"Dissidents" Organized by the Oligarchy are not Dissidants, but Instead Sheep, Where in the Hell Have They Been All These Decades?

Debbie Lusignan, the Sane Progressive is brilliant.

Where were these people who now want to be called dissidents when I was in Nome Alaska battling the police who did not arrested the men who raped women in the remote villages if the women said not to. Those women lived in a subsistence situation in a tiny village of course they would say not to. 

Where were these women when I reported the incompetence and dangerous conditions at the hospital in Nome Alaska to incompetent agencies including the IHS, then was workplace bullied on a massive scale. Where were they when I was subjected to the corrupt court system that has been used on the Native people in that region for decades? Where were they when I was overwhelmed by the weigh of the burden of the conditions until I had severe PTSD? Where were they when my ME/cfs which was probably caused by DES got so severe after the PTSD developed that I looked like I had dementia? Where are they even now that we can't get health care or much research? Where the fuck were all of you "dissidents" since you are so damn supportive of women, where in hell were you?

Where were the women of the United States when rape kits all over the country were not tested? Then we had LEOs saying crazy things to distract from this obvious disrespect of women. Why did you not march about that? I did and it takes courage to speak up, especially when you know there will be retaliation. It takes no courage to join a large march. 

Where were they when I reported a prostitution ring in Homer Alaska and a lot more but the Homer Police rather than put what I said in a report simply wrote up that I was crazy? (This BTW is the first thing all bullies who are trying to cover up the truth do). One cop was outrage because I told them they were advertising on Craigslist, that is how ridiculous these idiots are.

Where were these women when the millions of us who are DES daughters needed help with the medical costs, some research to tell the whole truth about the damage done to our bodies by drug companies looking to make massive amounts of money and the FDA lied for them. Where were they when doctors did cryosurgery and laser surgery which was not necessary and only filled us with scar tissue, tortured us and created huge financial burdens? Where were these women such as Gloria Steinham who was around when the story of DES broke when the false articles were put in the newspapers that we could not sue the drug companies and law firms such as Belli, Ashe and Koulos screwed clients such as myself (Yes Melvin Belli and BTW NOW referred me to them Gloria Steinham). I remember you John Kalin and how you sent me a letter making me my own attorney the day before an important hearing. How much did they pay you?

Where were these women as those who suffer from ME/cfs are still treated like garbage by the medical community, the NIH and the CDC after all these decades? Where the hell are you, most of us who have ME/cfs are women and they treat us like our vaginas are making us crazy. Where in the fuck have you been?

Where are you when it comes to women's rights all over the world, sexual slavery and equality? You were dead silent and have only begun to march because of manipulations of the oligarchy. The reason is you are not real, you are a reality show yourselves.

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