UPDATE: Only Tabloids Will Write the Lies of the Palins Now, The Daily Mail is Gibberish Which Goes really Well With Word Salad.

UPDATE: Now Breitbart has published a story about this young man trying to go forward with his life, but of course Sarah Palin won't be happy unless she has him gangstalked to his death. 

The only way the Palins seem to be able to get their propaganda published these days is through the Daily Mail a tabloid in the UK or a crazy reality show tabloid in the US. Gosh Sarah it seems the news media in the United States has your number. In fact the Palins are so pathetic their lies are from the past, it seems they have lost their ability to set up young men and then lie to news media about it. That Palin family brawl with the recordings from police of the lies you all told and all the other people on the same page, telling the truth,  the opposite of your lies seems to have been the changing point.

Bristol Palin has picked up her mother's old lie that Shawn Christy was stalking her from years ago and decided to pin it on herself for profit, a "dramatic scene" for the idiotic reality show she is on. Shawn never stalked Sarah Palin and most certainly did not stalk Bristol. This is narcissistic behavior, taking something wrong they do and trying to pin it on someone else. Guess the libelous claims were supposed to cover up that Sarah Palin was sexting Shawn Christy when he was 17. Was anyone sexting Peter Paul Ferrero? Is there a record at the NSA of any phone calls, texting or sexting? Just wondering.

Here is the link to the lies, I know the ones about Shawn Christy are not true so it is likely the ones about Peter Paul are either not true, exaggerated or they helped to set him up. Even if his story is true, Sarah Palin has a history of destroying young men.

The lies they wrote about Shawn:

In a dramatic episode of Teen Mom OG, Palin claimed that Shawn Christy had been terrorizing her family for a decade.
Christy was arrested in September, after months on the run, for ransacking Palin's former husband Dakota Meyer's home in Kentucky and stealing his SUV.
The burglary came just a day after Meyer was hospitalized for an anxiety attack that came as a result of Palin announcing their divorce was final.
He also reportedly threatened to kill Meyer, and to shoot President Trump.
On the reality show in November, Palin described how she'd been affected by her stalker.

She uses the propaganda catch word still..."liberals," the far right tries to pin this word on anyone associated with something they can use to generate hate for their enemy, the Democrats. But the Dems are not really liberals, they are right wing. Sarah Palin wants Peter Paul to be destroyed and dead like one of her other victims. She won't be happy unless that happens.

David Kernell the Young Man Who Guessed Sarah Palin's Email Security Questions Died at the Age of 30

The Daily Mail is garbage.

Screen shot from The Alaska Landmine. The author either read the Daily Mail or got a phone call from Sarah Palin or her lawyer. He shows Tom Begich as a good guy, so if this is a right wing blog, he screwed up. These right wingers are always going on about reform of "criminals," but they do everything they can to prevent that, fomenting hysteria about them, exaggerating whatever they are charged with, not allowing programs in prisons to facilitate changes, not passing laws to help them get jobs or housing, doing little about he opioid targeting, destroying public education, making sure child protective agencies traumatize children with false separation from parents or don't intervene when there is real abuse/trauma at home and using lies to get elected based on being tough on crime when the real goal is filling up the prisons and privatizing them for their corporate campaign fund providing buddies.



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Links about Sarah Palins destruction of young men can be found in this post about one of those young men. 


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