Sytemic Prejudice, Lack of Oversight, Corrupt Court system, Police, Policiticans, School Board Allowed Sexual Abuse at a School in Wales Alaska

 Story in the Nome Nugget. This is the only article about this I can find.

Here is the link to the Nome Nugget article. 

This story is about Wales Alaska, where the red marker is. The hospital in Nome serves most of the villages in this google map screen shot. Nome is located at the bottom. I have been to Little Diomede across from Russia to the left and a couple other villages. In the ER I received patients flown in by medivac from these villages or phone calls from the clinics in some of them, even calls to please send the Coast Guard due to emergencies. They are isolated and many have little to no police, the villages are so small they have a safety type officer who does many things and generally they do not carry guns.

 It is a very small village. I can't find current information. The population is most likely less than 200 people.

In Nome as the victims of rape came to the hospital, some in the ER I worked in and told their stories I would have to listen to the almost all white health care staff say crazy things about the Native Culture. One told me it was part of the Native culture for the uncles to initiate the girls into sex, that pedophilia was part of their culture and crazy things about the Native people who disappeared all just falling into the ocean. My responses to those comments counteracting them was one of the reasons for the severe workplace bullying and community mobbing that happened over a long period of time. I had a tolerance for it due to having been a nurse over twenty years, we were continuously workplace bullied, but Nome was horrific. Workplace bullying was planned at St. Josephs Hospital in Tacoma WA where the CEO hated nurses, hired hit people to go after us and intentionally placed workplace bullies as managers to destroy careers, destroy nurses and change the make up of the personalities of the staff when the nurses were highly educated, strong, hard working and cared about the patient outcomes. It was devastating what was done and I was greatly affected, but was able to recover. I knew that CEO before but did not know he had taken the job at St. Joes when I went back. He caused a strike at the old St. Elizabeths in Yakima and then was fired by the nuns after being overheard at a party telling people nurses were not worth what they were getting paid. He came to St. Joes to take revenge on nurses who he hated and there I was. It was brutal, but nothing like what happened in Nome Alaska where for decades layers of bullies destroyed careers with the help of community mobbing. I thought that was the worst treatment of nurses I would ever have to endure, but no, it can get worse.

The Native people who had to grow up with this kind of abuse, prejudice, lack of sociological/psychological understanding on the part of those with power over the systems they had to deal with of course were traumatized over and over and over. Then they were blamed for the problems that happen when people are traumatized and have PTSD such as addiction. That narcissistic thinking is embedded in our institutions in this country and many politicians who lack any understanding of trauma, psychology or sociology like to blame many vulnerable people for the problems caused by dysfunctional government systems. At this point in my life with all the past experiences and information the decades have brought it is quite clear this thinking is a concerted effort to cause these abuses just like gangstalking is done to disrupt and discredit the work of good people they also go after whole cultures and races. There is no other conclusion due to knowing normal people would not have ignored a situation where children were being repeatedly sexually abused, only sociopaths, psychopaths and those compromised in some way would do that. Propaganda is heavily used to change the thinking of people who have newly arrived in that region, it did not work on me.

I can't imagine knowing a fellow staff person was raping children and not speak up, or not contact the police, or not contact government agencies, or not form an action group in the community to protect the children and facilitate changes. That is what I tried to do in Nome so I know the harm that would come to anyone who attempted to do the right thing, but it would not have stopped me.

To know that these things happened within the walls over and over, and to know that staff knew about it and tried to tell the acting and regular principal or the staff didn’t report it themselves for a very long time, is very chilling to me.”

When I went to Nome I thought the job was working within the Native culture and for Native bosses. One of my first questions was, why are the white people running the Native hospital. There was one Native woman who worked in administration, they would hire a CEO, bully them, run them off or fire them, then she would take over that job as the temporary CEO often for years. I believe the medical director, the doctor over EMS and the training program for the village AIDS were actually running things and were the cause of the layers of bullies. It repeated over and over again. They once hired a Native man as CEO and had the board fired him almost immediately. A month before he was fired I told him my story, it was after the melt down and said they would fire him. He said they could not for at least a year by contract, he was ousted a month later.

One father of a sexually abused child, “I am utterly disgusted by everything that has led us to this point—the years it has taken.

Judge DiBenedetto: “What was repeatedly clear to me was if you are going to serve a community in any respect—a school, a trooper, a police officer, a VPO, a VPSO, a court system, no amount of policies you can put into place, no institutionalization that you can muster, is going to replace one core component that has to be there, that it seems like was lost in Wales: You have to genuinely care about the community. That’s where it begins and that’s where it ends. That would be my suggestion for Bering Strait School District.

Where were the lawyers in that region? What the hell was wrong with the police, the state troopers, it's the same story with the police in Nome not arresting the men who raped women. Cops told me when I worked the ER receiving raped women from remote villages that because the woman said not to arrest the men they did not. It was disturbing to talk to them because they were unable to see that was wrong or even that the rapes were wrong. No amount of contact with the powers that be in Alaska could get anything done, but I was totally by myself as the other nurses were complicit in the cover ups with their twisted thinking. We found out not too long ago the police were not arresting the men when women filed police reports, even in Nome, even a dispatcher that worked at the police department.

My question at this point is what else was covered up in that region? Was there something else they were afraid I would find out? Did the people who ran EMS and the police with their connections to the Fusion Center and FEMA have me put on some terrorist watch list to destroy me? That is attempted murder. Did they do this to others, Native people, nurses and other health care professionals who came to Nome and were horrified so contacted outside agencies? Where the hell was Indian Health Services/HHS? Where was the DOJ/FBI etc. Where in the hell were they all these decades?

I have to conclude that an intentional effort was made to destroy the power in the Native community through trauma by allowing something that is often used in war against them, weaponized sexual assault. This was done through systems in place in government agencies, including law enforcement. I would bet if the police told the truth which they will not, their orders came from higher than Nome or village police. The state police in every state is where the intelligence units connected to the fusion centers are located. As a person who is in a government harassment program I know about this.

This lawyer in Nome they mention, Conner Thomas, LMAO. Attorneys Connor and Lewis I wrote about so many years ago. I called the office of the only two private practice lawyers in Nome to get help with the workplace bullying situation, then had what I said dismissed in a abusive way. He dismissed me just like those in the schools, the police, etc. did to the Native people and others like myself. The good old boys club reminded me of Mississippi in the 1950s.

In 2007 this was part of one of my first blog posts, I believe Conner Thomas was the wishy washy lawyer and Lewis was the verbally abusive one who would act odd in the court room and laugh hilariously when my name was called. Helped to set me up did ya?

I called two local attorneys. One sounded wishy washy. The other one was immediately arguing on the side of the hospital without even hearing the story. I simply said to him calmly that he must be affiliated with the hospital. He then went nuts. He screamed over and over into the phone,"Why would you say that lady, why would you say that lady.....". This went on several times. I held it up for a housekeeper to hear. He started laughing and I hung up. I then said that I guessed he had either forgotten his medication that day or had taken too much. When I told people what he did they said this was typical behaviour for him. Bizarre. How sad, people call attorneys for help in Nome and get a nut case.

People later told me this was his normal behavior.

There is no mystery as to why there is a high rate of suicide among the Native people of Alaska. It was engineered by those manipulating much else that goes on in the United States and world three letter agencies run by psychopaths who do not work for the regular people, just the oligarchs and corporate interests.  

I suspect there are similar stories all over that region.

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