WMD CST, Idaho National Guard Had An Odd MMS Group Text on My Phone. George Webb Depleted Uranium/Cargo Ships. Co-inky-dinks Aplenty

I wrote this the first part of July and never posted it. I was gangstalked at the Interfaith Sanctuary and then trapped in my storage place which I now believe was not a happy accident, but an engineered event to attempt to set me up. Below is a video of just part of the conversation with the cop who came to "help" me. The complaint about this incident was filed by myself last summer at the Boise Police Oversight office, then crickets. Recently I requested the report which of course will exonerate the cop. He may have been set up by being told lies etc. or he may be part of the whole thing. One way of knowing this was a set up is there were other odd things going on at the storage place and that they promised to post an emergency number. Recently I had to walk by the place and there is no emergency number posted anywhere.
This begins the part I wrote last summer. I was homeless and spent lots of time at the library. Right after I would arrive an older man would get up and walk away with his cell phone, then in a few minutes, often less than five a gang of Mormon males dressed in masonic colors would show up.

One part of gangstalking, is street theater where people organize strange things, use directed conversation which repeats what you say or someone says to you, or mentions things you are interested in. All over the homeless people being paid or promised favors to gangstalk me would be discussing George Webb who I was following. Then this strange group text happened the end of June just before the Fourth of July Holiday.  There have been several different ones and multiple calls for hispanic people, always hispanic, never any other ethnicity.
I have been following George Webb for a while watching every video unless he deletes it which makes me cranky. It's been a fascinating and complex ride. His method of journalism is more than investigative, he is on the streets and goes wherever the story is, boots on the ground. His videos are like the scientific process and include theories to be tested by calling on the followers to help him do the research and provide the leads to prove or disprove his conjectures. Anyone who understands how science works knows the process is about research and experimentation to prove or disprove the theory. He gets lots of flak for this, but what does one expect in a country where journalists just print whatever is in a press release and call it journalism. Not only does George Webb allow his viewers to actually walk through the investigative journalism process with him, but we also get to watch his life and can see he is a man of ethics and honor who has some issues just like all of us. 

JTTF/FUSION/FBI/CG set George Webb up to have him arrested on false charges. I have experienced this, but the difference is he knows something about the agencies, the surveillance state and the massive corruption, I did not know about all of this then, now I do. In landlocked areas it is the National Guard/WMD CST that work with the JTTF/FUSION/FBI/. I am what some call a targeted individual, but I also like Suzie Dawson's 'person of interest'. I have been one for over a decade at least and not sure exactly which of my series of whistleblowing events or pissing off of the overlords caused it to be initiated. More on that later.

One component of the adventure into the wilds of the truth about what goes on in this country is about depleted uranium being used to make munitions and shipped out of Pakistan on Maersk cargo ships, an Awan Brother diplomatic exemption connection, along with contaminated cargo ships being dismantled by unprotected workers. There are people who have no conscience who will do anything to make money.

The story is complex, but essentially they told the story publicly that sources had given them intelligence about exposed uranium being transported on Maersk cargo ships under diplomatic protection. Lies were then told that a bomb threat was reported and the usual conspiracy theory accusations were spewed. Afterward some interesting things happened with the cargo shipping company.

George Webb was set up so they could arrest him for being in his truck with alcohol in his system, he did not drive as he was just waiting for a contact aka a set up. Then many including the craptastic New York Times accused him of untrue things. The story is in this video below.

The case against George Webb in Ohio was dropped. It is clear JTTF/Fusion/FBI were involved. They set people up. If George had been someone not in the public eye with so many contacts to help him they would have railroaded him, ignored the truth and used the conviction to attempt to destroy him.

The shows about the depleted uranium happened on June 14th. 

On Thursday I posted something about Sarah Palin threatening to sue the NYT, how she often threatens to sue and how she actually has three of her own death panels. The Palins have a history of being involved in, let's call it, a conspiracy to report false accusations and their not telling the truth about their own actions to harm others was very public during the Palin Crime Family Brawl.

 OK, I Guess I Counted Wrong, There Are Three Death Panels of Sarah Palin

On Thursday, June 29th  this MMS group texting episode appeared on my cell phone, but I did not see it until the next day. I had nothing to do with this at all. Zehr interesant. Is there a relationship between the above blog post and this odd group texting event? Is this the retaliation? Or is it completely originating from some local miscreants? Does this have something to do with my following the depleted uranium Maersk diplomatic shipping Awan Brothers story? Is it due to my local reporting about what goes on with the non-profit industrial complex which "serves" the homeless population? From my research it could be any or a combination or perhaps due to my writing about some assholery with the Alaska National Guard. Who knows.

This was received on June 29th and I noticed it the next day. 

If you call the number that originates the group text it sounds like..."This is Tech Sargent Steven Jackson with the 101st CSP..." I thought at first it was Fort Campbell's CSP program which made no sense due to the area code being Idaho. Further research revealed it was the WMD CST in Idaho, the Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team. It's one of those co-inky-dinks again.

The person at the 774 number said this was relatives and laughed. His number originates from Walpole Mass which is very close to Natick where the National Guard sits, oh and also not too far from Acton, LOL. The second 208 number originates in Boise. Dave Acton is George Webb's, absuive narcissistic brother.

Then more research revealed the number 208-573-1456 belongs to a Kevin Mullin, not someone named Alex/Al/Agis, he has ties to National Guard WMD CST and a surveillance/security agency, Insignia Federal Group. Is someone playing games, has he forwarded his phone to another number or is there some reason he wanted me to call that number? Steven doesn't answer either as anyone who calls and gets the voice mail will find out. I did leave him this message, "Hey scrunchie." This is what George Webb calls people sometimes due to a DNC email. What if there was a WMD alert, my oh my what would we do? What if someone got some intel about say depleted uranium, how in the hell would they report it in Boise Idaho since the WMD CST in Boise Idaho never answers the phone.

