, but even without it my evidence is overwhelming. If I ever forgot to make one of these videos then I'd post a comment on FB that I had evidence in my bank account of running errands. This is how oppressive and abusive Boise Idaho is. They intentionally made sure there was hardly any place poor people could rent, then the shelters are horrible. Being a retired RN with immune system problems who mostly worked critical care the crowding, the lack of handwashing, the beds so close together, people allowed to hang their wet and/or filthy clothing on my bed and putting their hands on it constantly,men allowed to put their hands on me and lots more was shocking. Then the fact that one could not walk without rubbing against someone was insane. The city of Boise knew, I told them so did the health dept. Oh, and the mice they said were so dangerous in the tent city in 2015, were also in our property, peeing, pooping, shredding clothing and dying, but that was perfectly safe according to the health department.

The abuse against the poor in Boise Idaho is unconscionable. The city has a very clear caste system and they have spent decades intentionally attracting materialist people to the city while displacing the poor. 

The really odd thing to me is they go after people who are just living in vehicles and not causing problems but have allowed huge issues with others that do cause problems. I have complained about those problems because I have to park on the street and been threatened with violence, harassed and treated like I'm lying or crazy when I complain to the police or city hall. This is why I have cameras. 


This is my parking evidence video from February 23rd that I thought was lost. 



Applications on cell phones are often used to harass me in Boise. This is an example of how businesses and individuals connected to right wing groups such as the III%ers do harassment. I would be sitting in a park and as many as three vehicles, usually pickup trucks would park next to me, often illegally and then all begin texting on their phones. Then they would drive away at the same time. I have had massive organized harassment, they will even go in stores and tell them I am shoplifting or there can be an employee who is a member of one of the groups. It is also very clear that organized harassment is happening at the level of city employees. This could be sanctioned by the city or not, but certainly the city has done nothing about it and probably doesn't believe it which is why I need to keep dumping evidence. Police have been involved in the harassment.


When I went on the website of the city of Boise Parking Enforcement to file the appeal there were pictures that I filed a public records request for, had no idea they would be there. 

Notice there is one picture of my car from the 22nd of February and on the 25th of February there are four of my car. Why? What would be the point of one upon the first day scan to help the city deplete the meager funds of the poor and four on the third day? I have to wonder if some pictures were deleted for ass covering purposes.

I compared pictures of the tires and whole car. 

They use the tire stems as a marker. I had no idea they did that. I am on the up and up, just assuming if I did not park past the 72 hour limit they would leave me alone, but no, it's Idaho, harassment is legal and the city uses harassment as a weapon against the poor viciously . In the past they marked the tires with chalk but a circuit court declared that a violation of the 4th amendment which was obvious and I sent a letter to the city asking them to stop marking my tires which they refused to do. There are videos. The stem position is very much looking the same. The difference in the tires however is the one on the 25th is slightly turned and from the 22nd it's pretty straight.


 This is the one picture from the 22nd of February. Notice the space between the car and the curb. 


These two pictures are from the 25th, notice how close the tires are to the curb, a bad habit I am trying to break.

I am not sure if the pictures from the 22nd are just from a drive by, but there should have been a picture from further back demonstrating more details from that drive through. I will find out what the policy is. They seem to base their whole evaluation of a violation of the tire stem. It is possible for the positioning of the stem to be similar.

The mayor and others were so upset when they were harassed at their homes with noise and people looking to harm them along with the harassment. I have had those things going on for years and a lot more. My car is my home, imagine having people constantly going by taking pictures trying to find a way to fine you when you are trying to figure out how to find enough money for health care, basic necessities, things you need to live in the car. And all the while what am I doing, not bothering anyone, but huge numbers of people were allowed to harass, threaten, stand next to my car to yell intentionally, do other types of noise campaigns, shake it, knock on my window at all hours. Stop and pull LARPS and that includes BPD who also parked to menace me. Very sick, sick behavior by a city that intentionally helped put me in this position. There is no way I would rent from a landlord here, I have already had enough of Boise narcissistic abuse.


UPDATE: After An Inappropriate Conversation with a Watch Commander I Filed a Public Records Request About Long Term Ongoing Mistreatment and Slander From the Boise Police Department. The Response Indicates Corruption.

