Sean Penn Promotes a Fake Book of Pro-Hillary Clinton Propaganda Aimed at the Real Left Wing, It’s Cointelpro Directly From the DNC

I am not voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Instead I will be voting for Jill Stein.

Sean Penn has narrated a book of propaganda for Hillary Clinton, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. It is being presented on Audible. com for free. The presentation of this book as being written by some author that resembles bad art is very deceitful. Sean Penn and the Hillary campaign/DNC are really dishonest as we already know. This is done in such an obvious way that one would think everyone would catch on, but no, not dumbed down Americans and certainly Hillary Clinton supporters are blind to anything that resembles the truth no matter how blatantly obvious it is.

Phil Ochs is turning over in his grave
I could be wrong of course about who I think wrote this thing. This post post describes my gut instinct and my brain reaction from what I read, have experienced and know. Phil Ochs is turning over in his grave. 

This is real bizarre to those who haven’t had the kind of experiences some of us have. If people have not had their documents disappear from their computer, watched as what they just wrote is deleted, had their hard drive crash just as something important was finished, had their motherboard fried right after massive surveillance of their blog by government agencies/contractors and others is documented, had some kind of federally linked agents following them (and trying to provoke them), had their emails deleted, nearly been killed after reporting drug dealing cops to the FBI, had an employer who was committing massive Medicaid fraud send  a semi-circle of suits from another state to constructively discharge them due to whistleblowing, watched as Alaska Native women were raped while law enforcement let the perps go free (the feds knew), watched as Alaska Natives did not get real health care (HSS and IHS knew), hasn't been forced into homelessness and has been mobbed in many ways including by government agencies, then picking up on what this book is will be hard for them to grasp. If you never had huge consequences from exposing the abuses and lies of the government or been wrongfully imprisoned by malfeasant officers of the court chances are you think those kinds of things are not allowed. They most certainly are allowed and I am conscious.

Only certain people will be able to see the truth here due to decades of brainwashing and propaganda along with lack of education, lack of reading (especially books), lack of a discernment of which journalists are telling the truth and the general dumbing down of the citizens of the United States. But there is more to it than that, it is our experiences which have educated us to know everything is being manipulated in this country right now, the observations and then adding 1+1 to get 2. Certainly the Wikileaks emails being exposed about the Clinton campaign right now serve to give us a demonstration of that in a big way. Since most people are not reading them and the news media reports very little about the Wikileaks Clinton related emails, the majority of the people in this oligarchy we now live in are utterly clueless about the truth and this is why we no longer live in a democracy.

Just like your health is your responsibility to take care of and when you make certain bad choices it effects those around you, so does your lack of educating yourself. It is irresponsible to not understand what is going on in your country and the very bad choices made by so many are affecting others in a negative way. Adults are informed, children believe little sound bites even if they are lies. Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are not real and neither is Hillary Clinton’s public face which is often the opposite of her private one.

A couple days ago I downloaded this free short book from Audible.com, called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. I finished listening to it this morning, was inspired by it in many ways as it is written most brilliantly and has many strong messages. The book leans to the left with Phil Ochs’ music lyrics mentioned often. The author is set up to appear as a 1960s hippy type. Then the references to Donald Trump began. At first I thought considering the content so far the anti-Trump is probably going to morph into anti-Clinton also. No, it never did and my sleep deprived brain (there is no sleeping in the hell created over decades for the poor by the oligarchy/federal government) began spinning. The book is being promoted by Sean Penn and discusses much that touches on things he has done in his life, so many think he is the real author and I began thinking that way for a short time, then decided that is just part of the authorship. Penn has given many interviews promoting this short book and claims he did not write it. The author uses the name Pappy Pariah. 

Is the word pariah in the name of the author used to make a connection with the rebels, renegades and radicals?

I have thought about the contents of the book and the message that we had better not elect Trump but instead put Hillary Clinton in office. Where would that come from? Well, there are many promoting this message and some of them are very surprising considering how frightening Hillary Clinton is. We have two very bad candidates, but the plan of the oligarchy is for Hillary Clinton to be president, Trump was put in place to be used as the bad guy to make unliked Hillary seem like the lesser of two evils. She is not the lesser of two evils, evil is as evil does.

