Update: Hacking in the US is Allowed by the Government Against Citizens, The Russians did not Hack the DNC, Where is the Proof, The American Government Hacked An Email Response I Sent to 'Russia Today' TV

Update at the bottom on BS Russian hacking propaganda.

While I wrote this someone was messing with me. Who know what condition it will end up in.

My email was hacked  a few years back under the Governor Parnell regime just before the two Palin email dumps and reciprocals matching emails deleted from those Sarah Palin email dumps were hacked. I caught screen shots and searched for emails I had sent to her Governor@gov.state.ak.us account, they were almost all gone. This was reported to the FBI and here is what they told me, change my password. Thanks, whoda thunked that up? But, when Sarah Palin’s email was hacked by some kid who guessed her password by using public information about the quitter she had the FBI go after him to try and ruin his life, he was found guilty and incarcerated. Later on the usual Palin hypocrisy was expressed.

Sidebar rambling rant: That was not the first idiotic suggestion I got from the FBI. The first involved my reporting drug dealing cops in NM, the FBI told me to go to the city council and talk about it. Yep, that would have resulted in my being found dead in the desert. Eventually in 2002 I had to run from that town for my life, my property is still there in storage. Two good cops are the only reason I survived. The government knew on many levels both state and federal and allowed this for a very long time. As it turned out those cops in that county stole $300,000 in HIDTA money, the sheriffs stole money out of the commissary accounts of inmates and cops in a village a few miles away, Colombus were busted for not just selling drugs, but for also selling guns to a Mexican cartel in 2011 (start reading at the bottom of the blog posts). Drunken parties including underage women went on with the cops and a story I could never verify that two female corrections officers had orgies with inmates was told to me by a large number of people. Simultaneously I was also whistleblowing, Membris Memorial Hospital, my employer which was committing Medicaid fraud way worse than I knew about and included a scam concocted by them and local politicians, a pay the county to scam the feds scheme. They had to pay back $350,000,000, but only when an administrative insider filed a whistleblower lawsuit. That corporation is now having huge financial problems and they are  selling off their hospitals to pay bills, Community Health Systems, the bastards who fucked me and lots of other people over should have been shut down years ago. The feds knew all of this in 2002 and allowed it. They let them harm me, suits came from headquarters and surrounded me in the ICU to engineer a constructive discharge, then they sent a lawyer to interrogate me from Roswell. That lawyer claimed to be human, but seemed kind of alien to me. Either way, when he left I was thinking what does he think I know. It took years before I figured out the crimes they were trying to cover up. These kinds of experiences taught me what my county has become.

No, the government knew there was Medicaid fraud, I told them, even though the whole story was not known to me. What happened is the whistleblower lawsuit forced the government to do something, if not CHS would have gotten away with it. I did not want to profit myself, but instead wanted my government to do their job and stop it. What I got was a target on my back and no job. This country is too broken for justice of any kind to happen and in this case it was a corporation and the laws allow their employees to break any laws they want to steal from us and not be charged with crimes.

But I digress. LOL.

Should I feel bad for the Dems? Nope they are idiots who are on the side of corporations like CHS just like GWB was back then. All these people in high level positions in this country who allow the truth tellers and good people to be harmed, who force the honest people into homelessness or prisons to be tortured by the usual serial bullies who run the shelters/prisons need to have the public understand they have stabbed all of us in the back. The attacks on whistleblowers got even worse under President Obama. They are assisting those who have taken over our government and are getting ready to take the last of what we have to survive on.  

This article is hilarious, but the NYT writer is so damn serious like this is so unusual and espionage-y. I about peed my pants laughing. 

“Consider the case of Charles Delavan, an aide to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, who in March 2016 was forwarded the phishing email that had been sent to John D. Podesta, the chairman of the Clinton campaign. Mr. Delavan had been asked to advise Mr. Podesta if this was a real email from Google, asking him to change the password on his personal Gmail account, or a hoax, trying to hack into Mr. Podesta’s account.

“The Clinton campaign, simultaneously, was the target of an aggressive cyberattack that relied in large part on near replicas of this same fake Google email, urging recipients to change their password. So Mr. Delavan, in an interview, said he immediately knew this was a fake. And to me, as a reporter, that was a plausible statement.

“But somehow — and this action by Mr. Delavan remains inexplicable — he wrote back that the fake Google email was “legitimate,” leading Mr. Podesta or one of his aides to fall for the ruse. This opened up to the Russian hackers a decade’s worth of Mr. Podesta’s emails (60,000 in total), including those that contained copies of speeches Mrs. Clinton had given on Wall Street, as well as hundreds of private exchanges he had had with other close aides. All of these became public, causing a distraction to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign in its critical final month.”

He thought it was fake but said it was legitimate. I’m confused.

It's like the blind leading the blind, a circle jerk, a complete cluster of morons. I got those fake google emails and immediately thought they were fake. I did check on line and found out yes they certainly were.
When someone tries to hack your password here is the proper response.
How in hell do they say these emails are from Russia? They present no evidence at all, just constant claims of BS. 

If they fell for this I can connect them to some people in Africa who claim to be the son or daughter of some politician who was ousted and have millions in a bank account but first they need to send a few hundred dollars to them so they can get access to it, oh and share it with them. "Dear Ms. Celia…"
Those emails could have been from anyone including some low life scammer living in his parent’s basement. As usual, where the hell is the evidence?
Debbie Lusignan, the Sane Progressive, she is also a nurse.

 H A Goodman has a large number of videos on the Russian hacking BS allegations. Here is a recent one.

Tim Black and H A Goodman.

I received this request from Russia Today. Then the words in my response disappeared, something like, what do you have in mind. So yea RT I would have been interested but the American KGB blocked me. I'm all for anyone or any organization or any government that tels the truth. There was also my chatting on line with a reporter from Al Jazeera way back in 2004-5 when we had no idea everything we did was under surveillance. Even if I had known that I certainly would not have thought our conversations would be a problem. Both RT and AJ are good news media entities who are much better at telling the truth than the US news media. Is this why I was being followed and my blog was under surveillance during the Arctic Conference the end of August in 2015. I have a long list of possibilities, who knows.

  Then my response was cleaned by my government. This is all that is left.


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