The Release of the Memo Helps Targets of Government, Corporate CIA/FBI/Fusion/Local Gov/Local Police/Black Budget Funded Stalking, Harassment, Suicide, Slander, Disruption Program

I couldn’t have imagined the level of evil, the level of criminality embedded in our government, not just the politicians, the DOJ, the courts, but the agencies, pretty much all of them at this point even while I was being intentionally targeted for destruction. I understand things now through research and exposure by others that very few among the people of the United States can even comprehend because it is so horrific. The black budget money that is supposed to be used to fight terrorism is being used to fund terrorism against innocent citizens.

We all understand that we live in an oligarchy, but what has become clear is we also live in a psychopathocracy. Only psychopaths accumulate large amounts of money while forcing their workers to live on a pittance while rents are intentionally raised, cities are gentrified removing affordable housing and none is built to replace it for decades. Only psychopaths create a huge amount of homeless people and those living in poverty and then cut programs that help them, only psychopaths cut funding for programs the elderly were promised and payed into during their decades of working. The Republicans and the Democrats are guilty of all of this. Only psychopaths then blame the victims of this when they intentionally caused it. Only psychopaths destroy education and raise college tuition so high it's nearly impossible to get an education and when a young person manage to they have a huge debt, can't find a job that will pay it off. An uneducated population is easier to propagandize and control. 

Psychopaths work together because they recognize those who think like they do. They work to get to the top of whatever organizations they are in for power, control, money. They are well suited to politics because many use communications with large numbers of people for manipulation and control, tell lies directed at specific audiences, intentionally harm people to get what they want.They are winning because Americans think psychopathic traits are positive, this is especially true of the right wing. 

For four months I have studied the propaganda being spewed and it was clear chaos and war were coming. There are several streams targeted at different subsets of the population. The Democrats think the Russians are responsible for pretty much every corrupt thing being done by sociopathic Americans and the far right has Q Anon who I call QLARP who clearly states some of the Q propaganda is not true, but it's necessary, LOL. The far right is mesmerized by the questions used to make them think things that are not true. For a while QLARP had them thinking Obama, HRC, the Podestas, Huma Abedin were all incarcerated at GITMO, not by saying it outright, but instead by riddling it, LMAO. 

Recently the propaganda war has gotten violent. Republican legislators and family were involved in an accident while on a train which is very unlikely to not be engineered. What are they going to discuss at that conference, who sent the warning? There are three enemies, deep state elements, Trump’s White House and the Democrats along with controlling players outside the country. There are threads of black running through everything and it’s hard to separate the good and evil at this point. 

Before I get any further let me state I am not a fan of Republicans or Democrats. I am opposed to many of Donald Trump’s policies. I believe both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are pathological individuals. The Democrats are right of center even though the right wing likes to use ‘liberal’ or ‘left wing’ when referring to them as a slur. I can work with right wing people who are based in reality and facts, have empathy, a sense of justice and are ethical. That makes our differences policies and problem solutions. Back when I was young we worked together and compromised, now it’s all or nothing so we can’t move forward. This was all done intentionally. 

I believe the Democrats did work to set up Donald Trump just like they used Bernie Sanders to herd the real left and try to force us to vote for Hillary Clinton. But I don’t like Donald Trump either because I am on the side of the downtrodden, the poor, the homeless, the young people who can't get an education, those who need justice and those who need health care. Yes, jobs will help part of the problems, but the crappy wages don't pay the high rents and there is now little affordable housing by oligarchic intention. I did have some hope Trump would expose the organized government stalking and take down program and the deep state, if he does he'll go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. But it seems everything is about him, the oligarchy and funding for the military, the opposite of what would cause those things to happen.