After thinking for a while, looking at some of the content, especially the murders Bob Honey performs like a government assassin and much more I think I know where this book came from. I think this is Cointelpro (no it never ended) and probably written by several people. That would explain the disjointedness of the story line. Those several people probably threw the book together quickly and made it brilliant and wordsmith-y to target a certain audience. I believe it is people like myself who are informed, experienced and radical left wing whom they seek to manipulate into voting for Hillary Clinton. But Hillary and DNC why don’t you just steal the election, you know like you did with the primary? The problem with that is the Republicans have much more election stealing experience and might out-corrupt the DNC.  

Why is the book completely free, for propaganda reasons? Sean Penn says the author told him it had to be published before the election. It is only an audio book, there is no written form. Since a written form exists why not publish it on Amazon which is the parent company of Audible.com where it was published in audio form?  

Why is Sean Penn promoting this book when he is suppose to be very left wing and certainly should not agree with Hillary Clinton at all on most subjects? Remember Hugo Chavez Mr. Penn? Is he aware of the DNC manipulations to put Donald Trump in place as the Republican candidate, he is not a real candidate, just a guy playing a role. Are you also playing a role Mr. Penn? Sean Penn has done the questionable interview with El Chapo just before he was arrested which also looks dicey when he claims no involvement with the government. I assume some kind of deal has been struck that he promote the propaganda for the Clinton Campaign, but for what I have no idea, did they threaten him with some crime, is he acting as some kind of agent for the security state, no idea. The story Sean Penn tells of how he received the book is crazy and everyone says so, it smells made up. (This video is posted below.)

The book has something for the old left radicals and the millennial left which is refusing to vote for Hillary, it was designed to change the thinking of different generations of people who do their own research and thinking. The book grabs hold of the real left ideals and then tells people to vote for Hillary Clinton. Just like the DNC’s use of Bernie Sanders as a sheepherder to draw in voters for HRC, the book is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Those who have been trolled by Correct the Record will understand what I am saying. The trolls use psychology to manipulate the thinking of people who are against Hillary Clinton. It is a type of massive cyberbullying, but without the constant You're crazy comments. I am very well educated about bullying of all types and have been an anti-bullying activist for years. I imagine a committee consisting of political players, psychologists, Cointelpro experts and authors working on this book. I believe this book is a mind-fuck. It worked on me about as well as your trolls, but you were able to convince others to believe lies about me because they are easily manipulated. You are pulling your tactics on people all over the country who should have a right to speak their minds if only we had a Constitution with an amendment that said they could, oh wait, we do, but no longer live in a democracy. It seems we now live in a democrazy.
Many attempts to wall me off have been made through the spreading of false propaganda and using psychology to influence those who have weak minds. I will only look for the truth, truth and justice are my main goals at this point.

This is the description of Donald Trump from Pappy Pariah's so called book who I believe is a group of people.

The section that begins to discuss Trump is titled, “Mein Drumpf.”  

“The bloated blonde high priest of branding and masturbatory populist who’d become a media sensation and then some.”  

Towards the end of the book the pro-Hillary stuff comes out and the writing goes downhill.
“Are you in a crisis Bob…Isn’t the whole world? Then a discussion about the oligarchy.
“Drifting into his dream were Democrats from the next bed’s TV. Philadelphia, feelin’ the Bern. Daytime speeches twist and turn…the president spoke drawing an oratory ace from beneath his cloak…felt the president speaking to him and speaking to you. Hard in this world to be an elegant man Bob thought, but when his game’s on that Kenyan Kansan can. Then there she was, the woman of our political hour entering stage left. If Bob’s trust could be measured, it was in boxing terms, she’d put in the gym hours, far more than her share. Believing ours would be a country that would discern when laid so bare. She smiles and hugs the president. The crowds rise up in glee, her opponent might be tweeting admonishing repugnantly”…blah, blah, blah.
Then Bob sits up in the hospital and says the old version of the Pledge of Allegiance before “under God” was added. This is a touch for the left wing. Then he plays Phil Ochs again, on war…then Phil Ochs again.

Sean Penn Quote of the video below, supposed to be what "Pappy Pariah" wrote.

 “Either you can divorce yourself from loving your children and piss on a tree to show you have the power to piss on a tree, or you can go out and vote in a very big way for someone like Hillary Clinton, who then you can challenge and support … or we can just stick it out for four years and masturbate our way into hell with a guy who looks like the only blond magician.”

I could just vomit.

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