ME/cfs, #MillionsMissing Protest, After all These Decades of Abuse and Neglect They Still Think Our Vaginas are Making Us Crazy, Homeless Shit Show

People with ME/cfs have been treated horribly for decades, we are organizing for change. #MillionsMissing.
MEaction's list of demands.

Shoes were placed in many cities all over the world to represent those who were too ill to participate in the #MillionsMissing protest for ME/cfs on September 27th 2016.

As far as I know I'm the only sufferer of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who says they think our vaginas are making us crazy when speaking of the uniformed and non-self-educating medical community. There was a woman in London, Janet Eastham who decided to remove her clothing during the world wide protest of lack of medical education, lack of funding and lack of treatment for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on September 27th. She held up a sign that said, "You can't ignore ME now." This lady is a journalist. Believe me I understand being pissed off enough at NIH, HHS, CDC, Providence Hospital in Anchorage Alaska, the federally funded state run clinics of incompetence in Alaska or St. Luke's Hospital and Terry
Reilly Clinic in Boise Idaho to get naked and protest. They have the same issues in the UK with medical care for ME/cfs as we do in the US. My anger is even bigger having been exposed to Diethylstilbestrol, DES in utero and been damaged by a drug that did not do what it was advertised to do, so let me add the FDA and Big Pharma to my list. I believe the DES caused my ME/cfs. They covered DES up too, blocked lawsuits and it is not even being taught in medical schools now. 

Below is one of Janet Eastham's Tweets about the protest. She has more pictures and is now bedbound due to post exertional malaise. We crash after exertion, but I am unable to do what I need to rest as I'm homeless. Just before becoming homeless I had for six years very slowly increased my tolerance for activity and was on the Wahl's Protocol doing much better, Alaska fucked that up. I really think we should have large protests of large numbers of naked women carrying banners that say, Can You See ME Now. It does sound rather chilly however.

Leonard Jason discusses the symptoms of ME/cfs. We are as ill as people who are given much help and treatment for their severe health issues, but instead we are abused, ignored and left to fend for ourselves. I have this illness, was in USDA RD Senior and Disabled housing and was run out of it by two corrupt corporations, a psychopathic cop (and his sick family) and officials in the state of Alaska for political reasons. The USDA RD is rotten to the core all the way to the top and so is Alaska. A year ago last August I was harassed before and during the Arctic Conference and left Alaska for my safety, in other words they ran me out. We are very ill, our lives are taken from us, die young and get no medical treatment. Hell I can't even get them to do the testing I need. The emergency rooms treat homeless people like throw away garbage, add having ME/cfs to that and I get horrendous treatment. One doctor in an ER here was not abusive but instead sent me to a clinic where they have residents so they could learn about ME/cfs and interstitial cystitis as I have that too, also fun while homeless. The clinic of incompetence here fired me for pointing out the misdiagnoses and more. There is a clinic of incompetence for the poor and homeless almost everywhere.

I have had this severe illness, ME/cfs as far back as I can remember as a child and am now 61, and have to live homeless, sleeping in an abusive shelter filled with noise, chemicals and filth. We have immune system problems and when we get viruses the symptoms are much worse than with normal people, more severe and it lasts longer. Recently research shows that our mitochondria shut down cells to prevent the viruses from entering the cells which means the normal functions can't occur such as production of energy. Stressors, mental activity, physical activity, emotional traumas affect us causing re-blooming of latent viruses. Recently I was having an episode of re-blooming of a latent virus and was very ill and dizzy. I tripped because when this happens I don't lift my legs normally as my neuro
system is inflamed. The sidewalk was uneven. I tripped and the heavy backpack I had on propelled my torso forward so I landed on my face. The result was contusions, my blood left on the sidewalk and a concussion. There were no Secret Service agents there to catch me like they did for Grandma Nixon and if they had been there they would have pushed me down and kicked my head. A few days later due to the poor hygiene practices and crowded conditions in the shelter combined with being given a hard chore that required me to bend over frequently with POTS and a concussion (this causes Post Exertional Malaise) and exposure to aerosolized bleach I got a virus that was going around on top of the latent one and was very ill. Imagine having this illness and living in a homeless shelter.

