Hillary Clinton Began Attacks Against Obama When Her Polls Tanked In 2008 Too, It's Hillaryous!

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From February and this guy is great:

"Hillary keep going" and she did.

Last night at the homeless shelter I was on my bunk, just me, my essential gear to survive the night with influenza as my bed mate (second influenza of the year for me, nearly died last time) reading articles on my cell phone. I told the woman across from me a story and she was so bored she fell asleep, the Robin Hume meth lab story and more, she probably thinks delusions were involved, but nope, it’s all true. I’m in the top bunk and the woman on the bottom bunk was having nausea/vomiting issues so there was a garbage can by the bed for puking. Poor thing. Homeless people are sick all the time due to stress, being packed together like animals, unhealthy food and unsanitary conditions due to people being packed together and the poor environment along with poor health care. We die at half the age of the sheltered.

Neo-liberal Capitalist policies caused the increase in homelessness in the United States and homelessness is an industry, we have the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, NPIC and government agencies to prove this. Non-profits are employers of a large part of the population and many of the administrative staff are paid very well while the lower level staff are treated poorly. Then there was the decrease in funding for public housing that began in the 1980s and the capitalists who were in charge of our legislators were able to get them to privatize the system so they could profit off the poor, disabled and elderly. The main reasons for homelessness have to do with Wall Street, Neoliberalism, not what people are told. I know this from experiencing homelessness, watching what goes on, being treated like garbage, having my health harmed, being bullied, trying to get the corrupt USDA/HUD agencies to do something about privitized housing for seniors and disabled, getting pissed off, then doing lots of research. This same story is playing out all over the country. The policies come from the government agencies which do what their Wall Street overlords have written into the laws. In my case there were people who did things to intentionally cause me to be homeless. That works well for them because the system is designed to create homeless people. Part of their agenda was to run me out of Alaska, it went on for years.

The supervisor last night at the shelter came through to check for contraband items at lights out. I showed her my hard candies for my sore throat, they passed inspection. Then she said, “Cell phones off ladies” and my reaction was, “No, I can’t, Bernie needs me.” I was laughing. She said Bernie was going to have to wait until the morning. I turned off my cell phone. Then a woman with her cell phone sound turned on began texting for at least an hour while people were trying to sleep. That was better than the night before when she got her cigarette lighter out and held it in front of her cell phone I guess to see it which makes no sense or maybe she was trying to light it and smoke the damn thing. I’m the only one who said anything, “What the hell are you doing?” No response. As I was trying to relax last night feeling like crap and thinking well at least she didn’t get out her cigarette lighter so I don’t have to worry about a fire a thought came to my foggy brain. When Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were running for the nomination for the Democrats the same contention began that is happening now and Hillary engineered it.

I began looking around this morning for historical info about the 2008 campaign because you know Bernie had to wait due to homeless shelter rules and then I had to do my chore this morning before I could leave. What I found out was many had written about the similarities already. The best article I have read so far was written by Branko Marcetic for In These Times, HillaryClinton’s 2016 Playbook Against Bernie Sanders Is a Lot Like Her 2008 PlaybookAgainst Obama,“Voting for a candidate based on their supporters' actions is nonsensical.” As we know however Clinton is using any bad behavior of Sanders supporters to argue against Sanders. I have seen some ugly crap from Clinton people too and neither of the candidates are responsible for things their supporters say or do. I know being a Sanders supporter the pages on Facebook are being very closely monitored, so much so I decided to just stay away from them and write my own stuff. Whatever I write is my own opinion.  
I can remember when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were both campaigning and it began to get ugly? Who initiated it? The common thread seems to be Hillary Clinton. Why? Her campaign started to have problems, Obama was surging ahead. Her poll numbers were going down. What is happening now is very similar to what she did during her 2008 campaign and was triggered for the same reasons. It's bullying 101, make fun of the positives and demonize the negatives, use false info and make yourself look like a victim. It did not work then and it will not work now.

When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time. 

When Hillary gets worried while campaigning she turns her campaign to attacking, then playing the victim. In Alaska we have seen this before from a former governor and her family, so it should be easy to recognize. 

Here is quite a bit of Hillary hypocrisy and attacks.

The rivalry originates with Hillary Clinton and can't be doubted, it is a pattern.

People were pissed last time about it when she ran against Barack Obama too.

What is happening now.


The State Department for some time has been monitoring my blog, why? We found out today they are putting their investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal on hold and claiming it is a routine move, requested by the FBI.  I bet it will be on hold at least until after the New York primary and of course Hillary Clinton has some influence at the State Department.

This recent one was checking out February 2011 which includes a post on the Department of Lawlessness, the posts I did about the craziness and abuse of the Department of Probation. There is a post about Wisconsin in that month and their primary is on April 5th. I'm saving my Bernie tee shirt for that day to show solidarity. I posted this in 2011 when Wisconsin's Governor Walker was attacking the unions, but the people of Wisconsin rose up and protested. They were fabulous.I expect a win for Bernie in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Citizens Lead The Way: Noam Chomsky, Woody Gutherie, Pete Seeger, Utah Phillips, & Street Dogs

Here is one of the videos from the post with a message from Woody Guthrie to American fascists.  

Take a look at this Bernie Sanders ad below that actually made my cry as I sat here homeless with influenza needing to be in bed, but the best I can do is a chair at the library. I know better than to seek any health care because when I had the flu earlier this year I had symptoms of DIC and viral sepsis, then I made the mistake of being homeless and going to an emergency room. I was treated like crap even though I was an RN for over two decades mostly in critical care. All homeless people in the United States by policy are to be treated like animals and early death is a goal. They want the public to believe every homeless person dies due to drugs and alcohol, but I don't use either and got frost bite from how I was treated last winter, became hypothermic multiple times, the homeless shelter stole my property from me including files for three civil cases, it was devastating. Now I know they do this to people all the time causing massive stress and the operations manager blamed me for it and laughed multiple times, it is not funny, it is very sick. The food is very unhealthy. On the weekend the shelter has peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, one night last week I had a donut and a piece of bread. The reason people die early is the environment they have to live in and many were not drinking and using drugs until they began living in hell.

This amazing ad demonstrates why I love Bernie Sanders and note the similarities to the collection of videos I posted above about the labor struggle in Wisconsin. I have been searching for information and videos about Bernie's thinking and plans for the masses of homeless people in the United States for a few days and then this video turns up which partially discusses the issue, so it's going to show up again.


SallyinMI said...

Seems to me that BERNIE started the attacks, not Hillary. He's been calling her unethical, a liar and more. The meme that she is taking loads of money from the oil industry is crap-Bernie has his own cadre of oil employees. Does that make him evil? She was right about the question, but the Berniebots will never admit it. He also had some half-cracked reason why he hasn't released any tax records yet (Hillary has had eight years out for months now.) In fact Politfact has called Hillary the most open and honest of all the five candidates. You won't believe that either, no doubt. I will vote for whichever wins the nomination, but Clinton would make a fabulous President, and if Bernie and his legions keep lying, expect her to call him out on it.

Celia Harrison said...

Lots of things seem to be the way people want them to be but upon further examination facts and history show something else. It is interesting how in Alaska and other places people can easily see how money is funneled to politicians from oil companies in not so direct ways, but when it happens with their candidate of preference suddenly they are blind to it. Sanders is not the only one who hasn't made his tax returns public yet. I always did my own taxes too after several years finding the documentation can be difficult, especially when I went on a cleaning spree and threw most of it away. He will reveal them because he has to.