The Supreme Court of Alaska Allows Gov. Walker to VETO 1/2 of PFD, "AND THAT'S WHY PEOPLE THINK THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN ALASKA"

From the ADN, which still seems to be writing down words. 

The Alaska Supreme Court on Friday upheld Gov. Bill Walker's veto of about half of last year's Permanent Fund dividend payments, rejecting a lawsuit filed by Anchorage Democratic Sen. Bill Wielechowski and two old-time politicians, Clem Tillion and Rick Halford.

Wielechowski argues that the governor had no authority to strike the “descriptive” reference to AS 37.13.145(b) because he effectively vetoed a statute. But we addressed a similar argument in Simpson v. Murkowski. 82 In Simpson we concluded that the governor had constitutional authority to veto an appropriation for longevity bonus payments even though a statute mandated the payments.83 Governor Walker likewise validly exercised his veto authority to reduce an appropriation despite a seemingly mandatory statute.

Because: (1) Governor Walker struck only language related to the amount of funds to be transferred; (2) the language in the appropriation bill post-veto would make less sense if only the number had been struck and reduced; and (3) language about the transfer’s purpose remained, we conclude that Governor Walker properly exercised his veto authority.


Fuck All.

During the hearings the Judicial Counsel held on judge selection a few months ago I testified by phone. During the first one in Kenai Chief Justice Stowers kept interrupting me, not even letting me finish a sentence. It is doubtful that he knew who I was or that I had suffered injustice in the court system in Alaska including having officers of the court in a conspiracy have me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned and as a result of all of this lost much, got no justice and have now been homeless for about 2.5 years. Do any of the players care, no and recently I found out more about why at least part of this happened. The note at the top of this blog is what I believed the whole thing was about for years, now it seems there may be more, later on that.

I said loudly into the phone the last time Chief Justice Stowers interrupted me, "And that is why people think there is no justice in Alaska." During the next three hearings he was very polite. The Peninsula Clarion described me as "another person." It's true I am another person and who would expect better from that news media outlet.

The people of Alaska need to make this statement together loud and clear, not just because their PFDs have been stolen, but because of the injustices that have been perpetrated upon the people and the damage done to the lives of those who were railroaded and denied due process, even had the charges falsified. They need to say this when Native people are given harsh sentences without any understanding of the person's trauma or culture. Well, they need to do that for all of us.

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