Yesterday I filed an on line public records request with the Boise Police Department which has been slandering me and making inappropriate referrals to their social worker for years while failing to do actual police work. Law enforcement in Boise uses gaslighting and other narcissistic tactics to sabotage me. If I was in a relationship with them it would be considered psychological violence and it most certainly is. Penelope the social worker should damn well know that and I have explained it to her more than once. They have been told repeatedly to stop this abuse and it did stop for a while until yesterday when Officer Ransom had a bug up his ass. 
This tactic began at the Civic Plaza Apartments but was very certainly not the first time they had harassed me. The Boise Police Department had harassed me long before I was tortured at the Civic Plaza Apartments which should have been inspected and regulated by HUD, Idaho Housing Finance and the Boise Police Department should have done something about the criminal activity. The 
steadfast management company was totally derelict in their duties, the staff indicated fear of going into the buildings when I complained of problems but expected people to live there in danger. 
The Boise Police Department is controlled by businesses, government agencies and non-profits who all often have very clueless and sometimes sociopathic staff. Any rumors or lies are apparently taken as truth in this red state due to lack of logic and morals.
Boise Police Department treated me like I was crazy for telling them the truth which began about the same time Dan Ault at the Interfaith Sanctuary began to put on little plays at the front desk about me for the volunteers designed to make me look crazy. He used the usual narcissistic tactics. This was done in retaliation for my whistleblowing, homelessness activism and journalistic activities. There was a lot more including ranting at me by him and especially his co-serial bully Tim Flaherty who ranted at me one day at the back gate for about twenty minutes. That was the day before a lawyer who is a homelessness activist came here and wanted to see the shelter. I have IP services so know someone at the university where she teaches had been reading my blog. There have been several smear campaigns while I've been in Idaho on many levels including in person, in front of me and on the internet. I am sure the bulk of it I will never know about. I mainly experience the results. 

In the public records request I described the scenario and asked who put me on some list or flagged my name for the damn social worker. The response from the police department was inappropriate. Even if someone is mentally ill that does not exclude them from law enforcement services in their community. To push them to the side, gaslight them and deny help with criminal issues would be discrimination without a doubt. 

I do have PTSD which has been made worse by the constant harassment, cruelty and stress in Boise due to the poor leadership, the level of crimes, the high number of sociopaths and the corrupt police department. I am not psychotic or out of touch with reality. I am squarely based in reality. For years I have collected video and other evidence of what has gone on including wearing body cameras. Right now I have a camera running.

 This was in my public records request yesterday.

They sent me a vague form letter almost immediately after I filed the records request. They say it is denied, that a lawyer was consulted, if I wish to appeal it has to be done at the district court, somewhere she says I did not provide a case number, this would be because it is not about a case. Their psychological narcissistic cop abuse was done as I called to complain about real problems at an apartment complex and while living in a minivan. The bastards were complicit in causing me to have to live in a vehicle. There is no case, therefore no case number. 
I did mention in the records request a false document the Boise Police Department filed which was obviously designed to libel me. An anonymous reporting service was used to report the false claim that I was suicidal. There was a comment in the report that someone at the Interfaith Sanctuary told them I am mentally ill. First of all the Interfaith Sanctuary is not my health care provider, second they have no staff capable of diagnosing, third even if they did they are not allowed to tell others personal health care info due to HIPPA. The whole document may be a fabrication from one of their dirty junior high boy coppers, they redacted the name of the person who told them the slanderous lie. Dan Ault would be high on the list of candidates to slander me there as in #1 because of a long history, but this was in the evening so he may not have been there.

This screen shot below demonstrates the time I sent the email and then the time they responded. It was about an hour and 17 minutes after I made the public records request they sent a response. That's odd. The BPD nor any agency in Boise responds this fast. Most certainly lawyers working for the city did not have time to do any kind of research in order to give a specific response. They just denied my request to cover up who either put me on a list or flagged my name for transfer to the social worker to sabotage me and crazify me. That is slander and libel, but I know that is SOP at the BPD. There very likely is also an outside influencer whose name I requested. This city is as corrupt as hell and certainly the Boise Police Department has demonstrated that time and again to me. 

This is the false police report I was not suicidal, was most likely in my minivan. After around 5 PM would have been parked in the usual place back then with my windows covered. The Boise Police Department knew where I parked because they harassed me with their vehicles. They have redacted the name of the slandering staff. Considering what went on at that shelter I need the name of this unprofessional staff who feels they can get away with slandering someone because they are homeless.

I have been researching this incident a long time along with the non-profit which provided the anonymous report of the totally false claim that I had a gun in my mouth threatening suicide called 'We Tip.' The things that have been done to me in Boise Idaho are monstrous. 

The Boise Police Department for years has done LARPS about my videos and so has the Sheriff's Department.  The "aka Wendy" in the above document has been used in on line comment harassment. It refers to the video below. The police have been involved in a huge number of LARPING scenarios. They use parts of my videos. I believe the gun in the mouth reference came from a written comment in another video about gum in my mouth. Firemen also participate in this and I have evidence of a fire department in Pennsylvania doing harassment of myself and others. It junior high boys on steroids. 


Lawrence Ferrlinghetti Has Died, He Will Be Missed, My Favorite Poem

 Ferlinghetti had a huge impact on my life. His death was not unexpected at 101, but dreaded and unwelcome. 

My personal favorite Ferlinghetti poem. 


