Shoreline Development and the City of Boise Ran Off Homeless With Behavior Issues and Then Put in a Park Bar to Create Non-Homeless Behavior Issues



Idaho Housing Finance did not give a 💩 either until there were massive complaints at the Civic Plaza Apts. For months and months I was ignored. The Intermountain Fairhousing Council which is a HUD non-profit not only refused to do anything, a phone call I made to them was diverted and someone lied about being the director. As it turned out they were not even the right gender a person in the know informed me as I described how that "director" had no idea what they were talking about. This was the second issue with the Intermountain Fairhousing Council and that first story which involved abuse, ass covering and corruption I have never told. Apparently the disturbed person in charge of that place is now gone, oh but the board which facilitated all the problems still has many of the same members. I was the one telling the truth. And in that case there was a relationship issue and blocking of my complaint.

Then the HUD headquarters in Seattle would tell me they were going to do research and then call me back several times. That never happened. Someone at the HUD office here in Boise gave me a 1-800 number to call about housing which kept transferring me to other 1-800 numbers in sequence until after 7-8 there was voice mail so my phone number was left, no one ever called me. There was of course a psychopathic surgeon in charge of HUD at the time, but our government was already corrupt and dysfunctional before he spent thousands on decorating his office. I have stories about USDA RD in Alaska too, same kind of shady character in charge back then and harassment, diversion and harming of low income people in the United States, city, rural, same massive sadistic treatment. 


As everyone knows the behavior of homeless drunks is a problem but working class drunks with behavior issues are what capitalism is made of so they can show their asses all they want. I don't care for either group. It was one step up the Boise classist ladder for Shoreline Development/CCDC..




Second Public Records Request For Shelter Better Task Force Video #2. Made This Blog Post So I could Add Files. PRRID: 2021-2938

On 9/21/21 I received an email turning down a public records request for one of the recordings of the Shelter Better Task Force, #2 specifically. I watched it so knew it happened. This is my explanation of why that response was likely untrue and and am filing a new public records request about the Shelter Better Task Force #2 video.

Screenshot From Denial Email

Part of the email is in this screenshot to the left. The summation of the email is that I am a silly person for requesting something that does not exist. If this video does not exist there certainly should be a logical explanation other than it "...did not record due to technical errors." According to YouTube the video was deleted. That is not a "technical error." If the speaker I believe was on this video actually was that was probably done at the request of an agency which knew the statements of their employee were not true and some truth teller like me was going to say, au contraire. Did not go through all of the videos again, no way, but it is likely in the missing one. I did watch all of the videos which was not fun considering. 

 YouTube Info About Shelter Better Video #2

YouTube has  3 main reasons for a video to be missing from a playlist. The video was made private, blocked or deleted. There can be others such as not available in a particular country. Therefore it seems logical to assume this video was deleted or made private. 
Note YouTube does not say the video was never recorded, or does not exist. It says here it is hidden. and that there are 8 videos.  

 Then upon further investigation it specifically says an unspecified video was deleted and Video #2 is not there.


The link you provided in the email to the Better Shelter Task Force webpage is either a bad one or the page  does not exist. 


Why was about the Shelter Better Task Force #2 video deleted or privatized?

Who requested that deletion or privatizing?

I am requesting names of any speakers for the meeting that day. 

Thank you,

Celia Harrison


UPDATE: Community Health Systems On My Blog Whenever One Of The Myriad Of Articles About their Unethical, Corrupt Practices Are About To Be Published And Conicidental Organized Stalking/Harassment

Update at bottom.

Community Health Systems headquarters is in Franklin Tennessee. A bit before articles appear about their corrupt assholery they are on my blog like somehow I have ESP and know about it. How could anyone even imagine all the corrupt crap CHS has pulled. As I wrote this article yesterday a group of junior high boys probably working for a local contractor ran some fakey surveillance/harassment op all around me. A guy with a cell phone was doing a fake conversation about being exposed to COVID 19, apparently he did not even know enough to mention the Delta variant and he came back several times to do his phone LARPING. Yes, I have video of you Mr. LARPY. Was planning on leaving where I'm parked but changed my mind when that started. Little boys of Boise Idaho like to play games. I'm still parked in the same spot the next day, so bite me. 

This may have been the team. 


Yesterday July 26th this article was published. 

A Health Care Giant Sold Off Dozens Of Hospitals — But Continued Suing Many Patients


 Health care and the lives of nurses are all just a big chess game for CHS.

This blog view which most certainly is CHS happened on July 10th. They knew the above article was going to be published. Somewhere in my archive of assholery I have other screenshots of them on my blog before an article is published. I found the viewing July 13th and the article yesterday. As I wrote this some interesting things went on. First of all a couple days ago I had some severe slow down of my laptop, then a download. I always get a download when anything is going on. Now where my car, the suspicious blue minivan is parked there are loser types wandering all over the place. 

                                                               Have more of these.

CHS oddly appears on my blog often just before an article comes out about some of their corrupt shenanigans. I worked for them at a hospital they owned in Deming NM close to the border. They were committing fraud, but I had no idea the scale of it. They were running a Medicaid/Medicare scam with the corrupt politicians there to the tune of millions. 

But wait, there's more, here and then here

I whistleblew about the smaller part I knew of. Then began the workplace bullying, then a group of suits from Tennessee showed up and surrounded me stating I was working on the regular floor that day. Suits in the ICU giving nursing assignments is very strange. I said no due to having an agreement upon hire that I would only float from the ICU to the ER, they said I was fired, this was constructive discharge and was about me calling government agencies, the DA, the governor's office, two senators and probably others I can't remember, this was around 2001. This was done while the director of nursing was out of town, when she came back she asked me angrily why I was fired, then would not allow me to answer the question. Where the fuck were you director of nursing? I've noticed those in charge of supporting me are gone when crap gets pulled just like the wrongful arrest and imprisonment scheme in Alaska.

