Propaganda, Mind Fu*king, Intelligence Community Possibly Working Behind the Scenes, Comey's Second FBI HRC Exoneration

Updated due to corrections of errors. Lack of sleep, stress and living in a crazy situation makes getting things finished quite difficult.

Back when we found out the DNC emails had been hacked which was followed by other email accounts hacked I said it was Expat CIA or some other security agency employees. When the Dems claimed it was Russia this was hilarious. We now know they were hacked by several countries, of course this would happen since the emails were on an unsecured server that was in place to prevent Hillary Clinton from having to show the truth secondary to a FOIA request or law enforcement investigation. It could be many agencies working with Wikileaks. There are claims of a counter-coup of a soft coup being pulled by Clinton and company. We know the Hillary supporters have now all become pod people without any ability to think, logic is like Kryptonite to them. It matters not what Hillary or Bill Clinton have done they can't receive the information. The Dem claim of being the good guys or the smart ones has now been debunked.

What we have going on right now is a huge demonstration that the right wing and left wing can work together to save our country. The real left wing is reading the emails and watching alternative media to understand what has gone on and what is going on. We are not watching corporate media unless there is a video of unique interest.

It was claimed that over 100 FBI agents gave Comey their resignations when he did not indict Hillary but rather made the crazy statement of why she was guilty then a declaration that she was too stupid to have any intent so no indictments were issued. Imagine that person who is too uniformed or so stupid they can't handle classified material becoming president. The rest of us would be in some solitary confinement cell right now being tortured by corrections officers and denied any communication with the outside world. This is happening to people right now including Chelsea Manning who due to the insanity of all corrections institutions in the United States rather than get help for attempting suicide while in solitary confinement was punished with solitary confinement for it and then of course again tried to suicide. There are people in this situation who we will never even know about. Then there are others who are not locked up who have their lives altered or destroyed.

Steve Pieczenik is a psychiatrist, with pre-med and psychology from Cornell, has both an MD from Harvard and Phd in international relations from MIT (he worked on both degrees at the same time), who worked for the state department to prevent terrorism. I'm guessing he said things about preventing terrorism like, don't bomb them, don't steal their resources, don't destroy their government and infrastructure, don't cause them to starve, don't kidnap their family members and take them a prison for torture and don't leave radioactive material behind to cause birth defects in their children. I could be wrong, but I think he might have said some of this, LOL. Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under four presidents working on preventing terrorism, but then resigned over the Iranian hostage crisis. He has done much more, speaks five languages, is a classical pianist, and authors novels including with Tom Clancey. He also coauthored this "Mitochondrial dysfunction and molecular pathways of disease" which I was already familiar with due to having ME/cfs. Steve Pieczenik also claims to be a maverick, well when you are really intelligent this is what happens. He's fucking brilliant in other words. We are not training people to fit these special niches any more, they can't afford to even go to college.

But here is the deal. Is this guy real or a psych ops propagandist for the powers that be? There is no way to verify what he says. He sounds real, but without some proof I can't become a believer.

When one is young those in charge are believed, that is how the military functions, consuming the young. As we have experiences and the years go by we get much wiser. This happened to me as an RN with the predatory health care corporations, the government agencies, Big Pharma and many types of bullying. Some of us speak up and try to make changes, this often makes our lives very difficult because those in power operate by keeping the citizenry dumbed down, those who speak the truth are attacked in many ways including death and incarceration. Those of us who come forward with the truth about something that needs to be changed are important to the survival of the United States, but those in power will do just about anything to shut us up. They are very threatened by us. Most citizens take little responsibility to educate themselves so they get away with it.

In August of 2015 during the Arctic Conference when first someone spelled my name behind me, then three different men began following me or just happened to be wherever I went my conscious choice was not react to them, take pictures or ask who they were. A psychologist has told me I handled this in a very smart way which probably kept me from being harmed or incarcerated. There was also a female in place somewhere but I think that may have just been about the place, I have no idea what the hell they were doing as there is no reason to do surveillance on me. I work with no group in particular, am a lone wolf blogger and have my own opinions. I knew they were trying to provoke me especially after one incident and their goal was incarceration, one of them harassed me. I was concerned they may assault me in the process.

This guy was at a drug store pretending to check lights in the parking lot but was doing surveillance on me. Then someone harassed me at the laundromat and this guy showed up that night at the homeless shelter with his man-purse Why?
My huge knowledge about bullying was very helpful at predicting the reaction they were hoping to get from me. I did get a picture of one of them from a distance out a window so he could not see me. I have a long list of possible suspects for sending them after me, but clearly this had something to do with the Arctic Conference which was put on by an entity of the Carlyle Group, so Alice Rogoff and perhaps the governor's office are on the top of the list. I may never find out what the hell that was about.
Within a week I left Alaska after I went to a hotel during the Arctic Conference to avoid them and a guy showed up for surveillance. I believe this is all secondary to my writings on my blog as months before they were doing surveillance on it, Citibank, PR firms, Janet Napolitano's office at U.C. California often lead several post viewings, security agencies in Virginia, Washington D.C. hits, security contractors (I did not know until then a huge number are in Virginia), then closer to time for the conference, Capital Police, a particular IP in Florida and one in Arizona, the State Department and on and on.

Today it was announced that Comey says there will be no charges about the emails found in the Weiner laptop. Apparently they have read all 650,000 emails...right. In my last post I indicated this was a psych op to divert our attention from the Wikileaks emails.

Here is what I wrote when this second investigation was announced.

I believe this is all being orchestrated to try and shut up the committees temporarily until after the election and confuse the rubes. Since it was determined by Comey that Hillary Clinton's incompetence and carelessness with classified information was A-OK and "No reasonable prosecutor would indict her" how is her carelessly spreading classified information going to be any different this time around? Or was this another type of crime? This is propaganda to divert attention, a big mind fuck. Since the news media is essentially ignoring the email dumps from Wikileaks as much as possible this may be an alternative to focus the dumbed down public's attention to a case which is going nowhere just like the last one. The reason is the oligarchy has chosen their candidate, the Democrats who are like lemmings jumping off a cliff will continue to believe in their candidate like they've been hypnotized.The truth is like Kryptonite to them. 

Here was the FBI on my blog on November 3rd which is about the above post.

This storm of bullshit was done for the same reason they force whistleblowers into homelessness, your time is eaten up and you can't get what you need to do done. It also fatigues and traumatizes people when they can't find reality so they hide with chemicals, TV, electronic games and other forms of sedation. The news media focuses on this "official" news item for days so attention is taken from other reading., they then filled the internet and of course Facebook with utter bullshit making it difficult for especially the unformed of the population to sort any of it out.

I'm stealing the words from Hunter S. Thompson's rant "The Jesus Freak Scare":

"There is a firestorm of lunacy brewing on the neo-[liberal] front. We will almost certainly be inundated, even swamped, by a nightmare-blizzard of schlock, gibberish, swill; pseudo-[truthy] bullshit of every type and description. We can expect no relief. This problem will manifest itself in many treacherous forms--and we will have to deal with them all...It's a revival of the same old primitive bullshit that caused all our troubles from the start. These waterheads must be kept out at all costs. We have serious business to deal with, and these fuckers will only be in the way."

At least this time we didn't have to listen to Comey give an Orwellian speech describing why Hillary Clinton was guilty but then state no reasonable prosecutor would indict her. None of this is a surprise to me.

James Comey's Orwellian Newspeak Exonerating Hillary Clinton By Explaining She is Guilty

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