Julian Assange’s Internet is Cut Off After CNN Announces Reading Wikileaks is Illegal, then RT’s Bank Accounts Shut Down. But Wait, Immediate UPDATE, Wikileaks Podesta #10 Just Released, Hehe

Yesterday we had CNN, the Clinton News Network saying it is illegal to read information from Wikileaks which is an obvious mind fuck attempt by this pathetically transparently controlled corporation of propaganda. Of course all of this is kind of hillaryous but also very sad and frightening. This must have been a precursor as part of this whole scenario as a demonization and manipulation of the lower functioning citizens of the United States. First people are told it is illegal to read Wikileaks then today they cut the internet of Julian Assange and other members of the organization. The oligarchy has come together to protect themselves and the candidate/puppet they want put into the White House. The last one did well for them and this one, the first woman president is way more skilled at psychopathy than the first black president.

For months now those of us who are not Hillary Clinton supporters know there has been quite a bit of censoring on the internet of material not positive to her campaign and massive attacks by Hillary trolls from Correct the Record who try to use psychological techniques either to change the thinking of a writer or change the thinking of others about a writer. This is very obvious on Facebook and they have added masses of false articles to waste people’s time and cloud up all the information while claiming some robot system is to blame. If it is to blame then why have you not fixed it FB and why did you fire all those employees doing such a good job of sorting through them before? The reason is the system was put on place to do exactly what it is doing, muck things up for non-Clinton people. We have also seen censoring on Twitter, those of us who write blogs were under surveillance over a period of time and then blocked in many ways and recently it got much worse.

Here are some of the troll comments I received and there were comments about me written in other places in order to manipulate a decision to eliminate me due to my lack of Hillary love.

Get some help! You have definitely got some serious mental issues.

Oh Please. Do us all a favor and go play in traffic.

Take a deep breath. It will be ok, moron.

Other people are getting these sick comments, these are bullies and psychopaths, some are paid by a PAC that Hillary Clinton's campaign hired, yes paid assholes. So realize what they are and just laugh at the pathetic things. 

There were also comments about an Alaska blogger, very negative ones which I did not put through but then I have some ethics and don't promote a gang of cyberbullies. These comments are almost identical to the Sarah Palin trolls which included them planting comments about others on my blog designed to change my thinking about them. Not only did I not allow those comments to be published but my skill in the area of bullies and psychopaths allowed me to immediately understand what they were trying to accomplish. They finally quit and took actions to try to sideline me. I'm still here. 

Some of us have had documents disappear from our computers, words we had just written were deleted slowly before our eyes, sudden crashes of our hard drives or mother boards happened, constant problems sometimes occur while on line, viruses etc. Some of us are followed around and under surveillance and lots of bad things happen to us. We are generally the ethical whistleblower types, the kind of people who deal in facts and strive to do the next right thing. We love democracy, free press, freedom of speech, justice and human rights, but the oligarchy hates them all and so do their political puppets. Those who insist on the truth are the most dangerous people to an oligarchy which has worked to convince a dumbed down public they are good for them while they destroy their health, take their freedoms and steal their hard earned money through their perfidious actions. I feel fortunate to have had experiences that educated me about the truth. It began with being a nurse and watching Big Pharma's lies.

We already know the Democrats and Hillary Clinton have spent a great deal of time preparing to steal the election for president of the United States by getting control of the news media, social media and rigging a primary election. Now they seek to control all information about the past actions of Hillary Clinton and those associated with her by rewriting history.

Now we find out that at the same time these other malevolent actions were implemented RT, Russia TV has had their banking accounts shut down by the UK’s NationalWestminster banking system. There are many places to keep money so what do they think this will accomplish? The problem with RT is they report the truth about the United States and everyone else so they have been targeted. RT telling the truth just doesn't work well with the US government's plan to demonize Russian and Putin.

Here is Russia Today's Redacted tonight with you know Americans doing the show. I love Lee Camp.

Last night we knew something was up with Julian Assange and Wikileaks. They released three tweets which made some people think he may have been killed.  

Gizmodo has a description of what these codes mean, they are to protect the data, if it is altered the code will be changed and people will know it was tampered with, you know to protect the evil players. 

Wikileaks says it was Ecuador that cut off the internet. What threats were made to cause that action?

From Reuters:

The Ecuadoran government offered no immediate comment on the question of internet access, but the country's foreign minister, Guillaume Long, said Assange remained under government protection.
"The circumstances that led to the granting of asylum remain," Long said in a statement late on Monday.

Why president Obama? What is it you seek to conceal? Or are you carrying out instructions from your overlords?

Do they think there are no other orgs or people on this planet who have this information? Do they think this will work?

Why has this good woman, Amy Goodman who has spent decades as a journalist who reports the truth uncorrupted by Wall Street or politicians recently been put through the ordeal of being charged with inciting a riot and trespassing? BTW a judge refused to authorize the charges due to no probable cause. Some of us know probable cause is not really a requirement in the US court system unless lots of people are watching. 

“This is a complete vindication of my right as a journalist to cover the attack on the protesters, and of the public’s right to know what is happening with the Dakota Access pipeline,” said Goodman. "We will continue to report on this epic struggle of Native Americans and their non-Native allies taking on the fossil fuel industry and an increasingly militarized police in this time when climate change threatens the planet."
It is a dark time to live in the United States. I grew up in the 1950-1960 era when this country was great for the white people anyway, not so much for blacks and Native people. The people who worked to build the infrastructure in this country that are still alive know what all of this means because they lived through WWII and the great depression, experienced what happens when the 1% are appropriately taxed and unions are strong. They know this means we are in big trouble and need to get up off our asses and do something. They watched as the good old USA regressed to ignoring the Geneva Conventions and torturing people, lied about WMDs to take resources while killing and leaving toxins that damage children, built up militarized police forces that shoot people who are not a danger to them and now the press and freedom of speech are gone. We have not lived in a democracy for some time. Those who are not conscious and support what President Obama and Hillary Clinton have done to undermine democracy and promote wars in other countries are to blame. Is it now too late to turn this nightmare around? Wake up people! Hillary Clinton has been deemed the next president, the news media, social media, the FBI and the DOJ have been co-opted. We do however still have the alternative news media manned by a group of very brave souls.  
Update: Hehe. Here is the Podesta Wikileaks # 10 drop. How's that stopping Wikileaks thing workin' out for ya?

Here is H A Goodman's response.

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