One of my coworkers had been saying to me over and over that our employer had accused her of things which they could not prove because they had never happened and her best friends were the two good cops in town. She repeated this statement to me over and over. At the time I had no idea what was going on or how to respond to that, was she trying to cover something up, or set me up, was she nuts, or what. The one thing that I never thought was she was trying to warn me because I could never have imagined the evil that goes on in the corporate healthcare world even after having worked at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma WA under John Long in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I don't know for sure what was going on, but lean towards her trying not just to warn me but also hint where to go for help.

My first impression of my new workplace on my first day was upon my arrival, the only surgeon in town asked me if I had a vibrator in the bag I brought with me to work the night shift in an attempt to embarrass me. That did not work so well as I told him yes I did have one, it was a pink bunny type. He turned and took off abruptly not saying a word. This resulted in laughter and a nurse telling me he does that to embarrass the new nurses. Just one of the jerky boys. He talked overweight nurses into intentionally gaining weight so he could do gastric weight loss surgery on them.

Here is part of the story. Odd things had already happened. The day I went shopping for an apartment to rent in Deming with a real estate agent a guy across the street and a couple houses down popped into the one I rented. He exuberantly volunteered to help paint and acted very friendly, no painting was needed. The real estate agent rolled her eyes. Right as I moved in he came over and told me since his wife was having an affair with his best friend we should have one. I was like, thanks, but no thanks. Then the whole time I lived there had to keep the front curtains closed and peep out to get mail, put out sprinklers for the grass or mow it. He told me about a resp therapy director who had embezzled millions from the hospital and put a lot of money into a house close to me and to talk to the people living there now. Apparently when caught no charges were brought, that director of resp therapy just left the state. Odd.

I had random people going for walks stop by to tell me stories about my employer as well. I did not know what to think and at that point in time was quite naive about what my country and the oligarchy really were and what they do to whistleblowers and truth tellers. Not only that but I was also very naive about police corruption, still under the impression the unethical and corrupt things which go on all the time would not be allowed. Not only are they allowed they are sanctioned by the powers that be. Next lesson. I figured these people were all exaggerating because the government would not allow these things to go on. HAH, they sure as hell do allow them.

The police began to harass me. I would get pulled over for false traffic tickets. Going to court was of no help due to the corrupt court system. The judge I had eventually got demoted for some unethical stuff. I remembered how in Texas they did the same thing to witnesses of JFK's assassination in an attempt to shut them up. The police would park in front of my house all night. Like the police in Boise have done when I park living in a minivan. But in Boise they leave after my windows are covered, the Deming police stayed there all night. I know because on my nights off I was up all night due to working night shift. Cars would stop for a short time, arms would got out to windows of the other car all night long. Police in that area were known to be drug dealers, all over Luna County. Here is a story about a village 20 miles away from Deming, the whole, but very small police dept, the mayor, a trustee, etc. 

So there were many issues with police harassment. This is the town in NM where the police began pulling people over for traffic tickets and they would end up with forced enemas and colonoscopies. Upon reading about that I said, they were not actually looking for drugs they were harassing the people. Glad they had not thought of that when I was there. 

When I was first fired the "two good cops" came to my house, were they sent by my coworker or was this some cointelpro crap, no idea. They told me of a smear campaign against me in the town and it was along the lines of what my coworker was discussing. The odd thing was there were two cops there with big smiles on their faces as they told me about this. I said it was not true and they burst out laughing and said they believed me as they had seen that before. Then periodically they would show up. One day I was pulled over for yet another false traffic ticket, had already gone to court for one and the judge believed the corrupt cops over me telling the truth or was just helping them harm me, not sure. I was very pissed as they were giving me yet another false traffic ticket and refused to sign it. They called what must have been every cop in Luna county to surround my car like I was a fugitive from a mass murder or something. All of a sudden the "two good cops' slid their vehicle in to an abrupt stop and got out. The bigger guy blocked the view and the other one leaned into my car and said if I did not sign the ticket those other cops had plans to hurt me. I signed it. 

Do not remember the time line, may have written it somewhere. The "two good cops" knocked on my door saying they were there to warn me the police department had plans for me. I was naive, still thinking there was justice, still thinking the United States was a democracy, instead of inverted totalitarianism/oligarchy, in shock because how could these things be allowed. I said, you mean like dead in the desert? They shook their heads yes, no smiles. Still have no idea if they were for real or cointelpro. Have been through so much crazy law enforcement and oligarchy organized stalking and harassment, it is not clear to me what the deal was. Back then I was not as outspoken as I am now, very polite, quiet. Now I would ask a lot more questions of a lot of people. I did not then, but was very traumatized and in shock not knowing what to do or who to trust. That is one of the ways they shut up whistleblowers BTW. 

I stayed up all night putting my things into a storage unit I had stopped unloading due to realizing Deming was not going to be a good place for me, but I did like the town a lot, it was the corruption on every level that was the problem. There were many very good people there and I love Hispanic culture, being able to pop over to Palomas, Mexico for the afternoon, the street art and a place called the Pink Store there. 

I had already located a travel assignment in another state, packed what I needed in my car along with my cat and left very early AM. As I drove down the freeway I was afraid they would follow me and something horrible would happen. Like I have said, do not know what was really going on there. 

My property, everything except what I had in my car has been in storage there since 2002 when I was advised by those two cops to get the hell out of there because I was in danger from the police. In 2022 it will have been 20 years. The cost has been at least $15,000 due corporate and police corruption. But there have been many costs for me since then. I have no idea if this is even when the targeting started as people tried to and did cause accidents in Washington state, then there were some things in the 1970s. It takes a huge amount of money to cointelpro someone, so it has to be government including military, someone very wealthy or corporations.

