Part 2, Coming to Understand I was Being Gangstalked Took Years. What I Wrote in Anchorage as It Was Happening, Wrong Assumptions Then Due to Belief the US Was a Democracy With Justice

UPDATE: Just corrected some errors. I often have to work in situations where there is crazy and intentional harassment. 

 The first post in this series:

Part One, Coming to Understand I was Being Gangstalked Took Years, Many sources of Information Helped, My Files Stolen at the Interfaith Sanctuary in Boise Idaho Were Proof of the Organized Harassment Program Operated in Soldotna Alaska


This is a double post which will also be on my gangstalking blog and is similar to the first post, but I found something written right as the organized harassment from what I believe were Alaska Deputy US Marshals had happened. Looking at both posts will clarify the point of this post, I had no idea what was going on and made wrong assumptions based that.

The words below I wrote years ago, these events were happening the summer of 2015. Here in Boise Idaho I have had some similar experiences when using the bathroom on the third floor of the downtown library. This post does two things, it serves as part two of this series and it is an intro for a post on the bathroom harassment at the Downtown Library in Boise Idaho which includes library staff that has happened every now and then over a period of years.

I corrected some errors, mostly spelling, but this was written in 2015 right after these incidents, but I do not have the exact date anymore. I was very freaked out about all of it back then. Unlike what I do now, wear a  body camera all I had was just a really crappy cell phone. One needs to pretty much already have the camera on to really document the street theater, directed conversation, vehicle harassment, cops running cars at you and other tactics used in the government harassment program as they do most of their little operations quickly to prevent documentation and do not want people in the area to detect something abusive or odd is happening because how can they claim the target is crazy when they tell the stories when witnesses corroborate.

I had been having lots of abuse at Brother Francis Shelter from a man who worked there on evening shift named Colt along with his co-bully Patrick. Then the director of Catholic Social Services was not even listening to my complaints about the severe abuse. For one thing these two practiced discrimination against the women which I now know is SOP in many homeless shelters, even the ones that are only for women. Colt even had a conversation with emergency room staff at Providence Hospital to slander me. Why was that allowed?

There is much going on aimed at women right now and that includes with gangstalking as almost 80% are women, the empowered, very intelligent, truthful, fact based types. If you hate women or want them subjugated and do not want them to have power one tactic could be running operations to make specific outspoken ones look crazy or like they don't know what they are talking about by doing strange things to them to cause strange stories.

My blog had hits from many intelligence agencies, government contractors Washington D.C. Lots from Virginia and at that time it was not known to me that a huge number of government contractors were located there, especially those associated with the military-Intelligence complex. I knew nothing at all about gangstalking at that time, but for years had complained about the tactics, my mail being opened, the horrific workplacebullying, abuse from my second landlord in Nome, the organized harassment at Laurawood Arms in Soldotna Alaska where the handler was Greg Russell a retired cop who used elderly women as what we call perps (The Army of Weaponized Morons), the lodge in the Homer Alaska area where lots of crimes were going on but the state troopers did nothing about it even though I was clearly in danger which included a meth lab, how the state troopers and Homer police either would not allow me to file police reports or they slandered me in them/altered them, how the police spread false rumors about me, then the second place I lived in Homer was horrific and the owner was involved in the gangstalking allowing noise campaigns and harassment while I was still in a very traumatized state after being terrorized by the corrupt court officials and PD staff of the state of Alaska.

While at the lodge Judge Esch, now DA John Earthman (was ADA), the Hume brothers associated with the lodge and my public defender Brooke Browning Alowa were involved in a conspiracy to have me wrongfully arrested based on false accusations of violation of conditions of release. The original charges were secondary to a suicidal meltdown in Nome Alaska from the organized harassment, of course I had no idea what was going on then which is why it traumatized me so much because how could people, especially health care professionals treat people how myself and many of the Native Alaskans there were abused and terrorized. The accusation they made against me was totally false and they knew that after waiting for years and their failure of trying to set me up to buy prescription drugs from some young women who approached me (probably prescriptions from a doctor there who overprescribed narcotics to a traumatized population) and other things.

