OMG! BUBBA Has Now Screwed the Pooch, He Defends the Heinous 1994 Crime Bill

Since hops are a sedative how does one get "hopped up", especially on crack that does not contain hops.

I had something else to post today but Bill Clinton decided to behave in a horrifying way and of course Hillary is all tied up in it, so hold on! Bill Clinton spread some fecal material that the 1994 Crime Bill was a bad idea a while back trying to erase history to pave the way for old superpredator Hillary to run for president. Now he is promoting it as a good thing for the black community. That crime bill was essentially a death sentence for some, even after being release from a long unfair or wrongful sentence people could not get housing, jobs, food stamps and many lost their children. The welfare reform that went along with the crime bill kept people starving, living on the streets and killed some. They ended up being treated like excess humans because that is what they were thought of. I know how that feels myself. Now we are told it was a good thing and that black people and Joe Biden helped facilitate it. I can barely keep up with the bullshit and lies, the manipulations, the messages changed for the targeting particular audiences where they are campaigning. The truth can't be located anywhere in the vicinity of the Clintons.

Just like this young woman I don't understand black people voting for Hillary Clinton.

He has now reversed all of his false apologizing about the United States incarcerating 25 % of the world's prisons due to the legislation designed to do so during his administration. There was more to it than people know because there were other tactics such as public defenders railroading people into pleas with threats. This flipping around, changing what they say is a Clinton characteristic for both Bill and Hillary and is an attempt to attract a certain type of voter to gain delegates in New York. Who would those people be? Right wing independents, but they also are working on the black people who are not well informed. It may have seemed rude that the Black People's Lives Matter group was there yelling, protesting and acting up, but the problem is they have no other choice to get the truth to the people, MSM is not going to help and I can imagine the outrage.

Oh, and LMAO, Bill says it was part Joe Biden's fault, I guess he duct taped the pen to Bill's hand and held a gun on him. Biden wanted to run for president, this is probably why he did not which shows he has some empathy and sense.

Below is the short version of Tim Black's commentary on Bill Clinton revealing that he still believes the 1994 Crime Bill was a great idea. I'm not black, but I was harmed by the regulations and policies it implemented, that is how I was educated about it and in case anyone is curious there is much information to be found on line and in books. This is why I have been shocked that black people are supporting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential candidate. What is so very strange is this is being said right as tiny trickles of reform are being implemented, except in Oregon where they are making reparations for those sentenced for marijuana crimes. The prison reforms are mostly being done for economic reasons, not for morality. Lots of people were harmed including large numbers of Alaska Natives and yes many were innocent or harshly sentenced. Huge numbers need jobs, treatment and housing, but instead of doing the right thing they were demonized by prosecutors and incarcerated. The prosecutors were set loose to lie for the DOJ to get masses incarcerated.

I began following Tim Black recently right after a FB friend shared one of his videos. I was very interested in what he had to say due to my puzzlement of Bill Clinton's  comments about the 94 Crime Bill when this and the Welfare reforms of his presidency harmed so many. While they destroyed people, families and communities of people of all colors, they targeted black people in very large numbers.
Tim Black, "...everybody in New York, have long memories. Replay this video and think logically. Think systematically. Is there anything about the Clintons you can trust? Do you ever really know what they mean? Do you ever really know where they stand on any issue at any given time? They flip flop more than a fish brought to land. You never know what you're gona get they're just a box of chocolates. And my patience is way way too thin for them...share this video with someone in New York 'cause I don't think superpredators is gona play well, at least not in Brooklyn."

Here is a link to Tim Black's show last night. It's over two hours long, he discussed the Bill Clinton defense of his 1994 Crime Bill illogical craziness starting at around 7:00ish.

The reference to Hillary Clinton intimating that President Obama may be assassinated and that was why she was not dropping out the race is real. “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” Yes, she actually said this evil thing. It's as bad as Sarah Palin and her gun sights in her ad just before the shooting in Arizona happened destroying the career of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  Palin used a map with gun sights on states with Democrats who voted for health care reform coming up for reelection and began word salading "blood libel". What about the NYT quote below?

From the NYT in 2008:

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right?” she said. “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, which has refrained from engaging Mrs. Clinton in recent days, said her statement “was unfortunate and has no place in this campaign.”
Privately, aides to Mr. Obama were furious about the remark.
Concerns about Mr. Obama’s safety led the Secret Service to give him protection last May, before it was afforded to any other presidential candidate, although Mrs. Clinton had protection, too, in her capacity as a former first lady. Mr. Obama’s wife, Michelle, voiced concerns about his safety before he was elected to the Senate, and some black voters have even said such fears weighed on their decision of whether to vote for him.
It was against that backdrop that Mrs. Clinton’s mentioning the Kennedy assassination in the same breath as her own political fate struck some as going too far. Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, an uncommitted superdelegate, said through a spokeswoman that the comments were “beyond the pale.”

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