When the strange things including a corrupt cop and people intentionally causing accidents happened in Washington state, I thought it was just narcissists, people running an insurance scam, an EX, bad luck, a bad cop, etc. That may have been where this all started. The cop later got caught watching porn at the entrance to the fair grounds where kids went by which also meant he was not doing his job of watching traffic at that dangerous intersection there, helping lost kids, watching for gang members, etc. But when I reported he had an issue I was treated like I was nuts.

Had been told by a supervisor I knew at a hospital in Tacoma WA that I was on a list of trouble making nurses. I laughed and asked if it was St. Joseph's Hospital that put me on the list. She said, yes. I was then proud. St. Joe's under John Long, with his hench-people did some horrible things to nurses, well beyond the usual workplace bullying. It was an out and out war on the nursing staff. I stood up to them and spoke up especially since I had worked under him at a hospital in Yakima WA where he tried to destroy nursing but the nuns fired his ass. When the federal government was trying to get cities/states to agree to fusion centers they told them people they had on lists, that they did not like could be targets. In other words they could use the fusion center system to go after their enemies. I already knew about John Long before arriving back to St Joe's to work having no idea he was there. He was not happy to see me apparently. I gasped one day as he walked by the nurses station and said, is he the new CEO? Several doctors and nurses sitting in chairs with wheels writing in charts, scooted their chairs over to me after someone said, do you know him? Yes I did.

That could have been where the targeting started, I was on a list of nurses who did not cowtow to a psychopathic CEO/administrator or whatever his title was. I never considered myself an employee of the hospital, I worked for the patients, their families and the community. 

But like I say, not really sure when this all started but the smear campaigns, the attempts to cause accidents, the workplace bullying and all the weird crap are similar. It continues on a massive scale in Boise Idaho. As I was writing this people were obviously doing some kind of half assed surveillance activity. 


I forgot to add the part of the Deming story where a man stating he was a lawyer came knocking on my door. This was back when I still felt most people had good intentions towards others, I fully understand that is not true and FFS has Boise Idaho gelled that into my brain.

He said he worked for CHS. Like I say, was very naive then believing he was on the side of the truth and would listen to what I said. He did ask me several questions related to the hospital. The thing is the raid secondary to guns being sold in Mexico and drugs being sold by cops in Colombus NM was connected to Operation Fast and Furious, so who knows who the hell that guy claiming to be a lawyer really was. He claimed to be from Roswell.


Filed Several FOIA Requests With USMS, They Claim To Not Get Them, On Line Form Doesn't Work. Here Are The Attachments That Would Not Load. I know, Let Me Guess, Not Received Again...UPDATE: I Have USMS Documentation FOIA Request Received



Rochele Liedike was LARPing she was homeless at the Loussac Library in Anchorage AK during the Arctic Conference in 2015. She denies this, but she also lied to a federal public defender in Shawn Christy's case that I said she was talking to Shawn Christy with a fake persona on Facebook. I never spoke to her in 2018, had only spoken to her when she was 'the fake homeless lady at the library' following me into the bathroom and patting her face with dry paper towels trying to chat me up, then on the phone once when SHE called me after I called the USMS and talked to another staff in AK to ask a policy/procedure question . At the time she was doing the surveillance at the library I had no idea who she was and that it was likely she was some kind of LEO doing some undercover crap, but she was a very bad actor. I have no idea why on earth this was going on and why all the crazy crap has gone on since then. I aim to find out and have a right to know. This never happened. Why is she lying about it? Why was I even brought up? I had never met Shawn Christy, just did research for his parents and wrote about the story due to knowing it all began when he was 17 and he was lied about, set up, etc.

Below is a blog post with documentation describing some events and research I did regarding Rochele Liedike. She has a history of working for Donald Trump in 2011. She probably has worked for security contractors of other agencies many times. There were several AK US Deputy Marshals working for some contractor or agency in Anchorage Alaska at least from July of 2015 until September of 2015 when I got on a plane and left the state leaving my property in storage. This was to protect my safety as I had no idea who those people were. They mostly did not follow me, I am very predictable, they showed up before me and were waiting. 

Update Added. Deputy US Marshal Rochelle Liedike, Did She Tell A Lie About Me to Shawn Christy's Former Federal Public Defender Staff or Did the PDs Do This? Both Agencies are Under the DOJ, Was It a Team Effort?


This happened after I had to leave an apartment in Soldotna Alaska to become homeless due to massive abuse from a management team that went on even after they were no longer working for the management company.

I was not engaging in criminal activity. I was homeless, staying in the horrible shelter, Brother Francis and became a homeless activist. Everywhere I went I carried a large backpack and pulled a rolling suitcase. At first I thought it was about security for the Arctic Conference as they seemed interested in my suitcase. But the thing is if it was security they would have been interested in everyone's suitcases and backpacks, but were not, including the backpack I had. They followed me to a laundromat and one of them came in and sat by where I was. He stood over me trying to look into the suitcase. I opened it acting like I had no idea what he was doing so he could see in. He looked in and left abruptly. It was very odd. 

Later after I left Alaska and took a bus from Seattle to Boise Idaho the suitcase disappeared and then came back later. Then it was completely stolen at the shelter where it was locked in long term storage. In Anchorage one of the stalkers showed up, talked to a sociopath who worked at the shelter and was eventually fired, they went outside and the USMS stalker came back in alone. I put my hand on my hip and cocked my head so he knew I recognized him. He had been stalking me earlier wearing a man purse and still had it on. He took off like a bat out of hell and immediately went to an adjacent area where men were laying on mats in the dark. He never came back through. I believe he was there to access the property storage area to get into my suitcase. 