The story is much bigger than the abuse of the FISA Court for surveillance and attempt to set up Donald Trump.  Citizens are being targeted by the deep state, corporations, powerful people and local governments, we do not have an accurate count of the number, some say at least 500,000, I believe in this country it is well over a million and then there are the targets in other countries. They use security contractors of which there are probably 10,000 now to help them destroy lives, stalking, street theater, poisoning, drugging, directed energy weapons, noise campaigns, sabotage, slandering, careers destroyed, suicides, murders, PTSD, misdiagnoses, hacking, tracking, preventing sleep, intentional exposure to infectious agents, breaking into homes, forced homelessness and more. These contractors will do anything to find someone to harm in the government organized stalking harassment program because they make huge amounts of money and essentially all these contractors are a part of the deep state. This is another form of human trafficking. 

Every time I start to write sirens go by, that happened just now. I am speaking up because just like when I was in Alaska and had no idea what was going on and became suicidal in Nome many may successfully kill themselves. It doesn't matter if you think I am crazy, this is being written for them.

Anyone being targeted listen to me, you are not the problem, they are. You are probably a whistleblower, a journalist, a truth teller, the person who does the right thing and reports problems, you don’t go along to get along when people are being put in danger, you know something they don’t want the public to find out, you are threatening to an incompetent employee or corrupt corporation or government agency, you have pissed off some powerful person, you have a group of people who got together in a conspiracy and lied to get you on the terrorist watch list, you had a conflict with a corporation with executives in Infragard and other reasons that indicate you are the one who does the right thing. Bad players, con artists, psychopaths and other Cluster B personality disorders will be threatened by you. Some people who have found out what happened in their case report relatives were involved. 

Infragard is a partnership with corporations, non-profits and other entities supposedly to prevent terrorism. Instead they are using the funding to target individuals they don’t like for some reason such as they tell the truth. When the FBI/Fusion people went around to meet with corporations they told them, the city governments and local police the program could be used to go after people they do not like for any reason. Infragard, corporate contractors, city governments, police departments and other entities are being used to wage war on innocent citizens. They are paying out of the black budget trillions to fund a large army of  'weaponized morons’ creating an underground economy much like a drug ratline. 

Those who are seen by the targets are called ‘perps’ and are paid to stalk and harass people, do noise campaigns, perform strange LARPs, harass people with vehicles, break into their homes, and more. The whole damn bunch are in a criminal cabal. Some are paid full time, others are part time and paid with gift cards to prevent tracking of the money. Some are in subsidized housing and not required to report that income which is illegal just like stalking and harassment. They help those with criminal charges get lighter sentences, help with home loans and vehicle loans and other favors to get cooperation, those who will agree to harming people to get something they want are dangerous to society but this is who the government uses. Police, fire departments, USPS vehicles, highway departments, stores, drug dealers, addicts, homeless people, staff at homeless shelters, losers of all kinds, security guards at government buildings and others are used as an army against one person. They compromise the staff where the target lives, there are lots of fire alarms, stalkers in the building, landscape contractors, utility companies and non-profits involved.

I am surprised that there are so many who are immoral criminals who lack an understanding of the Constitution. Instead they are brainwashed to just keep waving the flag without any morals or knowledge of the principles this country was founded on. They are just fine with taking the rights of others. I have been followed around by idiots with flags on trucks, odd flags, and some crazy nut walking up and down the street where I was walking yelling incomprehensible words. These people are not very intelligent and large numbers of them are very uneducated. They have never been anything in their lives, so they feel important acting with a group of bullies and getting paid for it.  

The money the FBI/Fusion groups funnel to local law enforcement, city governments and corporate contractors which the public is told is for prevention of terrorism is being used to terrorize the public. I believe the amount of dollars is astronomical. The FBI also uses resources to set targets up including using parallel construction, prosecutorial trickery and corrupt/compromised judges. They control the players in the court system through manipulation, compromising individuals and destroying the careers of those who do not cooperate with them.

Cops are easy for them to use now. Police departments of all types have been changing who they hire, lower IQs, more sociopathic traits. Those with high IQs have certain personality characteristics such as a huge sense of justice and social justice. You can’t get a cop to set up a target and do a “justified” shooting if they have a higher IQ and lack sociopathic traits. The other thing about these types is they have more of a tendancy to stick together for protection, form organizations that go after people who tell the truth work to set people up. I know how the process of changing the personalities in a profession works because I watched the predatory health care corporations get rid of the critical care nurses with higher IQs and huge senses of justice for years, they hired corporations to help them do this and executive staff to facilitate it. When you are doing things that decrease the outcomes for patients you don’t want someone like me in the unit saying, no way and then showing research. All of us where I watched the worst of it were like me and the patient care was awesome. There is a reason the care has deteriorated, it was done on purpose for profit. 

