Captain Zero is NOT Done Trying to Destroy Alaska, He’s Running Against Murkowski, NEVER MIND I FELL FOR AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!

My first thought yesterday was it was April Fools day, but Casey Reynolds seems like such a serious fella that I decided it must be true. We all know that no amount of crazy is too over the top for Alaska politicians. Even announcing the run at a train station which might seem odd in other states in Alaska is plausible. I realized within half an hour of posting this it had to be BS, but there was no WIFI where I was, so all I could do was chuckle about it all night. I was really pissed that Parnell was running considering the corrupt things that went on with him and the Alaska agencies during that administration of evil. Casey Reynolds got me. LMAO.

Captain Zero

The Midnight Sun has announced that Captain Zero, the governor who was so close to Satan his office had lava running under it, yep Sean Parnell who was Sarah Palin's Dick Cheney has announced he is running against Senator Lisa Murkowski. Lawd...Lawd....hep us...free us of the bonds of the evil the Democrats in Alaska sold their souls to get rid of.
Are you kidding me?
Chairman of the Alaska Republican Party Peter Goldberg in a prepared statement said, “The Alaska Republican Party is thrilled to have another meaningful choice for conservatives to choose on the primary ballot.” A "meaningful choice." 
The announcement is going to be made at the Palmer Train Depot apparently. I'm not familiar with Palmer, but a train depot? Is that the gathering place there. I guess it's like the Transit Center in Anchorage, but less intoxicants.
Then I was thinking where the hell is Joe Miller he needs to get in on this, then went to copy the URL of the article and Joe Miller’s name is in it. Freaky, it’s an omen. 
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Anonymous said...

As in, April Fool's joke!

Anonymous said...

“We know this is going to be a tough battle against a well-funded incumbent, but Governor Parnell is definitely in it to win it” said Parnell Campaign Manager April F. Day.


Celia Harrison said...

I realized last night right after I posted this and was not going to be exposed to WIFI all night that has to be an April Fools Joke, I fell for it. All I could do was crack up because I am always the one going, hey that's satire. The campaign manager April F. Day did not even alert me. I was just not happy about Parnell running for any office, it was a PTSD thing. Still cracking up.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Sarah is glad Captain Zero isn't really running. He knows more than a few of her secrets.

Anonymous said...

Good attitude, Celia! I, too am still cracking up. I was Anon one. :)

Celia Harrison said...

Anon one, I'm still cracking up too. My only excuse is my brain is inflamed from influenza. But what really happened is I was instantly pissed. LOL.