“Pity The Nation”

Pity the nation whose people are sheep,
and whose shepherds mislead them.
Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced,
and whose bigots haunt the airwaves.
Pity the nation that raises not its voice,
except to praise conquerors and acclaim the bully as hero
and aims to rule the world with force and by torture.
Pity the nation that knows no other language but its own
and no other culture but its own.
Pity the nation whose breath is money
and sleeps the sleep of the too well fed.
Pity the nation — oh, pity the people who allow their rights to erode
and their freedoms to be washed away.
My country, tears of thee, sweet land of liberty.”



The Importance of Understanding How Trump Became President, Authoritarians, Evangelicals, The 1%, Here Are Some Excellent Books to Gain Understanding of the Nightmare

We were warned and as a whole did not take action. Our leadership in the House and Congress have done a huge disservice to the people of the United States. The Republicans are especially deplorable.  

Many have discussed the economic problems poured upon mostly the working class, poor and the large number of homeless in the USA as the main cause of the rising up of a large number of authoritarian followers. That is part of the problem, especially when people are suffering and they cut the assistance programs. People terrified about their futures and health during a pandemic have been given little assistance while other wealthy countries sent checks to help their people survive giving them hope for the future. 

I believe the elimination of most of the unions which gave workers a group to belong to and leaders to follow has left many without direction. Authoritarians tend to organize into groups which often cause problems. A union is a group that helps workers increase their standard of living and working conditions making them feel less down trodden, like their needs are getting addressed and are given information about which political candidates are actually supporting them. The lack of action on behalf of the people of this country by our leadership on every level, from the White House to the dysfunctional agencies that allow harm cause people to seek other authorities.  

A large movement of people who hate anyone not like them and have bad intentions towards others has grown while law enforcement agencies did nothing. In fact many in law enforcement are authoritarians themselves. Factions have organized to harm others.

Many years ago Professor Altemeyer wrote a book about authoritarians and tried to warn the people of the United States about them. When he saw the Tea Party demonstrations he knew we were in trouble. This book linked below he provides for free on this website below. It can also be found in book form and on Audible or from time to time posted on Youtube.   

'The Authoritarians" by Bob Altemeyer

Trump's followers are authoritarians who have been studied and have similar characteristics. They form groups and networks, believe conspiracy theories, have a hard time distinguishing truth from fiction, are mean spirited, have a hard time understanding hypocrisy (especially their own), are aggressive and immoral.

I have been stalked and harassed by them for years, most of what they do is STASI/US Military psychological warfare tactics, but they have also put me in danger, made me homeless and harmed my health. The psychological part can cause suicides, PTSD and destroy the target's life and health, all of which are their intentions. I will not be uniting with them. Why on earth would I unite with immoral, mean spirited, illogical people who intentionally have harmed me in large numbers over a long period of time?

Not long ago I noticed that almost all of the groups that support those who are victims of organized stalking and harassment aka gangstalking are Trump supporters and boy have they gotten quiet recently, except for one guy who is loosing it. Them being Trump supporters and believing he was going to help them despite him not saying one word about the subject, not responding to them and not doing anything to decrease it is very interesting. They may be a part of the propaganda streams created to control Trump authoritarians. 

From an article written by Maslow in 1943 about Authoritarians. 



Having read Dr. Altemeyer;s book years ago and then realizing the people who had been waging psychological terrorism on me for years in Boise Idaho were authoritarians I found Dr. Altemeyer's book in audio form and listened to it. Going to his website I found he and John Dean had teamed up to write a new book about authoritarians specifically about Donald Trump and his authoritarian followers, 'Authoritarian Nightmare.' The original book has much more detail about authoritarians this one below which is more about Trump authoritarianism.


Here is a Frank Schaeffer video on the delusional Evangelical thinking that helped get Trump elected. Frank Schaeffer grew up in the movement and has written several books about the Evangelical movement and I have read or listened to some. 

I realized there are lots of sociopathics in Boise Idaho as I have worked with sociopaths, then it dawned on me there is a huge population of authoritarians in Idaho driving this. The Republicans created them with poor education, using them to get elected. There are religions here, Evangelicals and Mormons which teach children things that contribute to belief of illogical conspiracies. There are conspiracies that are true and yes, the CIA invented 'conspiracy theory' to discredit people who did not believe the official JFK story. I am not opposed to conspiracy theories or personal investigations into incidents, quite the contrary. But when QANON tells people Democratic leaders have been incarcerated in GITMO or they are all pedophiles and people believe these things which are obviously untrue something is clearly not right.

Those in charge of this city, county and the state of Idaho are complete nincompoops who don't care about others. They did not even listen when I said the police were involved, in fact they don't even return phone calls. It is so bad here that my assumption is at least 50% of the police department is compromised and all departments and agencies are infiltrated. They are even at medical clinics, ERs, etc. and just like the ones who work for the government they sabotage certain people. It has happened to me over and over. Have I got stories and evidence. 

