The Illogical White State Media Narrative Continues With The Wisconsin High Bernie Sanders Stats

The Marquette Law School poll shows Sanders 49% and Clinton 45% in Wisconsin.. In an MSNBC interview which I can't embed here (Blogger, grrrrr) Jane Sanders was asked about the crazy thinking that the reason Bernie Sanders stats are higher than Clinton's in Wisconsin is once again...white people, the same illogical statements that were made when Sanders had a three state landslide. She responded with intelligence and you know facts, like she does "...I don't know what is wrong with white voters for one thing, for another thing I think the criticism is way over touted by the Clinton Campaign. I mean Hawaii, oh they said it's a white state, it's the most diverse state in the nation...I mean this is silly..." Yes it is silly, but people will repeat it because the news media said it instead of saying to themselves, wait a minute ...Polynesians and others, what the heck.Then they should ask themselves why people would want to spread such drivel.

Some of the same people who have bragged about Alaska being so diverse are remaining very quiet on this within the state of Alaska. This is all very absurd and I am cracking up because of an image in my head of them looking at a map of the US when Bernie wins a state and the only negative thing they can come up with about any where Bernie won is they have mainly white people. Its bully logic, say something that isn't true nor makes any sense and the minions repeat it, in the news media and on the internet. It's the political equivalent of untrue gossip. But that's OK, this video shows what happens in Alaska when someone important comes to visit...DIVERSE CULTURAL DEMONSTRATIONS, always.

Jane Sanders toured Alaska Native Medical Center where there is massive beautiful Alaska Native art and Native people.

This picture below is of the signing of the "Apology Resolution" to Native Hawaiians from 1993. In this picture are Sen. Daniel Inouye, Rep. Patsy Mink, Rep. Neil Abercrombie, and Sen. Daniel Akaka. One of these people is very white, Abercrombie, but the others not so much. Al Gore is not a Hawaiian and who is that guy signing a bill with this diverse group from Hawaii? Why it's President Bill Clinton.

This is what made me choke on my green tea a couple days ago when we were all joking about the idiotic claims that Hawaii and Alaska were populated with mostly white people, the current president, a black man, Barack Obama is from Hawaii. Did he pop up and say, ALOHA! No, he's part of the DNC machine, not one word will be said. Daniel Inouya just rolled over in his grave.

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