There were files in that suitcase, my personal medical records from one hospital, other usual personal records , and more. But, I believe it was the papers from and USDA RD apartment complex in Soldotna Alaska I kept for years to document abuses and crazy crap that went on there they were interested in. A psychopathic former cop and he wife had been the management team there. After they left and leveraged the wife's son who had a burglary conviction into the management job and things did not go well they went after the maintenance man, new manager but had already been gangstalking myself for years. They used vulnerable elderly women to do the gangstalking. This included someone accessing my apartment when I was gone, abuse around rehabilitation of the property, and organizing the tenants to go after the maintenance man and manager. They went so far as to have mobbing meetings at the senior center. It was crazy. I believe they were trying to get the paperwork I had about that. It was insane and USDA RD along with the regulatory agencies around subsidized housing in Alaska have a lot to answer for.  My FOIA requests to the USDA RD, just like to the USMS all disappeared.


AK Deputy US Marshal Ryan Thompson just one of the men who began stalking me in Anchorage Alaska. He would sit behind me in a coffee shop and say or spell my name. Then he would show up at the library or other places before I got there. He is smug, self satisfied individual.


Update Added. Deputy US Marshal Rochelle Liedike, Did She Tell A Lie About Me to Shawn Christy's Former Federal Public Defender Staff or Did the PDs Do This? Both Agencies are Under the DOJ, Was It a Team Effort?

I now have more information and the craziness has continued in Boise Idaho, it seems there are lots of people who think stalking and harassing are normal here. They wave the Constitution around but take rights from people, there is no Democracy. 

In Boise some entity is go9ng after homeless people. A lot has been done to me including bashing out my window as I slept in my car, stalking, attempting to cause car accidents, street theater, directed conversations, a man aggressively trying to get in my car, many types of harassments. This is reported to be going on in cities all over the country.

If I could find out who the USMS staff were working for during the arctic conference I may be able to connect the dots to the source of the torture I have been going through and if I know what this is I could help a large number of other people. I've worn body cameras and have cameras for my car for years documenting what has gone on. At this point a BID, business improvement district here in Boise has emerged as being behind quite a bit of the harassment where I have been parking at night for years. They clearly have contractors doing all kinds of things. The city of Boise may be running it, of course this is all done so the target can't figure out who is doing it. I have to say when I was younger if someone told me this would be allowed in the United States I would have said there was no way that could happen. It has happened. If the USMS can be involved in what were essentially extraordinary renditions of protesters, they most certainly can be involved in this. 

I request;

1) Which contractor or government agency Rochelle Liedike,  Ryan Thompson and the other US Deputy Marshals who were stalking and harassing me in Anchorage Alaska were working for. 

2) Why were they stalking and harassing me?

3) Why did Rochelle Liedike lie to Shawn Christy's federal public defender, hell why did she even mention me? 

4) Why was Rochelle Liedike doing survellance at the Loussac Library the summer of 2015? There were other things going on at that library then including weaponized fire alarms.

5) Any and all USMS records you have on me. It makes no sense that you would but considering the stalking and harassment activity by your AK US Deputy Marshals there may be some. 

6) Does this stalking and harassment have anything to do with some kind of intelligence led policing or related operation on Shawn Christy?



UPDATE: Evidence of Stalking and Harassment By Steven Thomas Hinkle Who Claims To Be an RN, Also Evidence of Boise Police Corruption/Dysfunction

I already had a video of someone with the same bicycle as Steven Thomas Hinkle wearing black come by my car over and over, getting closer. This is actually the second incident, the police station incident is the third time. In the video you can hear hear an impact on my car. It is more of a knocking sound unlike the sound from the kicking. It could have been a knuckle, have no idea. Normally when something like this happens I have a lot to say, but in this video I got really quiet because I had not yet figured out this was Steven Thomas Hinkle. First he went round and round, then impacted my car, then someone on foot came by the back of my car close to the window that was bashed out. Interesting. Then he walks over to the clinic where the night employees are working up to the door as if he was going in then goes down the driveway and around the building. He put his bicycle somewhere and went around the block. This time was in the dark unlike the other two in the daylight. 




This post contains the videos of two incidents of a man riding around and around the block where my car was parked on a bicycle and then kicked my car. He has ridden around my car many times, kicked it twice. He does this as if there will be no consequences to his behavior which is very sociopathic. This is just one of the many people who have done similar things including at the Downtown Boise Library while security and staff knew and did nothing, in the park system including by employees, when I am parked on the street and in parking lots at stores, etc. At night when I am parked to rest and sleep they generally do this in the dark preventing me from getting license plates (often license plates are removed), seeing their faces and if I am asleep etc. it takes me some time to get outside the car or take the window coverings off to see outside. These acts are done my immature, sociopathics who of course are cowards. This is obviously organized. Clearly the city of Boise and the Boise Police Department are a part of this and other LEAs have also played a part. They gaslight, cover up, do not respond to complaints and protect the perpetrators. Steven Thomas Hinkle was charged only because a witness called in before I did.

I have endured a very large amount of this type of abuse for years. Generally the Boise Police Department gaslights me. There was a witness for the first incident so BPD did file a police report and charged him with some kind of intoxication in public crime due to not being safe around others. If it had just been myself they would have treated me like I was crazy, gaslighting. I am very honest and not crazy. I am however very pissed off on several levels about what goes on in this country and what has been done to me intentionally on a large scale in Boise Idaho. Anyone who goes along with this, participates, spreads the false rumors in the smear campaign is pathological. Of course the population here are in large part authoritarians who can be told just about anything because of the inability to tell truth from fiction, they are also immoral while trying to wear the mask of morality. You intentionally harm others, I do not and no entity of any government could coerce me to do so. I will defend myself if need be, but never go after people like Boiseans do.