This is a comment I made in an argument mode on line to a militia leader who was arguing for unification. I have been tortured by these people I called the army of weaponized morons or idiots with flags for years. They made me homeless not just in Boise Idaho but also in Alaska. There was a retired cop involved in Soldotna Alaska named Greg Russell. There is a lot more to the story. It has been very harmful and dangerous in many ways.

Not long after arriving here in Boise Idaho I realized why the Palin's behaved the way they did was Sarah's family came from Idaho, imagine a whole state of Palins. I have never seen such bullying, mean spirited, hateful people in my life and there are hordes of them.
These authoritarians in Idaho showed up at peaceful BLM Rallies several times and then walked into the BLM people using racial epitaphs and trying to provoke them, they brought AR 15s and other weapons and one of them shot one off. They pushed their way into a meeting room at the state capitol after being told there were less than normal allowed due to social distancing causing a glass door to break, removed the social distancing signs, sat in the section reserved for reporters insisting they themselves were journalists, refused to move. They also had weapons inside the state capitol. Refused to leave after the meeting was finally shut down. They lie. are totally illogical, can't understand their own hypocrisy, have waged a very damaging psychological warfare campaign against me in many ways including running cars at me and FBI boxes as I drive. They are in every dept and agency here sabotaging people they hate, such as me while spewing they are the moral actors, they are immoral. They hate, call all of the left communists without even knowing what the word means. They hate and harass people from California. They are aggressive bullies. After years of being harassed by them including police officers at Boise Police Department yes I am afraid of what they might do.
Last summer I would drive by the BLM rallies due to my immune system issues after discovering the thuggish behavior of the counterprotesters and their lack of mask wearing. We found out some were doing the same, but for a different reason, they were plotting to shoot some BLM members.
They spent the summer going to the mayor's home and making crazy noise, went to a hospital where people were dying of COVID and made massive noise because the governor was thanking the National Guard for their help. Then they went to the health dept and tried to push their way in without masks on, the problem got to the point of the city putting snippers on top of a bldg by the health dept. They would shut down the meetings during a pandemic due to their illogical thinking and aggressive behavior. They believed whatever their authoritarian leader or his proxies told them, still do. During one zoom meeting they were at the home of a woman from the health dept banging something outside their door while her children were hiding afraid in a room. She left the meeting in tears and then for multiple safety reasons the mayor and police chief shut the meeting down.
Going to the grocery store has been like running the gauntlet. For 8 months there were no consequences for businesses or individuals for not wearing masks. Finally there are consequences making things a little better but still it is horrible. They see me wearing two masks and gloves, come over to intentionally cough on me or walk right at me. They go into the stores with a mask on, then take them off. I walk through Walmart yelling, "No f*cking mask" over and over while passing them. The employees in many stores are just as bad as the customers and intentionally cause problems. There is also a 3%er with a car that has crazy crap all over it who stalks me at Walmart. Last summer I asked an employee at a store why no masks or even plexiglass, she told me masks don't protect people and the plexiglass only worked on the side of the cashier and besides they would have to clean it all the time. Haven't gone back there.
I could go on writing about what has gone on for hours, this is a small sample. I make the police write up reports about the harassment which BTW is not illegal in Idaho so that it is documented.

One of the videos of the consequences of them harassing the health department.
@4.35 Right upper corner
@11.15 mayor and police chief shut down meeting due to safety concerns, next meeting there were police snipers on a bldg.
They post videos showing how proud they are to shut down health department meetings during a pandemic. The rest of us wanted sanctions for not wearing masks.



Dr. Altemeyer describes the reason authoritarians are racist as a general dislike of anyone who is not like them including in how the other person thinks. So, due to many of the authoritarians being racist I then found the award winning book "Caste" written by Isabel Wilkerson, describing that the United States has a caste system similar to India's from an elite caste level to an untouchable caste level and one of the problems is some white people trying to stay as high up as they can in that system while the lower levels just keep on growing by design of the 1%. To change racism we all have to work together, white people have to stand next to blacks and other minorities and speak up, take action. We have to expose ourselves as allies when they are being wronged. The racism and caste system harms us all and certainly that has been made clear by the massive wealth at the top of the system and the rapidly expanding poverty, lack of health care, lack of good education and police abuse in the lower castes. BTW I consider myself to be in a lower caste and certainly the authoritarians have made sure I am.



This next book 'Shadow Network'  by Anne Nelson describes how the Evangelical Right and Committee for National Policy, funded by the Koch brothers got control of the Republican Party and controls who runs for president on the right along with the Evangelicals. Ben Carson is a member of CNP and was the main person pushing for them to pick Trump as their presidential candidate. This organization contains a large number of sociopaths. They are the ones who picked Sarah Palin to run with John McCain which is why he did not vet her. Some members are known due to leaks, others have been kept secret. Clearly they have very bad judgment and should never be listened to by anyone. Very interesting book. 



