Women's March Hypocrisy. Where Have They Been? Controlled Opposition With Links. Debbie Lusignan the Sane Progessive is Conscious and Speaking the Truth

I love the Sane progressive, Debbie Lusignan. This was me yesterday and I wear pink all the time so people kept making the mistake of saying something about the Women's March to me. That pissed me off and so did all of their illogical pink pussy hats. Then this morning someone said something about it and I go, "Where have they been? Where were they all these decades?" Then I listed all the things I did that women were not supposed to do and how much crap I took for it, power lifter, construction worker, bouncer, work with mentally ill legal offenders doing hand to hand combat, playing on a men's water polo team, the only woman in an Electronic Engineering Technician program to name a few things. Feminism is about doing what you want with your life and fighting for equality at the grassroots level as you live your life.

I mentioned in y rant how they turned a blind eye to the Democratic primary and how they screwed Bernie Sanders over, a man who believes in equal rights for everyone. I mentioned how they put Donald Trump in place by selecting a flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton and then tried to blame everyone else when they lost and still are. FFS, the Russian's did it, ahhhhh. My first thought was retired CIA agents, you know those who have a clue about what is really going on trying to help save our country. The rant lasted a long while. I also mentioned how the Democrats in Alaska had put a Republican turned Independent as their candidate for governor after those who voted in the primary made their choice, throwing the voters and the Lt Gov candidate under the bus. This was my ah-ha moment with the Dems just like the one with Barack Obama's back door negotiations with Big Pharma and health care corporations. Fool me once, but some people will be fooled forever and the powers that be count on them to control the people of this country. For the most part the women in these marches did not speak up, but instead followed like sheep and of course the Women's March was a continuation of that.

How many of them have the courage to speak the truth and be under surveillance by an oppressive totalitarian government to save their country and because of their love of democracy? 

Oh and here's another one where she says, "Where were you" just like I've been doing. Yes, these women are being used as controlled opposition. I was about ready to puke yesterday. As time goes on I understand more why people were following me during the Arctic Conference I can find the truth all by myself and then state it. That scares the hell out of the powers that be.

What Debbie says at the end of this video is absolutely what we need, COURAGE! Some of us already have it and have been fighting the fight while all those around us try to stop the truth from flowing from us.

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