During the second incident the first police officer refused to file a police report saying that he could not write a report stating a man was riding a bicycle around the area. I explained the man had already been doing that to harass me serially and then kicked my car. A main concern I had was how he found out where I was and then had come there to stalk and harass me. It was clear he would likely kick my car again and perhaps escalate to violence against myself. There is nowhere in Boise Idaho to park for those who live in vehicles which is safe. Today where I am parked there was harassment, last night right after I parked a black SUV showed up to spin about 4 times in a dirt parking lot making massive dust. Then people went by yelling at me. Usually someone shows up with a blower or a guy with a walker goes by yelling crazy crap, guess yesterday was their day off. This goes on continually, the population of Boise is not kind, that is why they have the 'Keep Boise Kind' propaganda campaign. 

I have asked for a safe area to park from the city and got no response at all. Police constantly suggest I go park other places citing "safety." which is the theme indicating they are involved in a campaign to make me feel unsafe in order to run me off. They will say they are concerned about my safety when they have very clearly on multiple occasions done things to intentionally make me be in an unsafe situation. BPD has stalked, menaced and harassed me, as well as not even returned phone calls. They did not do their jobs when I lived at the dangerous Civic Plaza Apts and I now live in a minivan where they do what they can to decrease safety. 

When there is an issue the police just say move to another area if you do not feel safe.often suggesting moving to areas where people would then call the police so they themselves could come and harass me. I would be constantly moving if I moved every time the unsafe feeling hit me. The unsafe-ness comes from many levels because people in Boise are involved in intentionally harassing, so is BPD and clearly city hall/CCDC. Parking tickets that are unjust have been handed out by parking enforcement to the homeless and windows bashed out while the police refuse to get security footage to find any evidence of the perpetrator. Ask yourself why the police would not want to know who is bashing windows in an area. There is massive harassment from CCDC and in the area of Rivershore Development, the BID, business improvement district. They use many types of contractors including security, landscapers and what are in general described as loser types. Landscapers are on call, they showed up when I rode the bus at bus stops, the park system is included. Over in the Shoreline area there were landscapers with names the city says are not licensed, so covering up who they are. There were operations at Agri-Beef/Rivershore Development where the landscapers showed up at midnight to keep the homeless in cars from sleeping and tree spraying operations from 10 PM until midnight over cars of sleeping people. No signs are every posted that spraying will occur. I've had herbicide sprayers intentionally shake my car because they thought I was sleeping.

First Stalking/Harassment/Car Kicking Incident:

Was sitting in my car doing something when this happened. His behavior was strange, it was light out and he kept coming back to harass and lie. I did not believe anything he said as he does not seem like a nurse. There is a very low potential for psychopaths among nurses, but it can happen. I have found an RN license under the name Steven Thomas Hinkle. I do not at this point know if this guy has stolen the identity of that nurse or is himself actually that nurse. I hope this is not a real nurse. In May when I checked for that license it was not there, now it is.

He claims to be an RN at St. Lukes in the ER. Then later said he ran the whole place. In the police report he told them he works for St. Lukes in Meridian. Staff at that ER said they have never heard of him. That may not be true as generally the policy in hospitals is to not tell anyone if the staff they are looking for works at the facility or not.  I am waiting to find out if he actually works there or not. People who do things to intentionally harm others should not be nurses.

Videos: Witness said he was OK with the ones he is in being made public, had them unlisted for a while.

In this video the witness has just told me the man who kicked my car is riding back towards us. He also reported seeing the guy down with some druggies and not just on this day. The witness can be heard talking on the phone to police dispatch. The perpetrator begins his lying. 




This part is an example of how they have affected my health and ability to get health care. I have insurance, BTW. Have a large number of attempts to get health care horror stories in Boise. 

I have only had one vaccine because of constant stress from harassment, interference with my sleep and constant activation of PEM, post exertional malaise. This is due to the ME/cfs and the immune system issues, latent viruses in the herpes family reactive in us with stressors. In my case I do know that at least CMV keeps activating and of course due to being a nurse I have been exposed to lots of viruses.That means I should not have a vaccine during this and we generally do not take vaccines, but the mRNA are different and recommended for us by most experts. 

I had an appointment for the second SARS Cov 2 vaccine and they bashed the window of my car while I slept so had to cancel it due to staying up all night, being harassed by another problem person who lives in a van and then having a huge flare up. There has been constant harassment all over this city of sick, sick bullies. I then was doing well at one point , made an appointment for a vaccine and tried to get health care at St. Alphonsus family medicine clinic. They were not social distancing in the waiting/registration area and I was snipped at by registration staff. I explained I was trying to social distance due to the back up of people in the entry area.  Then due to having ME/cfs they told me I had to wait in the car after they endangered me and had little understanding of appropriate precautions in a damn medical clinic. I went over to try and talk to admin, but got a patient rep who wanted to talk to me outside. Then they told me the clinic manager was banning me from the clinic. WTH! This is so Boise of them to treat the person complaining with retaliation and I was right, they have no idea what they are doing but narcissistic-ally blame the person who speaks up about it. During the early part of the pandemic I went by this clinic with three masks on and asked the person doing the screening what precautions they were taking to protect people in the back, the guy said he did not know what I meant by precautions. Then I said, that is not a good sign and left. My second appointment for #2 vaccine with St. Alphonsus was then canceled. I decided to wait a while in case they would catch on, they did not apparently. I have procedures that need to be done but because of the medical bullying and idiocy I am afraid to do so in Boise Idaho. I have several stories. 


It isn't the city which allows CCDC to tax businesses like I said in the video,  it is the state, don't know who actually collects it.