What I am writing about is commonly known as ‘gangstalking.’ Probably much like “conspiracy theory” this word was probably introduced by the CIA to discredit those discussing it. The program is similar to Operation Phoenix and it is also obviously part MKULTRA. They used this in other countries, especially Vietnam, now they are at war with the American people. The Stasi, NAZIs, KGB and others have used the same techniques but now there are electronics, electronic weapons and satellites. PDD 62 signed by Bill Clinton in 1998 got the ball rolling, then the Patriot Act after 9/11 was used to form the surveillance state. Now many are living in a Hunger Games world.

There are videos about ‘gangstalking’ which are on YouTube obviously done to discredit targeted individuals, they start out discussing parts of the operations and then go off into aliens, satanic crap etc. Some of this is propaganda and some is people who due to the strange behavior of those at the bottom of the government organized stalking program pyramid assume wrong things. There are some excellent videos on the subject done by very intelligent people however. The behavior of the gangstalkers the targets encounter at what we call the street level is very odd and targets are freaked out that they know where they go, they use the smart phones in our pockets or put materials on us to use for tracking, they put tracking devices on vehicles, it is not supernatural. Those cameras put up at intersections and other WIFI cameras anywhere are used for the purpose of tracking targets. Orwell was right. 

This program is done by the government, corporations, local hate groups, they hire cultish religious groups, etc. no aliens or demons are involved, and it is not as many think a spiritual war, those who designed the program have no spirituality other than faking Christianity.  Anyone involved is either sociopathic, an idiot, or both or very compromised. They tell these morons lies about the targets to get them to think they are doing the right thing. They are not intelligent enough to then say, then investigate them, collect evidence, arrest them, indict them, have a trial, I’m not going to engage in illegal activity or harass people. Police tell them they haven’t got enough evidence on the target yet, they lie, there is no evidence to gather. They get maintenance staff at apartments to let them in the target’s home, so they can place illegal cameras or do strange things to freak the target out, take small objects, cause leaks, move lamps so the target knows they were in their home but if they call the police they will think they are crazy. No point to call the police they are involved.  It’s all psychological warfare. 

It is my hope that this memo which may be released today will provide some insight into this government organized stalking program used to destroy and disrupt the live of the best of us, so psychopaths can retain power. Many T. I.s are highly intelligent, lots have PhDs. Many believe they are going after the highly intelligent due to the ability to connect dots, see patterns and use intuitive thinking which will potentially expose corruption and evil. I think there is more to it, highly intelligent people tend to be loners due to reading, processing information, thinking, working on projects, not liking to listen to small talk, it’s easier to target loners. This is also the group which tends to have a huge sense of justice which is threatening to the psychopathocracy. 

When I wrote about the abuses and harassment at Laurawood Arms in Soldotna Alaska involving the USDA RD, the Alaska state agency AHFC, Quantum Managemnt and VITUS Corporation things that happened in Nome and Homer, this is what was going on. The handler was a psychopathic cop named Greg Russell and his family were some of the perps, which is quite common. They trained elderly women who lived at this senior and disabled apartment complex to stalk and harass me and others, really disturbing stuff. Many of these security agencies are started by these corrupt law enforcement types to suck on the teat of the federal government black operations budget and get off on sadistically torturing people. More on that to come. Their operations are done in a way to be invisible to others, they repeat operations, so the target knows it’s the perps, but what they use are normal everyday things, vehicles, colors, behaviors, hand signals, car alarms, police cars or fire trucks that end up at the same intersection when you are there, lights and sirens on only as they go by the target.

No Russians were involved in this truth telling post, just in case a Democrat reads it.





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