Alaskan Landslide for Bernie Sanders, Percentage Higher Than Blue States With Landslides

This is a stunningly beautiful and stellar event. Alaska you have made me very happy. Thank you. Washington’s percentage from the caucus is 73%, Hawaii’s percentage is 70%, these are the blue states. The red state of Alaska had a percentage of 82%, this means people did their research and picked the moral candidate who cares about people, the environment, decent pay/ decent jobs, justice (including social justice) and for heaven’s sake no hate of any groups, but instead inclusion of all. We have problems to solve and need to get to work. Let’s not forget the message of Berdie Sanders, world peace. So many people in the world have been damaged by wars, we need to stop them and do what we can to help people heal. 

Berdie Sanders asking for world peace and I know this meant a lot to my Native/Indian brothers and sisters.
I should have known something was up when I saw Bernie messages chalked on the sidewalks towards the downtown area of Boise Idaho.

Alaskans are tired of the craziness and so are people in Idaho, another red state whose percentage for Bernie was 78%. In Idaho permit-less concealed carry for cities was just passed, they already had it everywhere else, it was so idiotic even the very conservative Obamacare hating Governor Otter was concerned, but he signed it. Also in Idaho the minimum wage is $7.25/hr, the crazy Idaho legislators just passed a law that communities can't raise it for their people. There are lots of working poor in Idaho, but no expansion of Medicaid. 

Being in Boise Idaho I was able to go to the Bernie Sanders Rally, my first surprise was the long lines. In order to go I had to leave my laptop in the electronics lock up at a homeless shelter with systems that promote theft (it was very hard, but I had to go see Bernie), I already had cameras and a large number of SD cards stolen from their electronics lockup and much more from their storage. I also had to leave my backpack and its contents as no bags were allowed. Somehow I did not have an anxiety stroke. Being homeless I had my pockets stuffed which they made me empty, "...this pocket has butt wipes and candy an interesting combination...oh yea this pocket has of all things tissue...oh and here is some more tissue, imagine that from me...flashlight with emergency flasher because Boise drivers will kill you when you cross the street...", it went on like that and they did laugh.  

There is a second line in the background.
Not everyone was young, but I was so happy to see so many young people there. This is a secret service car backing into place. I recognized one of agents and we made eye contact, but no problems before the rally with being stalked or at the door. Yea, I have a story from President Obama's visit, very scary stuff. FOIA request needed. One reason I left AK. 
 People waited to get close to Bernie and sit in the bleachers behind him for over 3 hours.
After standing for about 1.5 hours to get in (which was not easy and I knew it would make me ill, POTS, ME/cfs, but there was no stopping me) we started coming through the doors at 9 AM. Bernie arrived about 3 hours and 20 minutes later. There were people who stood in the front for all that time just to get close to Bernie and get to hold up a sign in the bleachers. Someone passed out during the speech, Bernie paused and said he would be OK he was probably dehydrated and had stood a long time. I kept looking around at all the people, the Taco Bell Arena on the campus of Boise State University was nearly full and the people were ecstatic. I kept saying to myself, this is a red state, I can’t believe it. There were lots of young people, very excited, enthusiastic and full of energy for change, but there were also people from my generation and older, who were young in the 60s and 70s who were ecstatic to see the wonderful young people working for change. 
Here is a young woman as we were leaving the campus. 

Peace sign and Bernie sign, fuzzy jackets are very popular here.


Appeared over night on a street in Boise.
With my cameras stolen all I had were my cell phone and tablet for pictures and videos. Very thankful my semi-professional camera is in AK in storage. People were clapping, cheering, waving, jumping and the chairs were just vibrating so my crappy camera ability was not able to deal with the movement, then on top of it I had stood too long with POTS which makes me even more spasy than normal. I posted some of them anyway. 

I was really surprised by Idaho and kept writing everywhere that Bernie needed to go to Alaska, a state of independent people. Also people in Alaska are sick of the corruption and ugly behaviors of both the Republicans and Democrats. Then I thought hey, if Idaho can have a caucus and pick Bernie by a landslide so can Alaska, so I posted this on line.

Bernie Sanders won everywhere but one teensy weensy spot.
A reporter in Boise said the arena was about half full, they had a couple sections on the ends blocked for security reasons, but no it was pretty full. So much main stream media suppression and untruths about Bernie. The people were very well behaved and so fabulous. The air was thick with passion.


This video is crappy due to people around me going nuts and so was I, wild clapping, jumping etc. The chairs were vibrating. It was wild. What Bernie says about Idaho is the important part.

This video is better after people settled down.  I wanted to show the crowd because the people were amazing. I just kept laughing and saying this is a red state.

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