Donald Trump Has Sarah Palin on His Short List for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Am I trapped in a Stephen King Novel?

Tim Black's hilarious reaction to finding out Trump may as strange, illogical and frightening as it is appoint Sarah Palin as secretary of Veteran's Affairs.

"She's on your short list? She should be on the short bus."

Track Palin drove people around in the military, was on alcohol and drugs before he went, in fact that was why he was forced to join, but the quitter, if appointed will use him for her word saladings. I'm thinking Bristol's marriage to Dakota may have been so Sarah could use him as a prop, also too. People from Alaska know that is what she does, use her family members as props including babies with down syndrome that she did not give birth to. Sarah Palin will use her power to harm anyone who told the truth about her if she gets power. She has already done that and it includes deleting emails from her accounts then hacking reciprocals from personal accounts.

Then of course there is the usual Palin hypocrisy here and here and here.

I wrote this last February describing how Sarah Palin's lack of empathy and expertise killed people. Part of the problem was how she put people into positions they had no experience to do because they were there to protect her and her family and do her bidding. 

The Death Panels of Sarah Palin

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