I actually had licenses in 6 states but never went to Iowa. I was working as a travel nurse then and never went to that planned assignment. I have been on disability. After years of struggling to keep working while very ill I figured out how to get a bit better myself  as health care for most with ME/cfs is nonexistent and decided to go to a small, low acuity hospital. The one I picked was doing almost everything incompetently and violating massive standards of care, education and basic CDC guidelines along with problem physicians, problem nurses, police in that village in Alaska that did not arrest men who raped Native women, intoxicants who were dumped on me by police who sometimes assaulted me, but the worst was the 3 layers of workplace bullying. This was an IHS hospital that unbelievably was passed on inspections by JACOH. So, ended up with PTSD on top of the ME/cfs and had a melt down resulting in more and more stressors in my life. I have never been able to heal due to the constant harassment and sabotage.

This video is why I was sure this stalker was not a nurse but the name he gives in on NURSYS as having an Idaho RN license and formerly had a PN license. 





The charge is Public intoxication but it seems that is probably a secondary problem for him. Why does a man who I have never had contact with as far as I know until his attacks hate me. There is a smear campaign which is documented. What this man in the below video who worked for Idaho Self Storage says indicates it is connected to the city, the mayor's office, Capitol City Development Corporation  or both considering Beiter was associated with both. I have video of Beiter telling me these cointelpro organized harassment tactics "are not happenin'." Beiter said he did not know this guy. I had no idea what was going on then, now it appears to be CCDC. Mayor Mclean and former mayor Beiter are both on the board of CCDC. Beiter knew what was going on. 

This video is a small amount of the video from an incident where I was locked in a storage facility and believe this was done intentionally. There was no emergency number so I called the police. The cop showed up and began verbally attacking me and insinuating I had broken in to steal things. It would have been impossible for me to do this for many reasons. This went on while an employee stood there not saying I was a customer. That employee is in this video saying the mayor hates me (Beiter) and everyone does. I was very surprised everyone hated me since I assumed almost no one even knew who I was. The older man in the video whose picture is at the beginning with the employee has appeared in many harassment scenarios as a serial stalker. He and a couple other men hung out with this employee at the facility when the manager was not there, all day. There were huge issues this employee perpetrated on me before this incident. The cop was very abusive and the video of that has gotten over 50 thousand views. In this video the employee indicates by a statement that he was a cop somewhere else and he also has a PA license plate, both very interesting considering a case in PA I wrote about and did lots of research. He also claimed to be in the military. 

Note the smear is vague, something any idiot can repeat and gives no information but is enough to cause others to hate the target. 




 The police report about the incident and charge.


Second Stalking/Harassment/Car Kicking Incident:








Evil and unsafe city. 


Serial Harassment and Menacing Behavior By Sociopathic in Dangerous Boise Idaho. Boise Police Have Mostly Done Gaslighting For Years. Shoreline Development and City Hall Created The Problems.

These incidents have gone on for years in Boise and I'm not even discussing what went on in Alaska here. They actually began inside the Interfaith Sanctuary, a homeless shelter and included people the shelter staff had used for publicity which I call their propaganda spokesmodels. Those people were allowed to do anything they wanted to others, keep them from sleeping, have sex in the bunk below them, not bathe so others were gagging from the odor, organize and mobbing against them, block them from their shower time, threaten to assault them, tell the staff lies to cause them to lose their bed and on and on. 

They put garbage on and poured coffee on my property bins. The staff said the reason they had the social work students was for more staff, but there was still no supervision, while lying to the public there was supervision in the shelter. They also facilitated some of those I called the minions who were like prison trustees to steal my suitcase and the contents of it while the director at that time lied to the police. I had important papers in it and they swore it was all safe behind a locked door and then let unsupervised bullies and thieves have access. Considering what had already gone on with that suitcase it is very likely someone was enlisted to steal the contents, especially my files. The theft of my suitcase was the first heartbreaking thing Boise did to me and it has continued constantly since fall of 2015. I am not a sociopath so can't imagine doing any of the things done to me to others. Large numbers of people in Boise participate in organized stalking and harassment and mobbing of homeless people. Just last night people were yelling at me by the Anne Frank Memorial and calling me a bitch over and over. Each neighborhood in Boise acts as a unit in the war against the unsheltered. The tactics are slightly different in each BID, Business Improvement Districts and in the parks but overall the bullying, psychological warfare is similar.

The homeless shelters are dangerous on every level, physically, emotionally, infectious diseases, trauma and a lack of having any rights. They lied to me, there was no housing they claimed to be putting people into. How do they put people into housing that does not exist. That lie was just one of many unbelievable cruelties. I won't go over all the problems in the shelters but will say I was a whistleblower and the staff targeted me. I have been targeted, sabotaged, smear campaigned for years in Boise Idaho. They have allowed Shoreline Development to use contractors to go after the homeless in very dangerous way. The city and Shoreline orchestrated a dangerous situation starting right at the beginning of the pandemic in which they decreased parking for those who live in cars. This put people close together and put the druggies and older people who live in cars due to living on Social Security together. Then the police disappeared from the area, they stopped their years long harassment of me. It was like the Night of the Living Dead and Mad Max. Very stressful, dangerous and clearly the city did not give a damn about us. I was given 2 unjust parking tickets while they allowed motorhomes that did not run and trailers to park for weeks at a time in one spot causing all kinds of problems. Gangstalking, menacing, threatening, harassment from the construction that began right as the rest was happening was done intentionally. Landscaping contractors would show up between 10 PM and 12 AM to spray the trees above our cars, one used flood lights. Contractors who were not licensed as landscapers by the city came and intentionally sprayed my car, the property where Shoreline Development is located did mowing and blowing after MN and stayed in the corner close to where homeless were sleeping in vehicles and long time, I have video. I never saw any of those teams the city said came around to assist people, not one time and I was there. 

