Santiago Did Not Get Surveillance, But I Did, Alaska and the Feds are Assbackwards, Gona Have a Lot More To Say

First they said Santiago was in the hospital four days now it’s six. They held back which hospital he had been in and more for quite a while. It turns out he was first at Providence and then transferred to API who released him just a few days later. It would seem that Providence must have identified an issue or he would not have been held or was this hospitalization done at the request of the FBI? They trickle the information out very slowly in order to figure out the PR angle and for ass covering. 
They mention he was prescribed Melatonin and some sedative before leaving whatever psych facility he was in. Melatonin is not an herb as several articles have mentioned, it is a hormone, should be used only short term and can cause sleepiness during the day, depression, irritability, but most commonly dizziness. I assume that claim it is a herb comes from either API or the DOL. People often end up taking a dose that is too high because of the varying levels of it sold in stores. In this case the irritability would be an interesting side effect if it occurred in Santiago.
But wait, there's more.
It has also been reported in several articles that Santiago was given no psychiatric medication, on what planet is a sedative not a psych med? What sedative did they give him? Was it a Benzodiazapine which can cause paradoxical aggression? Xanax is a huge problem for aggressive reactions. Very interesting psych scripts for a man discussing the government forcing him to watch ISIS videos...no? What was his diagnosis?
But wait there's more.

The APD gave Santiago his gun back which in a short period of time he took to an airport in another state and shot people with. From the story it seems the FBI came to talk to him when he came to the APD trying to get his gun. Yes the FBI in Alaska has some issues, did they sign off on the return of the gun? Who made that final decision? They held back this information for a long time too, trying to find some justification like cops do, you know so they can be exonerated. After that first attempt to get his gun in which the FBI was called the Anchorage Police Department sent him a letter to come and get his gun. He used that same gun the APD had in their lock up to murder the people in Florida.

All during this episode with Santiago was Homeland Security notified that he was talking about ISIS and was delusional? Was he monitored in any way to see what exactly was going on with him? Apparently not.Very interesting...no?

For me this of course begs the question of why I was followed by several different people during the Arctic Conference. What in the hell was that about? Before that I had massive surveillance by many agencies and security contractors over a period of months. There were lots of hits in Virginia and Washington D.C., they were often followed by a hit from Janet Napolitano's office, president of U.C. California and former Secretary of Homeland Security. There was a frequent viewer in Arizona, some in Wasilla and one in Florida which is involved in many issues. Just before the conference the Capital Police were on my blog reading goofy crap I wrote about Sarah Palin and so were others. How would that relate to a security threat? This is how assbackwards our country has gotten.
I left Alaska a week after the conference ended and would have gone sooner, but had to wait for my SSDI check. I was afraid after being wrongfully imprisoned by evil people in the court system of Alaska that lies had been told about me by someone, perhaps those seeking to become judges, I have no idea what this could be about. I was homeless, on SSDI for significant health issues and had to leave Alaska and put myself in a dangerous situation. I have had to live in terrible conditions, my health has been greatly affected and the three civil cases I was working on and the results of FOIA requests were thrown into a dumpster by the Interfaith Sanctuary, the homeless shelter where I have to stay. I did absolutely nothing wrong nor did I have any part in causing this. That has all made my getting housing nearly impossible This is how homeless people are treated in the United States.  

I have a list of possible reasons or suspects for this surveillance, but there was never a reason to do surveillance on me. I was mobbed and harassed in Alaska, had great injustice, was a whistleblower and wrote about the corruption and incompetence, is this why? I have no idea. I have a 90% suspicion it was the Secret Service and their reasons were retaliatory.

I found it very interesting that the news media reported Santiago went to the Qupqugiaq Inn because that is where I went for about a week during the Arctic Conference. I thought if I got away from the area where the conference and it's players were they would leave me alone, but no, one of them showed up and was he ever bored. The reason I was there is the same Japanese style pods that Santiago stayed in. Apparently he only paid $30/night, I had to pay much more.
From FB: 

This was a posting of the article that Santiago had stayed at the Qupqugiaq Inn which is where I went to get away from whoever was following me in Anchorage. There was no hiding from Mr. Zombie who sat at the big table by the front desk trying to stay awake, not moving and looking quite obvious. Once I realized he was doing surveillance on me I mentioned the toilet wasn't working right and he went to check on it, LOL. For this article I made a comment in the ADN something like, was Mr. Zombie there? Of course no one knew what that even meant. 
After they had followed me to the laundromat, the library, a coffee shop, a drug store and Brother Francis Shelter.
A psychologist said I handled them very smartly. My goal was to prevent them from harming me, so I did not respond to their strange behaviors often pretending to not even notice them. That same psychologist told me it costs a huge amount of money to do this type of surveillance which makes the whole thing all the more ridiculous.

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