Jane Sanders Wife of Bernie Visits Alaska, News Media Takes Little Notice Update X2, Bernie Sanders Wins By a Landslide

Update 3/26/2016: Very proud of Alaska right now. First I watched the red state of Idaho select Bernie Sanders and now the red state of Alaska. Alaska Democrats picked a man with integrity as their candidate. It is a good day indeed!

In Alaska there are many independents, people on the right who will not register as Republican and people on the left who will not register as Democrats. If Bernie Sanders does not win the caucus that does not mean he will not win in the general election. Due to the independent nature of many of the people of Alaska and the fact that there are lots of left wing and right wing people who make their own decisions no matter what some group tells them to do there will be more supporters than the caucus indicates. There are those who are controlled by others however who strive to prevent the opinions of those who disagree with them from being heard.

Here is Alaska Common's interview.

Here is Steve Aufrecht's interview along with a link to his post about Jane Sanders on his blog, What DO I Know, where he explains part of the interview that was not recorded.


Jane Sanders spoke in Anchorage last night. There are oil people who will not like Bernie Sanders, but doing the right thing for the majority, for environmental justice and the planet is the moral choice. I understand the fear of changes, but we must move to renewable cleaner energy.

The speechifying is short, but questions/answers are longer. So many important issues were discussed that I can't begin to list them. My favorite part was at 1:44.42, the empathic psychiatric nurse practitioner discussing the issues with mental health in Alaska and he is in Anchorage where it is better than in most of the state. Have I got some stories about trying to get counseling in Alaska for PTSD including trying to get help as it developed, but the people intentionally causing it of course were not going to let me get help.

KTVA had a horrible video up earlier, but have this one now which is better. The problem was lack of editing. I can find nothing documenting any meetings or interviews from KTUU, Alaska Dispatch has an article with pictures but nothing about the content of what Jane Sanders said, no videos of her speech or an interview. Certainly I may have missed something, but I checked a few times. I guess Alaska Dispatch owner, wife of a billionaire and Washington insider, Alice Rogoff was unable to get Jane Sanders to her home instead of him meeting with Native people, you know like what happened with President Obama when the AFN put on a spectacular presentation during his visit. So just like we have seen all along the news media is ignoring Bernie Sanders or doing a crap job of reporting about his campaign.

A picture from my seat at the arena on the campus of Boise State University
Unfortunately a very important part of Jane Sanders plans, to visit Dillingham, a hub village in one of many of Alaska's regions with huge problems with social ills, alcohol abuse, lack of mental health treatment, rape, suicide, poverty and domestic violence had to be canceled due to the weather. Alaskans are familiar with their plans being disappointed by the weather, but better safe than sorry when flying in a smaller type of airplane.

I went to the Bernie Sanders Rally in Boise Idaho where I was delightfully surprised at the enthusiasm of the people and the crowd was "yuge".

I have had lots of property stolen at the homeless shelter where I am staying including from the staff who stole my files for the civil cases I brought to work on trying to get away from crazy harassment. Homeless people are treated like throwaways everywhere in the United States. They stole my cameras from a cupboard that was supposed to be locked and have an attendant, so a person with a key did it. That meant all I had was my cell phone and tablet to take pictures and videos with. Thankfully my really good camera is in storage in Alaska. The people were so excited they caused the chairs to move constantly and the bright lights were an issue, but there are many videos of the event on line.
Bernie spoke for a very long time and was very impressive. One reporter said something about the arena being about half full, no it was nearly full as you can see in this short video. The news media in Boise is very controlled by the overlords.

Along with the shakiness of the video I kept moving around due to being very interested in the people due to their enthusiasm for Bernie in a red state. I was thrilled to see their reactions to what he said.

Here is the shaky version of Bernie's entrance, people were jumping around, clapping and jostling me, but actually the crowd was very well behaved, no incidents that I could see, just gleeful. The words he spoke about Idaho is the part I want to share.

Update: Jane Sanders had a phone conference with the United Tribes of Bristol Bay and it was announced that Bernie Sanders is against the Pebble Mine. What wouldn't have know that but they wanted to talk to the people in that region before making a final decision. Nothing on the content of Jane Sanders said last night, but now there is an article on the Dispatch about this.

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