Democrat Superdelegates Please Choose the Will of The People

This election process has been fascinating to me, the young people, the Democrat caucuses in red states going for Bernie Sanders, already 1 superdelegate declaring for Bernie in Alaska and 2 in Idaho and 1 in another red western state Utah. These superdelegates said their decisions to go for Bernie Sanders were based on fulfilling the will of the people, something that the superdelegates in the blue state of Washington might want to think about because most of them are in elected office and will be up for election soon. 

I would like to thank superdelegate Larry Murakami, who is running for State House District 2 for committing to Bernie Sanders because that is who the people chose by a landslide. Ian Olson and Casey Steinau are at this point still uncommitted. I would ask them in making their decisions to please use the will of the people as their guide. Kim Metcalfe has committed to Hillary Clinton. The United States after all was supposed to be a Democracy and the superdelegate system is non-democratic. Those superdelegates who vote for the will of the people do help mitigate that wrong. Looking at who the superdelegates are in Washington state, elected politicians, screams either getting or giving favors. Thwarting the will of the people is not popular now or any other time, just ask the people of AZ. I watched the hearing of their House Committee on Elections yesterday discussing the recent election fraud, people are PISSED! Someone recorded the stream and put it on YouTube, you'll have to ignore the chat box. The first part is the hearing, but the interesting part is later when the public testifies. The good stuff starts at 2:32.10. I'm proud of the people of AZ today.


The red states are in many ways leading the way. This is a signal to me the saner people are stepping forward. In Alaska there are many independents who will never register for either party so do not participate in caucuses or primaries. This means the number of people voting for Bernie in the general election will very likely rise dramatically. This is due to questions people ask themselves about candidates, who cares about this country, who cares about the people, who can I trust, who will take us down a better path, who will help the young people succeed, who cares about the disabled, who cares about the vets, who cares about the homeless, who cares about the working poor, who cares about the elderly, who cares about the earth, who wants to unite us and on and on.

The news media blamed Bernie's victories on white people, stating Alaska, Idaho an Hawaii were primarily white. #BernieMadeMeWhite took off on twitter yesterday producing some hilarious tweets. Many people don't know much about Alaska, but they do know about Hawaii so why would the news media report such a thing? King and Pierce County in Washington are very diverse along with lots of Hispanics in the Yakima area, there are also American Native/Indians all over the place. 

Alaska has 229 tribes of people who identify as Alaska Natives or Native Americans/Indians. Many in Alaska are working to protect their rights and assure they have fair justice and a strong voice. Then on top of this Alaska has schools which are amazingly diverse in Anchorage along with communities filled with Polynesians, Filipinos, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, well everyone. Oh and Russians, but they ARE white. 


harry winfield said...

Far be it for me to add reality in the mix for Bernie supporters, but this is the most ridiculous nonsense ever put forward as a controversy. It was bad enough when the Berners thought that the superdelegates were out to steal the election for Clinton after Bernie won New Hampshire (Even though the Superdelegates' votes or intentions won't even count before the convention). But now they have just really gone off the deep end. This episode between Levi Younger and Kim Metcalfe is just the pinnacle of hysteria and desperation on the Berners' part. (FYI, I think Ms. Metcalfe was supremely patient and forthright with Mr. Younger. Indeed, as she predicted, his tone changed to aggressive as he realized she would not allow herself to be bullied.)

Let's start with some stubborn facts, shall we? Bernie Sanders supporters have initiated a concerted effort to sway the votes of the Democratic superdelegates in regards to the nomination for president. The name of their group is entitled the Superdelegate Task Force Army. It consists of passionate partisans angling to get superdelegates in states won overwhelmingly by Bernie Sanders to declare or flip their votes from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders. Their clarion call is that the superdelegates should allow democracy to reign by pressuring the officials to follow the will of their states in regards to overwhelmingly voting for Sanders. Their position is highly disingenuous on the merits, and is cynically self-serving in its implementation. But why you ask? Well, never mentioned in their passionate demands to follow the will of the people who voted in large numbers for their candidate is the obverse calls to superdelegates supporting Sanders from those states that overwhelmingly voted for Clinton to now fall in line for her. Apparently, reciprocity is in short supply, but hypocrisy is abundant with this group. It should also be noted that the amount of chutzpah that these activist have in trying to dictate to superdelegates how they should vote is off-the-charts. This system has been set up for decades, and despite what sour-grapes Berners may say at this crucial point in time, it is not a corrupt system and should not be remade immediately so that their candidate can have a better shot at the nomination. (Perhaps if he started dominating the voting from this point onwards?) Remember that these people,the non-officeholders, became superdelegates because they were in the trenches and worked hard to establish the Democratic party into the modern organization that it is today. They have earned their autonomy and freedom to cast their nomination votes as they see fit. Berners, a very recent phenomenon, should have a seat and a muzzle before telling any superdelegate how he/she should vote before the convention. Their incredible ignorance and desperation is astounding to behold.

Celia Harrison said...

We all agree the white people controversy is"ridiculous nonsense" in fact that is the point of my post here. It is being reported in MSM that the reason Sanders wins even in diverse states is due to white people. One would wonder why you would thing we would be silent about such craziness.

Apparently just like Governor Walker's administration you have no idea who I am or you would not have dropped your splainin piece on my blog.

Superdelegates are the opposite of democracy, I want to live in a democratic country so I don't believe they should be a part of any political party. One person, one vote.

You know I think I may have heard of the Superdelegate Task Force Army and here is a description, "The Superdelegate Task Force is a consortium of countless voters across America contacting super delegates en masse to ensure democracy."

"It should also be noted that the amount of chutzpah that these activist have in trying to dictate to superdelegates how they should vote is off-the-charts." Hello there, I have a huge amount of chutzpah as demonstrated over a long period of time and I will continue to ask them to vote the conscience of the people.

OMG! Did you really write this? "Remember that these people,the non-officeholders, became superdelegates because they were in the trenches and worked hard to establish the Democratic party into the modern organization that it is today. They have earned their autonomy and freedom to cast their nomination votes as they see fit." Many superdelegates are office holders I guess you don't know that. So the Democrats believe in a higher cast who have powerful votes, and the Bernie people in the lower caste just need to sit down and shut up. Really now. Your comment describes the problem and just serve to ignite the Bernie fire so keep posting it everywhere you can.