UPDATE: Evidence of Stalking and Harassment By Steven Thomas Hinkle Who Claims To Be an RN, Also Evidence of Boise Police Corruption/Dysfunction

I already had a video of someone with the same bicycle as Steven Thomas Hinkle wearing black come by my car over and over, getting closer. This is actually the second incident, the police station incident is the third time. In the video you can hear hear an impact on my car. It is more of a knocking sound unlike the sound from the kicking. It could have been a knuckle, have no idea. Normally when something like this happens I have a lot to say, but in this video I got really quiet because I had not yet figured out this was Steven Thomas Hinkle. First he went round and round, then impacted my car, then someone on foot came by the back of my car close to the window that was bashed out. Interesting. Then he walks over to the clinic where the night employees are working up to the door as if he was going in then goes down the driveway and around the building. He put his bicycle somewhere and went around the block. This time was in the dark unlike the other two in the daylight. 




This post contains the videos of two incidents of a man riding around and around the block where my car was parked on a bicycle and then kicked my car. He has ridden around my car many times, kicked it twice. He does this as if there will be no consequences to his behavior which is very sociopathic. This is just one of the many people who have done similar things including at the Downtown Boise Library while security and staff knew and did nothing, in the park system including by employees, when I am parked on the street and in parking lots at stores, etc. At night when I am parked to rest and sleep they generally do this in the dark preventing me from getting license plates (often license plates are removed), seeing their faces and if I am asleep etc. it takes me some time to get outside the car or take the window coverings off to see outside. These acts are done my immature, sociopathics who of course are cowards. This is obviously organized. Clearly the city of Boise and the Boise Police Department are a part of this and other LEAs have also played a part. They gaslight, cover up, do not respond to complaints and protect the perpetrators. Steven Thomas Hinkle was charged only because a witness called in before I did.

I have endured a very large amount of this type of abuse for years. Generally the Boise Police Department gaslights me. There was a witness for the first incident so BPD did file a police report and charged him with some kind of intoxication in public crime due to not being safe around others. If it had just been myself they would have treated me like I was crazy, gaslighting. I am very honest and not crazy. I am however very pissed off on several levels about what goes on in this country and what has been done to me intentionally on a large scale in Boise Idaho. Anyone who goes along with this, participates, spreads the false rumors in the smear campaign is pathological. Of course the population here are in large part authoritarians who can be told just about anything because of the inability to tell truth from fiction, they are also immoral while trying to wear the mask of morality. You intentionally harm others, I do not and no entity of any government could coerce me to do so. I will defend myself if need be, but never go after people like Boiseans do.

During the second incident the first police officer refused to file a police report saying that he could not write a report stating a man was riding a bicycle around the area. I explained the man had already been doing that to harass me serially and then kicked my car. A main concern I had was how he found out where I was and then had come there to stalk and harass me. It was clear he would likely kick my car again and perhaps escalate to violence against myself. There is nowhere in Boise Idaho to park for those who live in vehicles which is safe. Today where I am parked there was harassment, last night right after I parked a black SUV showed up to spin about 4 times in a dirt parking lot making massive dust. Then people went by yelling at me. Usually someone shows up with a blower or a guy with a walker goes by yelling crazy crap, guess yesterday was their day off. This goes on continually, the population of Boise is not kind, that is why they have the 'Keep Boise Kind' propaganda campaign. 

I have asked for a safe area to park from the city and got no response at all. Police constantly suggest I go park other places citing "safety." which is the theme indicating they are involved in a campaign to make me feel unsafe in order to run me off. They will say they are concerned about my safety when they have very clearly on multiple occasions done things to intentionally make me be in an unsafe situation. BPD has stalked, menaced and harassed me, as well as not even returned phone calls. They did not do their jobs when I lived at the dangerous Civic Plaza Apts and I now live in a minivan where they do what they can to decrease safety. 

When there is an issue the police just say move to another area if you do not feel safe.often suggesting moving to areas where people would then call the police so they themselves could come and harass me. I would be constantly moving if I moved every time the unsafe feeling hit me. The unsafe-ness comes from many levels because people in Boise are involved in intentionally harassing, so is BPD and clearly city hall/CCDC. Parking tickets that are unjust have been handed out by parking enforcement to the homeless and windows bashed out while the police refuse to get security footage to find any evidence of the perpetrator. Ask yourself why the police would not want to know who is bashing windows in an area. There is massive harassment from CCDC and in the area of Rivershore Development, the BID, business improvement district. They use many types of contractors including security, landscapers and what are in general described as loser types. Landscapers are on call, they showed up when I rode the bus at bus stops, the park system is included. Over in the Shoreline area there were landscapers with names the city says are not licensed, so covering up who they are. There were operations at Agri-Beef/Rivershore Development where the landscapers showed up at midnight to keep the homeless in cars from sleeping and tree spraying operations from 10 PM until midnight over cars of sleeping people. No signs are every posted that spraying will occur. I've had herbicide sprayers intentionally shake my car because they thought I was sleeping.

First Stalking/Harassment/Car Kicking Incident:

Was sitting in my car doing something when this happened. His behavior was strange, it was light out and he kept coming back to harass and lie. I did not believe anything he said as he does not seem like a nurse. There is a very low potential for psychopaths among nurses, but it can happen. I have found an RN license under the name Steven Thomas Hinkle. I do not at this point know if this guy has stolen the identity of that nurse or is himself actually that nurse. I hope this is not a real nurse. In May when I checked for that license it was not there, now it is.

