Evidence Presentaton Denied By One of Alaska's Corrupt Courts, David Haeg Defiantly and Emotionally Reads It, He is Tazered, Dragged From The Courtroom. Welcome to America!

David Haeg two weeks before the hearing on 12/18/2017, this video demonstrates the decade long battle for justice he fought.

After a decade of working his heart out for justice, the permission to present his evidence of corruption in the courts and the Alaska State Troopers were denied by the judge. David was hired by the Sarah Palin regime to shoot wolves from a plane for the Fish and Game Department. I disagreed with that wolf killing program for more than one reason. I was horrified by that policy. I am more horrified that they set David Haeg up and denied him justice all these years. They took his ability to make a living, his home, his plane, his business from him.

Here is David Haegs website, 'Alaska State of Corruption'. 

I know some of what he has gone through due to my own case of injustice. The court system is evil and destroys people, there is a massive lack of due process in Alaska. It causes illness including PTSD and is a form of psychological torture. The players on both sides are working for the same end but the defendant an outsider to this sick game being played with his or her life only understands this after some time dealing with them. Being manipulated, lied to, sabotaged by those who are supposed to be on your side can make anyone emotionally distraught.

How did David Haeg stand it all this time? I believe it was due to his love of justice and democracy. The problem is we have neither in the United States due to the population being brainwashed and dissociated by television and internet, along with being dumbed down. Those who constantly scream about the flag, the Constitution and their rights are often the least likely to know about any of those things. The only way to have justice is for the population to stream into the streets and courtrooms in protest and educate themselves, but they might miss a show or have to get up off their asses and walk.
Why do you think the Department of Defense paid the sports-industrial-complex all that nationalism bribe money all these years? They wanted you to think whether or not someone makes a choice to stand for a flag, a piece of cloth is a huge deal. They create controversy to divide us over something that does not matter, what matters is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, what matters is we have no system of justice and no Democracy, but dumbed down America doesn't get it's priorities right. What matters is this case because there are so many of us who are David Haeg, he represents those of us who have no means to fight the injustice we have suffered and our voices are cut off when we even tell the story often in very illegal and brutal ways.

After his motion or motions were denied David decided to go ahead and present his evidence.

This is the short version of what happened after the hearing was closed and David Haeg refused to shut up and go away.

This is a longer version. I sobbed through it and can't watch it again.

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