I believe this man is the one who also punched my car. Officer Vien came that night, it was late, parked a few seconds and drove off, not talking to me or the people in the trailer who were causing problems. They just let these people run wild. About a day later there was a problem with vandalism at the Ann Frank Memorial. I had warned them something bad may have happened in the park the night my car was punched and if it had not it would. I heard a gunshot and screaming. There is not telling what went on and certainly the police would not investigate. I sent the FB post I made about it to the mayor and BPD. I called about Officer Vien who then called and pretended to be his own supervisor. Then I called and asked for another cop and Vien again took the call. These gentrification orgs like Shoreling Development often get money from the state/city taxes which they can use for security. They hire contractors to do organized harassment, someone is most certainly paying for that. There are reports in Oregon that these EDSs are paying for their own police which means they get to tell them what to do. This is likely what is going on here. 

Nothing could be more clear, Shoreling Development and city of Boise are working together to run the homeless out of the Shoreline District. I do not care what the director at the Interfaith Sanctuary said, that their moving has nothing to do with Derrick O"Neil's actions. I remember her also saying they were not welcome here. This project to run the homeless off began many years ago. The community policing organizing to harass people has gone on a long time. It is very dangerous and includes people parking next to me to intentionally slam their car door into my car. Cars have been run at me including by cops. This is just a small number of the things they do. They have been terrorizing me for years. 

On May 15th I was sitting in the car I live in eating vegetables with one hand and playing a game with the other. It was my youngest sister's birthday so I was thinking about her. Then bam something hit my car. I looked out my window to see a male riding away on a bicycle. After getting out a man parked behind me told me, "I got it." By that he meant he had called the police. 

Then the man came riding his bicycle back towards us and I yelled, "Why did you kick my car." I have 4 videos that are not public to protect the witness who has also had horrible things done to him. There are two men who were often parking by me who have left the area so I assume the same things were done to them. 

 likely is being paid by Shoreline Development or he is from the very large drug ring in Boise. Drug cartels also do gangstalking and considering what I know a cartel in the area would not surprise me. 


BIDS, Business Improvement Groups Are Terrorist Groups Who Have Waged War Against The Homeless, Pushing Us Out, Getting Laws Passed To Harm Us, Making Homelessness Worse, The Government Let Them, Secret Coup

This is part of the information resulting from my research. Anyone who has normal empathy and ethics will be disturbed by this information. I have to stop in the middle of videos and articles as the realizations hit me. They terrorized me for years, BPD would do nothing because they were involved, so were the other LEAs.

This post began as an email to the Veterans Park Neighborhood Association, then I added others. It is nearly impossible even for the homeless who are being affected by the war waged against them using contractors, the police, city hall, the courts, parking enforcement, a smear campaign and people intentionally inflicting harm to understand what is going on. For one thing the constant attacks, financial burdens secondary to their actions, exhaustion due to the stress and lack of sleep, the sabotage, etc. make doing just about anything very difficult. That is one of the main reasons they do these things, they interfere, sabotage, stress and cause anxiety and fatigue. The goals of this kind of psychological warfare/torture/cointelpro/STASI Zersetsung,Similarities to Operation Phoenix in Vietnam is to cause suicide, cause death from stress caused illness or make the target die years before they would have. They also seek to make sure every day is a bad one for the target and all relationships are destroyed to eliminate support and those who will speak up to the lies in the smear campaign. Imagine living in a world where everything is designed to harm you. This is happening in Boise Idaho and many other places, it happened to me in Alaska, briefly in Washington and on a massive scale in Boise Idaho. An article about an economic development group in Alaska being essentially defunded is when I realized it was a series of BIDS that have been doing the gangstalking.

The organized stalking and harassment aka gangstalking continues, yesterday I said out loud to myself that itchy spot on my side is probably heat rash and it's only going to get worse. They listen to our cell phones and yes cell phone providers are compromised in Boise but there are several ways they can do this. There are also listening devices that can be attached to a car. A few minutes later two women I call the dingleberry sisters arrived, parked right behind me when there were lots of parking spots closer to where they were going. They then got out of the car stood next to mine for a while loudly talking about going to a dermatologist. This is street theater, but specifically a tactic called directed conversation, talking about something related to the target. Last night people began screaming and acting crazy around my car, then they got on those damn scooters, two at a time whizzing around the area my car was parked in. As they went by a female whose voice is very familiar to me yelled, "Hey fat ass," then a male whose voice I recognized later walked by saying, "Have you gotten a good look at her?" This crap goes on endlessly, elementary school bullying and they always do this in the dark with a group because they are cowards. 

Two of these people were doing organized harassment at the Civic Plaza Apts, they did not live there and they did organized harassment all over Boise. Their voices are the ones who yelled about homeless men masturbating in their cars (female) and the male yelled things like, "Do you want a cock up your ass?" Right now as I type in Julia Davis park there has been a campaign of constant cars going by and now someone parked behind me playing loud music. This is typical in the park system, people will even park next to me and intentionally slam their car door into my car, one day they did that in the park and then a store later, then attempted to cause an accident after I left. A great deal of this is documented.

The new parking code that was announced as not targeting the homeless but obviously was has caused problems. Having to move around and find more places to park results in having to leave parking spots with regulations of 2 hour parking during the day and then move to other places during the day. In the summer seeking shade for survival when living in a car can be difficult as people will harass the homeless to run them out of parks so they, people with homes and air conditioning can have the shade. Julia Davis Park now has a two hour, once per day parking reg. The claim that it is due to the students at BSU is BS because not many people park there in the winter, it is crowded in the summer only. This means the homeless were targeted with this regulation. On one fourth of July I have video of the Boise Police Department stalking me in Julia Davis park along with other harassment including from a man who claims to hilariously be the toddler soccer coach who implied I was a pedophile and then there was the zoo employee harassment.

