David Kernell the Young Man Who Guessed Sarah Palin's Email Security Questions Died at the Age of 30

I was very devastated to hear David Kernell the young man who guessed Sarah Palin's email security questions died at the age of 30 last week. They claim it was due to multiple sclerosis. The massive stress of having to go through a trial with the Palin family lying, exaggerating, playing the victim and demonizing him would clearly have contributed to his health issues. Their goal was publicity and revenge. Many illnesses appear or get much worse or would have never happened at all without massive stress that affects the brain and immune system. Believe me I know about this.

The case earned the younger Kernell searing criticism from Palin and her fans, with Palin comparing the hacking to Watergate, the 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee that gradually led to President Richard Nixon's resignation. At the trial, Palin described the hacking as "the most disruptive and discouraging" moment of the campaign.

Really Sarah? It seems like the most disruptive thing was when John McCain picked you as his running mate. BTW, where did those blackberries come from? Did Anthony Weiner's trusted staff supply them?

Yes, that is how badly they hyperbolize and play the injured party while injuring others. Just like showing up at someone's birthday party and starting a brawl is everyone else's fault.   

Sarah Palin took so little precaution with her email account she left it so someone who did not know her could guess the answers.

Kernell was not the only young man who Sarah Palin and family harmed, in fact it was clear in both cases she was out to destroy them. Their crimes were minuscule compared to her own son's and her sister-in-law and those were just the ones we knew about.

The Palinistas will probably have this comment removed from the Anchorage Daily News which would be wrong, but that is how bad the censorship is in Alaska.





Public Records Request Shows Palin/Parnell Crimes, Hacking My Email and Deleting Them From the Governor's Account


I'm sorry for the family's devastating loss and all they went through. 

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