Interesting Videos From 'Mapping the videos of the Capitol building attack' built by Patr10tic

 Here is the link to the 'Mapping the videos of the Capitol building attack' built by Patr10tic. 

Parler was hacked which includes GPS of the videos posted and a map of locations has been created. 

The videos are all short.















Gangstalking in Boise Idaho, Street Theater, Fake Drug Deal, Fake Argument, Noise Harassment With Car. Called Boise Police Department, No Call Back. November 15th 2020

Due to the street theater today I contacted Boise Police Department as I want them to document all of these incidents and know what is going on to endanger those who live in vehicles. The thing is they don't care what is going on that harms us, they just care about harming us for the businesses in the area. There are some problem people who could be given citations for garbage, piling crap in the street and noise at night, but they chose not to do that and instead give out unjust parking tickets. I was told a police officer would call me and like so many times before that did not happen. I sent emails with the link the to the last video below to the Boise Police, Mayor McLean's office and the city council. The same was done with the video from yesterday last evening. Both of those videos were on YouTube set as private. I wanted a response from those in charge of the city. I do not know why I would expect that as the mayor's office never ever responds, neither does the city council and the Boise Police are very hit and miss, inappropriate, explain they can't do anything about anything. It is after 11 PM, no call from BPD so I made the videos public which puts me in danger but the city of Boise doesn't give a damn about me or other homeless people. That has clearly been demonstrated over a long period of time. The public needs to know the truth. 

Didn't get a police call back just this to my email. I had already called. 



Not too long ago an inappropriate cop in response to me asking what his name was on the phone said, "police officer," then I asked him to be more specific and he said, "Officer Jones" which is probably an alias. He told me if the people around here don't like me I should go somewhere else. The people in Idaho hate many categories of people, California transplants, liberals etc. The Trump supporters are embedded in everything and sabotage certain people, even medical care. It's hard to believe what goes on here. Governor Inslee in Washington would be even more shocked if he had the whole picture. 

Here are the incidents which I often report and then they treat me like I'm crazy as if they could never happen. I have a shit ton more so just keep pissing me off. Just keep harassing me such as unjust parking tickets. I am now on the appeal of an appeal of an appeal of one. Twice evidence was lost, accidentally on purpose. I expect their next tactic will be to schedule a hearing and not tell me about it so the judge will dismiss the case. I've ridden that pony before. Do I have to actually go to the 9th circuit? 

This is from November 7th 2020 These people have done this before. Note they are right next to my car yelling, compare and contrast that action with the other videos below. 



This video was made on November 14th 2020, last Saturday, the day before this post. I had a conversation with someone related to this just before this action happened. This is a gangstalking mimic and noise campaign. Phones are accessed in various ways including using services intended for people to monitor their children's phone or employers to monitor phones of employees who have phones owned by a business. They can see the screen and hear what is said by access of the phone. Of course law enforcement and intelligence are able to do the same things.

This has happened a lot, it is harassment and then the guy lies his ass off.  



Below is what I wrote for the description of today's video below. Part of it was removed due to it being too long, here is the whole thing. 

