Wisconsin Citizens Lead The Way: Noam Chomsky, Woody Gutherie, Pete Seeger, Utah Phillips, & Street Dogs

Noam Chomsky

Woody Gutherie

Pete Seeger

Street Dogs

Utah Phillips


CGinWI said...

Thank you! Governor Walker is union busting, pure and simple. We're fighting him as hard as we can. And the bill goes farther than that, includes provision for sale of state power plants with minimal review (see ThinkProgress.com for an overview of the Koch Brothers' energy interests in WI), also drastic cuts to Medicaid, elimination of wetlands protection....

I'm convinced Walker's ultimate goal is outsourcing all public service employment to the private sector. It's clear he wants to bust the unions and destroy public education, and that this is just one part of a national strategy (check out Ohio).

Tomorrow the Koch Brothers are sending in the Tea Party. Don't believe anything you see on FOX (or CNN, probably any of the networks for that matter)

Celia Harrison said...

CGinWI, I don't believe anything I see in the corporate media until I verify it. It is often what is missing that is the most important. I understand this is a complex situation involving corporate intersts, right wing wackery interests, and dominionist religious interests. You are showing us that if we all work together we can get our rights back. There are many who were harmed in the fight for freedom and rights in this country, unions, women's rights, and minority rights. They are the true patriots.