FBI Director Comey Sends Letter to Congressmen Stating He is Continuing the Hillary Clinton Email Criminal Probe. It's Tied to the Anothony Weiner Texting Probe. The USA is FUBAR.

Well its been an interesting day so far. First Vanilla ISIS was acquitted for taking a federal bird sanctuary hostage with weapons while non-weapon carrying Native people in ND are being arrested, shot at with bean bags etc. for being protectors of their own land, the water and the earth. Yea, it's true there is no justice in the United States. I recently said this to someone at a women's center who argued with me that there is justice and my reply was, well yes if you have the money to pay for it. We have here a demonstration of how justice works for the wealthy and powerful in this very broken country. After the election they will use word manipulation, shoulder shrugging and lies to claim Hillary was once again too stupid to have any intent.

Now the FBI has reopened the Hillary Clinton email investigation eleven days before the election.  Whose ass is being protected and how stupid is or are that ass or those asses? Also what is it they want us to look away from? It is claimed, LMAO, that this is related to some investigation of the latest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal but Comey is not telling us anything, just that the emails were found on another device. This is about a sexting case, one of our candidates was recorded saying he likes to grab pussy while another candidate is married to a man who is a serial cad who is accused of rape and whom General Colin Powell says is still "dicking bimbos." The United States is the laughingstock of the world. Below is Director Comey's letter to eight congressmen.

He states they have to determine if the emails are classified, really? The Weiner case is from a couple months ago. Then he goes on to say he has no idea when that process which would take about one second to complete for each email will be completed. I believe this is all being orchestrated to try and shut up the committees temporarily until after the election and confuse the rubes.

Since it was determined by Comey that Hillary Clinton's incompetence and carelessness with
classified information was A-OK and "No reasonable prosecutor would indict her" how is her carelessly spreading classified information going to be any different this time around? Or was this another type of crime? This is propaganda to divert attention, a big mind fuck. Since the news media is essentially ignoring the email dumps from Wikileaks as much as possible this may be an alternative to focus the dumbed down public's attention to a case which is going nowhere just like the last one. The reason is the oligarchy has chosen their candidate, the Democrats who are like lemmings jumping off a cliff will continue to believe in their candidate like they've been hypnotized.The truth is like Kryptonite to them.

 Debbie Lusignan, the Sand Progressive.

H. A. Goodman
Even if Comey claims it is an unrelated case this is due to Wikileaks.

Tim Black with H.A. Goodman


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