I live in a minivan in Boise Idaho where the gangstalking is unbelievable and there are no laws against harassment except for minorities. I live in a car due to being gangstalked out of the Civic Plaza Apartments while the Boise Police Department, Idaho Housing Finance, Steadfast Management, HUD etc. did not listen or do their jobs. There was criminal activity, a drug ring, weaponized fire alarms, apts all around me doing noise campaigns, the usual fire truck crap, a motorhome in the St. Luke's parking lot next to the bldg was involved and associated with G4S, the usual constant gangstalking leaks, simulated leaks by the elevators, scratches on the doors and elevators, people using apts to stage gangstalksing, etc. No one did a damn thing so now I have lived in a vehicle for over 2 years being gangstalked while being treated like I am crazy and some of the main perps have been the Boise Police and Fire Dept. which is typical all over the country and the world.
Last night I had a car park in front on me illegally to do noise harassment. After a while when they did not get a reaction they revved the engine and I got out with my cell phone. The video is on YouTube designated private (that will change soon) and emailed to BPD, the mayor and city council.
Today trying to have some normalcy in my life I was tracing patterns from my laptop to make some felt Christmas ornaments when my car began shaking. Since my car has been shaken many times by perps my first thought is gangstalkers. I grew up in earthquake country, it felt more like an earthquake, it was done during the day, cowards harass in the dark and I saw no one. It was an earthquake being reported as a 4.3 about 77 miles away so it is probably around a 3.5 here.
Just a few minutes later some guy comes walking down the street adjacent to the one I'm parked oyelling incoherently wearing a backpack and carrying a white food grade bucket. He turns to walk down this street where I'm parked and I suspect some street theater is coming, so get ready to record him. There are not a lot of people parked, but he stops right next to my car which everyone would know I'm in, lights up a cigarette (cigarette's are used for harassment by people coming to just stand by my car and smoke) after putting the bucket down next to the car, yelling crazy the whole time. Doing this by my car is a frequent happening.
I turned on my cell phone to get video taking the window covering down because often they leave when I do this. He stayed and acted as if he could not see me as if I was invisible the whole time. He continued the street theater even though I was very obvious and he was right by the car. He continued to yell for a while and then walked over to the empty lot and yelled some more. I put one window down a little as none of my cameras capture the sound well with them all up even though I can hear the perps loudly.
I tried turning on my car alarm, sometimes they leave if I do this. Another man appeared at that time on a bicycle and both acted as if they could not hear the alarm. Then the two of them walked back over by my car and the bucket and began loudly talking. The subject of the conversation was a drug deal, "clear" (I assume everclear) and "heroin."
They had a long conversation about this "drug deal" as I sat quite obviously taking video of them in my car. This was street theater. They use particular speech patterns to make the conversations more annoying and give the perp a template for the LARP, I call this one "Who's On First."
Fake drug deals are a very common theme with gangstalking. It went on at the Civic Plaza Apartments along with people pretending to be high or drunk. Don't pretend to be drunk or high to a retired RN who worked psych, ER and critical care she will know you are LARPING dumbshits. Instead here are my thoughts about people who do this, here are two more of Boise Idaho's assholes.
This is the same pattern that has played out several times. The same things were going on over on 18th next to the gay bar cop shop (they are rehab-ing a previous gay bar for a bike police station) where I parked for a while. They used a dumpster for a shake-n-bake meth operation on that site while the city of Boise owned the place. The Boise Police showed up often to harass me themselves, but did nothing about that issue. Keep Boise Kind, LMAO.
Due to the move to Stage 2, but not really stage 2 due to the poor leadership in Idaho and Gov LIttle being a coward, some activity that brings more people to observe and decrease the gangstalking and drug activity will be dying down in this area on a site right here with two small conex boxes and some piled up crap that has allowed for a hangout spot and possible shake-n-bake meth. They may be once again trying to run me off.
It is widely known that drug cartels and drug dealers do gangsgtalking, but so do police/firemen, community policing, city halls, governors who are also in charge of the committees over the fusion centers, corporations, Infragard, gov agencies wanting to disrupt and discredit, contractors and intel agencies.
What did these two perps who are obviously doing street theater get for doing this, money, help with housing, low interest car loans, big screen TVs, stays in a hotel, dropping of threatened legal charges (common payment for gangstalkers).
I never posted the videos about a guy who showed up every Sunday acting like this, I call him Rocky Balboa. Today is Sunday. A guy in a white truck sits every day when I throw my garbage away close by, recent arrival. He leaves at strategic times a gangstalking tactic I call enter/exit. Is he involved?
This video was private, just like the one from last night. I sent it to the mayor, city hall and Boise Police Dept. after I called them. The police never called me so I have now made it public and put it and the one from last night on my blog. This city needs to explain this crap and a hell of a lot more in court.


This evening when I walked to the park very close to here to use a garbage can someone put garbage on my car. These people in Boise are out of control and nothing is ever done to protect people from the large subset of sociopaths. 


Shawn Christy Recent Interview. That's The Reason For The Increased Gangstalking This Weekend. Sociopaths Abound.

First let me say I totally disagree with the politics of Shawn Christy and his parents. My interest and concern about Shawn Christy's case is totally about injustice and the torture he has been through by a government that covered up crimes committed against him when he was 17 and the obvious engineering of his life to put him into the position of being charged with massive crimes. I can't understand why no lawyer would take his case pro se, but there is no justice in the United States unless one has lots of money. 

The gangstalking against me in Boise Idaho was horrendous this last weekend including people intentionally coughing on me and one approached my car to do SARS Cov 2 distancing harassment last night. The City of Boise if I get COVID 19 had better hope I die. I had forgotten all about Sarah Palin's resignation this year.The gangstalking continues today. It must be about Sarah Palin's anniversary date. You know how she's best friends with Donald Trump who likes to take fascist actions to harm people. Why aren't you destroying some agency for the Trumpster Sarah? So many others were chosen to do that, why not you, we know destruction is your niche along with death panels.

You see how I forgot it was even the anniversary. No post would have been written. You had to have me harassed and put into danger so here you go. You could have just done nothing, but sociopathic is as sociopathic does.