Recently a member of the staff who doesn't like me or my sense of humor (he's rather obtuse) began screaming because of my complaints about the filth being a danger to my health and in fact it is a danger to the health of everyone, especially those with health problems and there are lots of alcoholics who have immune system issues. They should at least know that. In the United States very large numbers of people in homeless shelters are ill either physically or mentally. Many are traumatized and then are re-traumatized in the homeless shelters by the people who run them over and over and over along with the high concentration of police in the areas where the shelters are so the homeless cycle into prisons and then back to shelters or the streets. I have actually had police come into a laudromat here and ask me if I'm doing laundry, it was very oppressive. The result was my making snarky comments when they made their frequent trips to the shelter or if I saw them on the street, "Oh officer, I'd like to turn myself in I was doing laundry while homeless and then felonious folding and it was premeditated, I bought quarters ahead of time." One of them said he thought I should be given and accommodation, hehe.

The shelters are unregulated with the governments saying they can do nothing to help the victims of their abuse, the government set this system up so one has to wonder if they simply hoped to kill a large number of us off. The homeless have been left in horrible conditions in the United States for a very long time with callous indifference from the government, whether state or federal.

This staff said I was rude to everyone in the shelter, sorry little bully-man, I have ME/cfs where would I get the energy to be rude to EVERYONE in that hellhole? I really don't talk to lots of the people which is how I normally am so his complaint is totally illogical. He then went on to say I treated everyone like THEY were germophobes because he is not too bright and got his slander backwards, perhaps the word backassards would fit better here. This man was screaming loudly at me and very angry, but I often say snarky things like, "The non-profit industrial complex tried to kill me but I lived." LOL, which is actually true. It's a nightmare in homeless land.

I do protect myself as best I can by hand washing and
using tissues to open doors etc. I also ask people not to put their hands on me, but that continues for some strange reason and many can't walk by other people without rubbing up against them. There are also children all over the filthy area the plastic property bins are and they of course touch everything like all little kids do, oh and this happens while they are breathing second hand cigarette smoke. Then there are the vaccines, live vaccines are contagious and can make immune system compromised people very ill, yep it's true. The clinic they send the homeless to here is of course incompetent, but just like everywhere the vaccines are pushed. It is recommended people with ME/cfs do not get vaccines, but I have no choice if the vaccine is a live virus, I will be exposed to it.

So this ignorant little man at the shelter bullied me because he is too slow to get my humor and thinks my vagina is making me imagine there is something wrong with my immune system, he could kiss my ass, but I'd be afraid of catching a virus from him of course. Who the hell do I think I am anyway displaying snarkiness and intelligence the way I do. Those two things are my survival skills, one keeps me alive and the other is a coping mechanism. I spent decades keeping critically ill people from getting infections, I kept many from dying and he knows nada and is a bully. But then one can't have a homeless shelter without bullies and psychopaths running it, right Dr. Zimbardo?

Last winter I was so ill I thought I might die. On top of everything else those of us who do not smoke are forced to breath second hand cigarette smoke. Then add all the bleach, laundry detergent and other chemicals on a daily basis with the dysfunctional mitochondria, but also causing lung damage.

I need to take probiotics and have tried to put them in the medication refrigerator, the staff takes them out so they are dead and I have none. They do not care that it harms my health and someone is doing this on purpose. When one starts taking them it causes a flu-like illness due to the dying off of the bad gut bugs. Then the same happens when one stops, they did that to me twice. Then they wonder why I do not trust them and there are many stories as to why I do not. I can't take probiotics while homeless so the allergies are much worse from the chemicals in the shelter because yes the gut is a huge part of the immune system. I have scabs in my nose from the constant secretions aka snot hemorrhage. Another issue of the hundreds with ME/cfs is the almost constant sore throat. There are people who are homeless who have other health problems where their needs can't be met as well because that is how the United States treats us.

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