Finally they conspired to create something false with false witnesses. This was done a few days after I had filed an appeal, it was obvious retaliation. They used diesel therapy (moving inmates around often) and lies I was going to Nome for a hearing (did not happen), threats from prison staff, putting me in a cell with a dangerous inmate and much more to torture me while I was falsely incarcerated. While imprisoned I knew my property was being stolen by Robin Ray Hume and my cat would be harmed by him, he is a psychopath, part of the torture. Harm to pets is a frequent psychological torture used with gangstalking. They laughed at me as I called all over trying to get help for at least my cat, the public defender agency intentionally allowed all of this to happen, but I called all over trying to get an agency or someone to do something. The prison phones go to limited places, but government agencies they generally go to so I begged them for help. None did.

While reading this keep in mind I knew nothing about gangstalking/government harassment programs back then even though I was a workplace bullying activist. Workplace bullying is often a component of gangstalking. At first I had no idea why these people were following, harassing and trying to provoke me. I thought it was all about the Arctic Conference that was scheduled for the end of August in 2015 once I finally saw an article about it. There was an interest in my suitcase which I thought was general security, but there was no interest in my backpack or the property of other people around the areas I was in, so that is not what they were doing. Now I believe they came at that particular time using the Arctic Conference as cover to harass me in order to figure out how to get documents I had in my suitcase. I could not have imagined such a thing could happen or that my evidence of the gangstalking program in Soldotna would be connected to the government. I still though the Russell family was acting independently to harm me. They were acting to harm me, but it was connected to agencies who operate the organized harassment.

During this period of time I had been made homeless by Greg Russell, other members of the Russell Crime family and the Army of Weaponized Morons on the property called Laurawood Arms, a USDA RD property and in the community. None of the agencies involved would intervene, not the USDA RD or the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation who lied over along period of time, saying they had nothing to do with the property, they did. The Department of Corrections was involved and so was the Department of probation which is a part of DOC. This was just one of the many times I have been forced into homelessness by people who should be helpers instead of those who harm innocent people.

The former owner of the property told me the harassment was about "those things you are writing." I'm still writing and acting as if I still live in a democracy as the United States becomes more and more totalitarian facilitated by the massive corruption, the ownership of the intelligence agencies and politicians by the oligarchy/corporations.

I am aware of what is going on now and it is happening to people all over the world. 

I believe the people following me were Alaska Deputy US Marshals. I was not a fugitive and no crime was committed but even if it was why wouldn't other agencies be more appropriate? The USMS tracks down fugitives, protects judges, attorneys and jurors, oversees court security including construction projects, protection of witnesses including federal witness protection, transportation of prisoners, federal process servers, other classified duties with Homeland Security, national emergencies, etc.

This is what they were doing. People who write the truth are often placed on fake terrorist watch lists. You know those lists President Trump said he would do something about? He's with the oligarchy and deep state, lie after lie after lie. 

I'm no threat to anyone which was always why this was so strange, but now I know they consider real journalists to be terrorists, along with whistleblowers, activists and people who strongly believe in the Constitution, human rights and justice. 

Because of the the statement I was seeing one of them during the last week wherever I went the time period was before the Arctic Conference scheduled for the end of August 2015. 

July or August  of 2015.

It has been weird the last couple months. Every morning I leave the shelter and go downtown to get coffee. One day I am sitting there reading an article on line or something and I heard, "Celia Harrison..C.E.L.I.A..H.A.R.R.I.S.O.N" What the hell I of course think, but also tell myself don't turn around. I suppose the person thought I could not hear them, with the ear phones I had on, but I have dog-like hearing in some ways depending on the level of tinnitis on a particular day. So I wait a few minutes to look and the table the voice came from has a younger man sitting there I do not recognize. What the hell?!

Next I post on Facebook that I see Homeland Security Police vehicles. At this point I am thinking they are stopping to get coffee.

I have different security agencies on my blog all the time including those from the privatized security company sector.

Deputy US Marshal Ryan Thompson 

Then last week I was seeing this guy everywhere I went. I call him Mr. Smiley because I would show up and he would just be sitting there doing nothing. I would look at him like what the hell are you doing here and he would smile. Really? Is this how you do surveillance spelling the name so the person hears and are obviously following them?

[That is not surveillance, it is Zersetzung, it is harassment, psychological warfare, psychological torture, it is the terrorizing of a citizen by the government in an attempt to block them from functioning to do something they don't like such as telling the truth.] 