He claims to be an RN at St. Lukes in the ER. Then later said he ran the whole place. In the police report he told them he works for St. Lukes in Meridian. Staff at that ER said they have never heard of him. That may not be true as generally the policy in hospitals is to not tell anyone if the staff they are looking for works at the facility or not.  I am waiting to find out if he actually works there or not. People who do things to intentionally harm others should not be nurses.

Videos: Witness said he was OK with the ones he is in being made public, had them unlisted for a while.

In this video the witness has just told me the man who kicked my car is riding back towards us. He also reported seeing the guy down with some druggies and not just on this day. The witness can be heard talking on the phone to police dispatch. The perpetrator begins his lying. 




This part is an example of how they have affected my health and ability to get health care. I have insurance, BTW. Have a large number of attempts to get health care horror stories in Boise. 

I have only had one vaccine because of constant stress from harassment, interference with my sleep and constant activation of PEM, post exertional malaise. This is due to the ME/cfs and the immune system issues, latent viruses in the herpes family reactive in us with stressors. In my case I do know that at least CMV keeps activating and of course due to being a nurse I have been exposed to lots of viruses.That means I should not have a vaccine during this and we generally do not take vaccines, but the mRNA are different and recommended for us by most experts. 

I had an appointment for the second SARS Cov 2 vaccine and they bashed the window of my car while I slept so had to cancel it due to staying up all night, being harassed by another problem person who lives in a van and then having a huge flare up. There has been constant harassment all over this city of sick, sick bullies. I then was doing well at one point , made an appointment for a vaccine and tried to get health care at St. Alphonsus family medicine clinic. They were not social distancing in the waiting/registration area and I was snipped at by registration staff. I explained I was trying to social distance due to the back up of people in the entry area.  Then due to having ME/cfs they told me I had to wait in the car after they endangered me and had little understanding of appropriate precautions in a damn medical clinic. I went over to try and talk to admin, but got a patient rep who wanted to talk to me outside. Then they told me the clinic manager was banning me from the clinic. WTH! This is so Boise of them to treat the person complaining with retaliation and I was right, they have no idea what they are doing but narcissistic-ally blame the person who speaks up about it. During the early part of the pandemic I went by this clinic with three masks on and asked the person doing the screening what precautions they were taking to protect people in the back, the guy said he did not know what I meant by precautions. Then I said, that is not a good sign and left. My second appointment for #2 vaccine with St. Alphonsus was then canceled. I decided to wait a while in case they would catch on, they did not apparently. I have procedures that need to be done but because of the medical bullying and idiocy I am afraid to do so in Boise Idaho. I have several stories. 


It isn't the city which allows CCDC to tax businesses like I said in the video,  it is the state, don't know who actually collects it.


I actually had licenses in 6 states but never went to Iowa. I was working as a travel nurse then and never went to that planned assignment. I have been on disability. After years of struggling to keep working while very ill I figured out how to get a bit better myself  as health care for most with ME/cfs is nonexistent and decided to go to a small, low acuity hospital. The one I picked was doing almost everything incompetently and violating massive standards of care, education and basic CDC guidelines along with problem physicians, problem nurses, police in that village in Alaska that did not arrest men who raped Native women, intoxicants who were dumped on me by police who sometimes assaulted me, but the worst was the 3 layers of workplace bullying. This was an IHS hospital that unbelievably was passed on inspections by JACOH. So, ended up with PTSD on top of the ME/cfs and had a melt down resulting in more and more stressors in my life. I have never been able to heal due to the constant harassment and sabotage.

This video is why I was sure this stalker was not a nurse but the name he gives in on NURSYS as having an Idaho RN license and formerly had a PN license. 





The charge is Public intoxication but it seems that is probably a secondary problem for him. Why does a man who I have never had contact with as far as I know until his attacks hate me. There is a smear campaign which is documented. What this man in the below video who worked for Idaho Self Storage says indicates it is connected to the city, the mayor's office, Capitol City Development Corporation  or both considering Beiter was associated with both. I have video of Beiter telling me these cointelpro organized harassment tactics "are not happenin'." Beiter said he did not know this guy. I had no idea what was going on then, now it appears to be CCDC. Mayor Mclean and former mayor Beiter are both on the board of CCDC. Beiter knew what was going on. 

This video is a small amount of the video from an incident where I was locked in a storage facility and believe this was done intentionally. There was no emergency number so I called the police. The cop showed up and began verbally attacking me and insinuating I had broken in to steal things. It would have been impossible for me to do this for many reasons. This went on while an employee stood there not saying I was a customer. That employee is in this video saying the mayor hates me (Beiter) and everyone does. I was very surprised everyone hated me since I assumed almost no one even knew who I was. The older man in the video whose picture is at the beginning with the employee has appeared in many harassment scenarios as a serial stalker. He and a couple other men hung out with this employee at the facility when the manager was not there, all day. There were huge issues this employee perpetrated on me before this incident. The cop was very abusive and the video of that has gotten over 50 thousand views. In this video the employee indicates by a statement that he was a cop somewhere else and he also has a PA license plate, both very interesting considering a case in PA I wrote about and did lots of research. He also claimed to be in the military. 

Note the smear is vague, something any idiot can repeat and gives no information but is enough to cause others to hate the target. 




 The police report about the incident and charge.


Second Stalking/Harassment/Car Kicking Incident:








Evil and unsafe city. 

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