I'll just say I am very sad about Shawn's case. All the set ups, the sexting case that began when he was 17 years old buried by LEOs, agencies, contractors, Mayor Holly assaulting him and then he was charged with assault, the false warrant to raid his home with destruction and the death of his cat, just like they did to mine in Alaska, the public pretender who lied to Shawn about a hearing to set him up for arrest just like they did to me in Alaska. I had similar corrupt experiences and Shawn's case originated in Alaska just like mine, this is why I believed his story I had lived part of it.

With the continuing harassment, gangstalking, sabotage, lies for over a decade lots of harm is done, they knew they could eventually get Shawn to get angry and do something they could use and they did. He made an idle threat to someone who was harassing him about Donald Trump. Their set up worked. The USMS sets people up just like the FBI does, both being under the DOJ which is now more corrupt than ever under fixer Barr. Then the USMS and FBI set him up using corrupt prosecutors and judges for the three month run so he would have to commit crimes of survival using a corrupt justice system to anger him adding to the multitudes of corruption he had already suffered since the age of 17 beginning in 2009. They knew where he was the whole time during both runs. Shawn's case is well over a decade long and is very complex.

This is the first call from Shawn Christy to Erin and Rudy Davis at American Political Prisoner which did not have massive noise interference. This call was made on the anniversary of Sarah Palin resigning from office Shawn says, but Sarah Palin actually resigned on July 3rd 2009 at Lake Lucile, the 26th was her last day in office. Shawn can't do research in prison. The 3rd of July was the same day Shawn's psych eval results were released saying he was essentially normal. Shawn had received sexting messages from Sarah Palin's number. His parents said they saw the transcript but were never given the copy they requested. I will post some related blog posts below.

Judge Mariani refuses to do anything about the corrupt FBI/USMS/DOJ. Shawn continues to not get the health care that has already been ordered. It is tortured. They are not allowing hair cuts, it is probably about SARS COV 2, he may not understand that. The story about the USMS stomping on Shawn's head in Texas was about the first run in which he was working on the books, staying at a homeless shelter and did an interview about being homeless with news media. Listen to the interview yourself.


Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !


Denali Gangstalking LARP, Just Before Shawn Christy Ran, The Day After I Tried to Talk to Mayor Bieter in Boise About the Gangstalking



The Cooch, Ken Cuccinelli Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary, Second In Command Violating the Constitution. He Still Has Ass-Burn From Left Wing Virginians Keeping Him From Being Governor, USMS and Border Patrol Fascist Tactics Just Like the Cooch

Federal Officers Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab People In Portland, DHS Confirms

My immediate response to this article was that among those un-IDed feds from agencys most do not know have been committing violations of the Constitution for a long time had to be contractors and of course Blackwater/XE/Academi's connection to the White House made me think of them.

The Lead Federal Agency Responding to Protesters in Portland Employs Thousands of Private Contractors

Chad Wolf is the acting Secretary of Homeland Security. According to Wikipedia he was He was "an architect of the Trump administration family separation policy." Ken Cuchinelli is known in virginia for "fascist tactics," especially against women. William Barr at the DOJ is over the USMS. What a combination of far right hatred of civil rights working to suppress the First Amendment Rights of protesters.

Speaking to NPR's All Things Considered on Friday, Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli acknowledged that federal agents had used unmarked vehicles to pick up people in Portland but said it was done to keep officers safe and away from crowds and to move detainees to a "safe location for questioning."

"We will pick them up in front of the courthouse. If we spot them elsewhere, we will pick them up elsewhere." The Cooch has never heard of probable cause.  He's gone from fighting to take rights from women to fighting to take rights from protesters.

What Could Be More Perfect In A Women’s Rights War Than Fighting An A.G. Nicknamed The Cooch.


Virginians Fighting The War On Women: "It's My Vagina, So Hands Off Crazy."

This operation uses units from Border Patrol and the USMS. I know from past research their job descriptions are not exactly what the public thinks, included is whatever the security/intel agencies want them to do. 

I have personal experience with the USMS who stalked, harassed and tried to provoke me in Anchorage Alaska during the Arctic Conference of 2015. Alice Rogoff married at the time to David Rubenstein co-founder of the CARLYLE Group was behind that conference. Two presidents were at the conference, Iceland's and Barack Obama a close friend of Alice Rogoff. I have never been a threat except for telling the truth, whistleblowing, so it had to be completely political and related to being on a watch list. Alice Rogoff owned a house in Nome Alaska where I was viciously workplace bullied and gangstalked along with being put into the corrupt court system designed to destroy the Alaska Native people in the region after my PTSD dissociation at work caused by intentional actions of several layers of sociopathics. 