Then on top of this I go to Mayor Berkowitz's office often and use the bathroom on the first floor. I was brushing and flossing my teeth there when I was told I could not by this security dude who said the reason was...get this...I would get my germs on the mirror. Yea, he said that. I have been brushing and flossing in public bathrooms my whole life including wherever I have worked or when I go to a restaurant and have never had anyone ever say a word to me before security at city hall. I explained that when people flush toilets the Coliform bacteria go all over the bathroom including on the person standing there which is why they should have lids on them but they don't. Staff at the mayor's office told me I could brush my teeth, then there was apparently some meeting where security or maintenance explained their jackbooted policies to keep homeless people from doing dental hygiene and then I could no longer brush my teeth on the first floor. I can on the eighth floor where the mayor's office is but never have. It is just easier to go somewhere else.

[Below is the first letter from the constituent rep. telling me I could use the bathroom after I reported the abuse from the housekeeper and one security guard. That particular contractor does work with G4S who are involved in harassing me in Boise Idaho. Then he sent another email telling me some vague  reasons for security they were not allowing people to brush their teeth in the bathroom, but I could do so in the bathroom at the mayors office. That was odd and what was even odder is that second email was hacked from my account just like the emails to Sarah Palins staff.]

[Then someone told him I was not allowed to use the bathroom to brush my teeth which resulted in a huge amount of crazy, especially from the housekeeper I called Secret Squirrel. Felix Rivera is a good guy trying to treat people fairly.]

Here is the funny part, a house keeper for a long time would show up every time I went in the bathroom to make sure I was not brushing or flossing. She would grab a paper towel and start wiping the sink area like I was the one who got water on the counter top. Nope, I just got there lady. One day I dropped a dental pic on the floor and she jumped over pointing at it and telling me I dropped it. My hands were busy at the time. Unlike many people in Alaska I pick up my own garbage and in fact pick up garbage in public bathrooms from other people to try and prevent homeless people from  being restricted from using them. There is a large population of addicted and mentally ill homeless people in Anchorage whose behavior problems include leaving garbage all over the place. On top of all of this there is a door on the backside of the women's bathroom at city hall on the first floor. The house keeper pops out of there and tries to catch me doing dental hygiene. Sometimes if I think she is behind the door I yell, "No dental hygiene was performed Secret Squirrel." Yes I call her Secret Squirrel. I have gone to the security station and said to him that she is shirking her duties as I was in the bathroom and she did not show up.

This is not the policy of the current mayor, it's some old one already in place. I do understand they want the bathroom nice for tourists etc. but to tell me it's because I would get germs on the mirror instead of the true reason which is to keep the mentally ill and addicted homeless people from washing up and trashing the place was strange. But I am not trashing the bathroom even though Secret Squirrel has falsely accused me of this. When I go to the mayor's office I say things like, "I surreptitiously flossed my teeth with a dental pic while peeing." LOL. Take that Secret Squirrel.

[It probably was the policy of the current mayor, after all who is in charge.]

Last week I saw Mr. Smiley on at least two days. Then when I did laundry there was a guy there who was oh so friendly and helpful who kept reading the bulletin board over where I was sitting that had diddly on it. That is when I realized they wanted to see into my suitcase, so I left it opened. clothes, snacks, blanket etc. By then most of my clothes were being washed so he could see more. I just acted clueless without any idea of what he was doing, but I knew. Why they did not just ask to look I have no idea. I don't care as long as the wear clean gloves.

[Important lesson, when people are putting a great deal of effort into stalking, harassing and trying to provoke you do not trust that their intentions are good. I assumed they were just doing security, but that makes no sense, they would not do things this way for that. They had bad intentions towards me and since I did not ever have bad intentions for others could not have imagined people would work together to harm me. After years of experiencing a large number of people intentionally working together to terrorize, stalk, harass (and much worse) and other more dangerous things including first responder harassment and government agencies participating my thinking has changed to never trust anyone who approaches me unless I already know they are good people.]

I was puzzled as to why in the world they were following me, I am no threat to anyone except with words. It made no sense. I had no idea until recently the president was coming, there was an Arctic conference and all the other people who need protection would be here, so I was quite puzzled as to what was going on. I thought it might have something to do with being friends with Karen Christy or simply because I am outspoken or write about the craziness of the Alaskan government. The only thing I could come up with was I sat at a table everyday that has a view of the Hotel Captain Cook.
I did not write about this back then because it was so crazy, I was confused about what was going on. Now I understand Rochelle aka the fake homeless lady at the library. She'll know.

 Evidence found by Hawkeye Shawn Christy with his eidetic memory and while incarcerated I might add.

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