Not being able to park in a spot for a continuous amount of time results in time taken to set up and take down the vehicle, increased fuel costs, increased food costs due to difficultly during the day accessing what is needed to prepare something and then there is the wear and tear on vehicles. Patrick Bageant stated during a city council meeting (paraphrasing), that if someone's neighbor did not have a problem with where they parked there would be no problems from them as it was not a "patrol' situation. In other words the new code only applied to some people and just like how almost everything is done in Boise, the targets are the homeless and bullying is their main tool.

It has taken years for me to understand what is going on with the gangstalking and why people report those who are stalking them go back to city halls or those hired to gangstalk the homeless and are surreptitiously recorded report their training was done at city hall. I have not seen any recordings of this in Boise. The reporting in other places is this info and it seems the same tactics are used all over the country. It isn't just homeless people this happens to, people who know things the government doesn't want the public to find out about, whistelblowers, enemies of corporations, lawyers organize for the wealthy to harm people, there is a contractor industry built around it which includes all of the "security guard" corporations. G4S was organizing the gangstalking at the Civic Plaza or at least heavily involved in many ways including electronics. They were well known as harming people all over the world including murders and being very corrupt. During the pandemic they went under because governments and corporations did not have the money or access to the targets they had before. Allied Security has acquired them. 

Allied Security is well known to me as a former subcontractor of G4S along with pretty much all the other security guard companies. Allied has a lot of contracts with the city of Boise and state of Idaho. They have absorbed a worldwide nefarious, corrupt corporation. Allied did massive organized harassment at the Downtown Library which I reported for years, nothing was done. Library employees were involved in it along with a group of Mormon men and even some Mormon women. Admin staff told a lie about me to have me thrown out of the library, they were wrong, not me. Throwing people out of places seems to be a tactic here in Boise I have not read about in other places. Have lots of stories. Anytime a problem is pointed out they throw that person who dares to tell the truth out.

Affordable Housing Was Replaced With Useless Homeless Services. Those Services Are Then Funded To Put Homeless People Into Housing That Does Not Exist. Those non-profits are actually in place to control the excess human population. The Public Has Been Lied To.

My journey for the truth about the craziness and abuse I found in the homeless system lead me to this book. It has very detailed historical and technical information. This was written by Professor Craig Willse and intended to be a text book. Back when I read this book it did not, could not have occurred to me that the homelessness and the gangstalking were related even as it was happening inside the shelters by staff and other homeless people. It was unimaginable back then that my country or any state or city within it would allow such horrible crimes against humanity. They have participated in them by writing state and city laws allowing the BIDS, business improvement development terrorists to run coups on cities. I need to reread this book with my new perspective. Then normal laws such as those against harassment were not passed except for minorities. Why are the homeless not considered a minority?

Part of a review: 

"Willse's argument is clear: homelessness is an issue of housing lack, if not deprivation. To treat homelessness as a "pathology" treats individuals and families as in need of "treatment," or must be "managed." Blaming the victim blinds the system and its leaders from effective change and permanent solutions."


I figured out the homeless services were complete BS long ago because that part of the picture is extremely obvious. The BIDS harming the homeless funded by the tax base, hiring contractors to psychologically terrorize people like me, intentionally working to harm both my psychological health, physical health and financial health while mayors say they think everyone should have a place to live and have BS departments at city hall dedicated to supposedly help the homeless was harder. These are crimes against humanity and it is very hard to believe so many work together to harm vulnerable people for craven, greedy oligarchs. It makes me nauseous to think about this being done to me, but I am a very strong person, they have destroyed countless individuals for being the victims of capitalism. Yes, there are homeless people who cause problems and piss me off along with the homeless who work for the contractors and police, but the government created these damaged individuals intentionally. 


In the 1980s the government stopped funding affordable housing and began funding homeless services to control the excess human population. The situation we have now with homelessness was intentionally created and no government, federal, state or local does anything to change it. 

 For some reason rather than pop up on the post these videos just have links. Don't know why but the links work.

I know from personal experience most affordable housing is now owned by predatory non-profits who treat tenants like crap. I have quite a USDA RD story from Alaska and Section 42 story here in Boise. It's truly unbelievable what goes on so most people have a hard time understanding how heinous it all is. For quite a while right in the middle of it I did not understand due to thinking in an opposite way of a psychopath. 


Police Depts have tracking management systems for the homeless. I've been tracked for years. They use cell phone GPS. They are in my phone watching and listening. The bootson the ground gangstalkers have apps on their phones that alert when I walk or drive by and when I turn my phone camera on. After years of watching this nothing could be more obvious. The "police are in the displacement business" while local governments and even homeless shelter directors lie about it. Boden discusses how due to the brutality, psychological warfare/torture of the police and BID contractors the homeless have to try and be invisible which makes them very vulnerable. Homeless live in a dangerous situation while the police who should be protecting them are instead intentionally harming them. This causes trauma illnesses which are a normal consequence of one trauma after another. One type of PTSD, CPTSD which is a consequence of constant trauma has symptoms similar to a personality disorder. They intentionally brutalize homeless and then misdiagnose them so they can be labeled mentally ill. I watched this happen mostly to women while working psych, women who simply needed a good divorce lawyer.

This is what has been happening for years in the Shoreline area in Boise. This is why I was harassed/stalked/sabotaged/menaced/ gangstalked/had my privacy violated/was prevented from medical care. They sabotage health care, have lots of stories and a wide range of clinics and the two major health care corporations here. They ran cars at me while I was walking, including cops. Then there were people trying to cause accidents and other vehicle harassment. Even the place I bought my car has pulled crap. There are laws violated, why in the hell is this allowed!?