There were other issues such as the Nome Police not arresting the men who raped not just Alaska Native women in Nome, but also other villages in the Norton Sound Region including 14 surrounding villages. Where was ADA then, now DA John Earthman? He's the prosecutor involved in a conspiracy to have me wrongfully imprisoned. If I was someone else the charge may have stuck but they used a false charge, then did not tell me about the hearing like they do to the Native people in an attempt to destroy me emotionally by having my cat starved and tortured, my property stolen and destroyed and then acted like I was just crazy while incarcerated and saying it was happening. Then later they had me wrongfully imprisoned by scheduling a hearing about some fabricated crap because the two attempts to set me up before did not work. 

Welcome to America. Alice Rogoff came to Alaska to get control of the port in Nome, destroy the news media and along with others go after left bloggers. Lots of people fell for her bullshit. Back then no one could get away with not having their evil outed. It was like freedom of the press or democracy were real things.

They were afraid I would find out some things and write about them which I would have. I did not know it was the USMS back then that was stalking me, but these attention whores did a reality show. Note that AK US Marshal Rochelle Liedike has the word lied embedded into her name. 

In the case of Rochelle Liedike she lied to public pretenders about me and the USMS keeps losing FOIA requests just like so many other agencies do in my case. She also worked for Donald Trump in 2011 doing some kind of private security. See the post below for the info. Deputy US Marshal working as a private contractor for a man orchestrating a scam to become president. Very interesting...no? Isn't it interesting that USMS and contractors implicated in gangstalking are kidnapping and assaulting protesters? Such coincidences. BTW, the USMS sets people up for fake crimes like the FBI does, both after all are under the DOJ. Fixer Barr is running the DOJ, put in place to protect Trump who chews up one fixer after another and spits them out. Barr is former CIA, Iran Contra fixer, son of the man who hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at a school when he didn't have a college degree.

Update Added. Deputy US Marshal Rochelle Liedike, Did She Tell A Lie About Me to Shawn Christy's Former Federal Public Defender Staff or Did the PDs Do This? Both Agencies are Under the DOJ, Was It a Team Effort?


What Could Be More Perfect In A Women’s Rights War Than Fighting An A.G. Nicknamed The Cooch.


Virginians Fighting The War On Women: "It's My Vagina, So Hands Off Crazy."




Boise Idaho Harassment of Homeless in Vehicles, Trailers, Motor Homes Coordinated From Beginning of Pandemic, City and Oligarchy

I have documented this process since January. Yes there are problem people who live in vehicles, they bother me more than the city, I have to park by them and try to sleep, read, write, etc. Rather than use existing laws or having police patrol the area it's Boise so bullying is used including using parking regulations.

At the beginning of the pandemic I asked them for a safe place to park, especially for women. There was no response. I was lied to that there were outreach staff from whatever the hell they are call the Continuum of Care now, never saw one person. That office did call me one time. They have nothing to do with the city/oligarhy harassment program.

The Boise Police Department that had harassed me for years disappeared and this area went feral. It was unbelievable and became more dangerous. Thanks corrupt and incompetent BPD and city hall for making a bad situation more miserable and unsafe. It's a pandemic you should have spread people out more rather than clumping them together. You are evil.


Radical Right Wing State Senators Attempt to Hold Rogue Session at State House to Reverse Gov Little's Order to Go Back to SARS Cov-2 Level 3 from 4, Radical Right Gathers Including Ammon bundy, Automatic Rifles Abound

The lack of empathy and the ability to understand basic science has caused an increase of
SARS Cov 2 cases in Ada County Idaho. Those who contributed are protesting the consequences others have to pay who did what they could to keep the virus from spreading. Others understand that because others can't behave in a way that helps all of us as a whole we have no choice but to step up the distancing and mask wearing along with closing some businesses down. No one wants those businesses closed that is why the majority of us did our best the flatten the curve. The main problem here is the stupid is strong and so is the crazy.

Idaho is a culture of bullying. They think that is normal. It causes much damage to people and the state senators don't pass laws against harassment because they use it as a tool against political enemies and others here on a huge scale. There are networks which do harassment here and this includes some state senators. They employ the city employees including firemen and police to target individuals. So, when people don't get their way they try to force others to do what they want. They went to the Black Lives Matter peaceful protests and tried to force their views on them. How can they not agree with protesters trying to change racism and police brutality/murder? 

Ammon Bundy and lots of other egocentrics who lack education about the science of infectious disease went to a the rogue session of the state reps in Idaho today, June 23rd 2020. A coalition of crazy reps did show up but could do nothing due to the others not participating. I came by late unable to attend earlier and got a bit of video. One counter protester was yelling at them to wear masks to help others as I arrived. The yelling man is opposition to them. I was harassed for years by people I call Idiots with Flags. some drove around me with weird flags on beat up trucks and others walked on the opposite side of the street from me yelling incoherently while carrying a flag. Add gangstalkers including the Boise Police and Boise is just "the most livable city in America,"...not. It has become clear I need a bullhorn.

Here is the list of shame of the Idaho State Senators who attended the rogue meeting at the state house today.