Second Step of Nevada’s Convention, Bernie Supporters Suited Up and Showed Up, But Hillary's Did Not, Some Controversial Things Happened and The Revolution Will Be Danced

Nevada's Democrats have a three step system for selecting their presidential candidate. After the first step Hillary Clinton was declared the winner. But yesterday during step 2 of the process in Clark County where Las Vegas is located that victory was turned around when Bernie Sanders supporters went to the convention in large numbers, but the Hillary Clinton delegates for some unknown reason stayed home. Then they were made to wait and wait for hours, some outside in the hot sun, told don't leave they might pull something, they stuck like glue and now Bernie Sanders has more delegates than Hillary Clinton in Clark County. Apparently the numbers for Bernie increased in other places as well. Step three is the state convention, it is looking very certain Bernie Sanders will be the winner.

From the Las Vegas Sun:
Nearly 9,000 delegates were elected on caucus day in late February, but only 3,825 showed up to Saturday’s convention. An additional 915 elected alternates and 604 unelected alternates also turned out to support their favored candidate.
The final delegate count was 2,964 for Sanders and 2,386 for Clinton. That means the Sanders campaign will send 1,613 delegates to the state convention, while the Clinton campaign will send 1,298.
“We pretty much won Nevada,” said Sanders’ state director, Joan Kato, smiling as the results were announced.

Then there is a drama about some NV Dem leaders firing a party official who supports Sanders, who then stages a sit in and nearly gets arrested for trespassing and she is apparently fired. All I could find was something about her being late for some such thing. I suspect dissension within the party has created a situation where the Clinton delegates are pissed, confused or perhaps have decided to go with the other side. Why wouldn't most of them show up? There is a rumor that Sanders delegates were told not to show up. I can't find the context, lie about the date, threats or what not. Did Clinton's delegates think Sanders's Army would not show? No way.

Hey, it's Ed Opperman:

People who followed the Shailey Tripp story will recognize the name, Ed Opperman because he was her data recovery person after the corrupt actions of the Anchorage Police Department.

The head of the Hillary Clinton campaign was playing corrupt political games on many levels in Clark County Nevada, but it made no difference because Bernie's Army was there.

Ten hours of waiting and lots of BS, but they waited them out. The best part of the Sanders turn around in Nevada yesterday was the Bernie Sanders dancing victory march. In fact, it was so great some Hillary Clinton supporters joined in. Wonder who those people that are sitting around texting and looking glum support.

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