The National Guard didn't answer their phone on July 3rd, but what would we do if we were invaded by Russians, there is no telling how many DNC emails they could hack over the 4th of July weekend. Yes, that was sarcasm for those who believe the Russians hacked the DNC. Or is this just some asshats trying to be cute. Nothing after all I have been through and all I know would surprise me any more.

Is the Agis in the screen shot the corporation Agis, Aegis? If so they don't seem to be using the Agis software for communications.

I waited until the next Wednesday due to the holiday and called the number again, still only a voice mail message. I left a voice mail requesting the commander call me. I had already left this message, "Hey Scrunchie, I wanna Party wid you." But I really think Scrunchie wants to party wid me.I assumed this was 'directed conversation' and in this form illegal harassment being used due to my watching George Webb. I now am very sure considering other things which have happened that this is 100% true.

There is easily found info on Kevin Mullin. Check it out. He is associated with the WMD CST. What is even more interesting is he volunteered at Life's Kitchen. They are the food preparation/cooking training program for youth which supplies the evening food at the Interfaith Sanctuary, the homeless shelter I have to stay at in Boise Idaho where being homeless is illegal and actions were taken to make sure there was no low income housing available, but I digress. Another amazing co-inky-dink. He probably used his FEMA training considering homeless shelters in the United States are essentially concentration camps and were designed by FEMA.

The WMD CST is a part of the National Guard and we are of course in Idaho. Remember the whole Alaska National Guard unbelievable story of theft of munitions, abuse, bullying, rape, drugs and even murder. Then remember how Captain Zero aka Governor Parnell ignored the reports of rape and so did those in charge of the Alaska National Guard and also the Anchorage Police Department?  I wrote something about that, you'll find below. Apparently co-inky-dinks are on sale in July. If rather than just random coincidences this was harassment that would make these actions illegal in Idaho. Just saying hypothetically.

I wrote this after American hero, Lieutenant Colonel (RET), Kenneth Blaylock, AKARNG, courageously tried to get something done about the rapes, thefts, drug trafficking and other problems, then someone leaked a document he had written about the corruption at the Alaska National Guard. He also testified at a hearing about Michelle LaRose Clark's murder the day after she asked him for help and said they were going to kill her. 

Alaska National Guard Gangsters, Thugs, Ravagers, Plunderers Are Due to Organized Protection and Connections

I just spoke to a JAG dude who at first tried to pooh-pooh me, but I do not pooh-pooh easily in this kind of situation where the evidence shows something is amiss. "I'm not sure why you are calling the Idaho National Guard." I explained that the WMD CST is a part of the National Guard. He tried to tell me this kind of thing happens all the time. If they knew me and had my phone number perhaps, but when one looks further it is clearly odd. The originator of the texting mentions Agis, writing he is Alex/Al/Agis, but the trace on the number reveals a Kevin Mullins. It would be possible that number could have recently been recycled, but what are the odds this Mullins just happened to be associated with WMD CST and the Idaho National Guard? Slim to nothing. The JAG dude advised me if I think I am being harassed to call the police and I will send a link to the BPD and the city attorney's office, but since I can't get anyone to investigate am unsure what the deal is, other than very strange.  He told me there is nothing he can do and to call if it happens again. I offered to email my documentation and he refused it and balked at my use of the word 'intel'. That is when I said, yep, that is one reason I wrote about the National Guard in another state no one is in charge.

I'm sure the APD will jump right on it just like the processing of the complaint I filed against this asshat. This happened in the middle of June, I filed a complaint a couple days later and haven't heard a peep from them. Of course if Officer Asshole had shot me in the head he would be exonerated. While homeless the police would come in a laundromat and ask me if I was doing laundry. I made that into a comedy routine I used whenever I ran into one of them, doing laundry while homeless and felonious folding It was very odd, but I did not know they were gangstalking me yet.

But I digress. 

I wrote this on the 3rd and 4th of July, then waited. There is a new story that adds to the craziness of the whole story. There was a long fought battle in the court house in Anchorage Alaska between two former police officers named Kennedy and Feliciano and the Anchorage Police Department/City of Anchorage.

Judge cites city ‘dirty tricks’ in APD discrimination case. Citizens should take notice. 

And he wrote that former Police Chief Mark Mew decided not to investigate a police lieutenant for serious misconduct in a sexual assault and drug case involving the Alaska National Guard to keep him as a witness against the officers.

In an email, Mew defended his motivations, saying he did not try to get the officers indicted to silence them. He would not comment on the National Guard issue because it is involved in another lawsuit.

The APD Lieutenant they mention was with the National Guard and helped the Anchorage Police Department cover up the murder of a young and pregnant soldier who was attempting to blow the whistle on the sexual misconduct and illegal drug activities in the National Guard.

No wonder the Muni is working overtime to keep this on the down low.
That is the part I wrote last summer. I have been subjected to gangstalking for years. Right now a very severe noise campaign is going on next to me, above me and loud music below me at night. As usual no one does a thing about it. Today an officer from Boise Police Department told me I am imagining the whole thing, because those things I discussed just don't happen. That's it, publishing of documentation begins. Wait for it bitches. 

Clearly the Boise Police Department has been instructed to discredit me, ignore me and leave me with no protection. I have been harassed by cops for a very long time including BPD running cars at me and cutting me off when I was walking across intersections in cross walks.Committing crimes is the opposite of doing their jobs, just thought I would clarify that.

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