The Hypocrisy of Women Who Support Sex Offenders For Their Own Agenda: Presidential Version

Bill Clinton's victims at the presidential debate.

Bill Clinton at the presidential debate. It's so good to see him so happy.

We live in a world of lies. It is world where people believe what they want rather than examine the facts. Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are disgusting abusers of women. Neither of them are able to even understand why. Women who are suppose to be supporters of women's rights and victims of sexual assault and would certainly say women should be treated with respect are only able to see
what one of these men is when the other one has done even worse things and they can't see this and oh my would never speak about it.

At this point in time we have a female candidate for president feigning to be on the left, but is instead right of center. Hillary Clinton is masquerading as a pro-women candidate discussing breaking the glass ceiling while during the last presidential debate some of her husband’s victims who claim rape, sexual harassment and more were all sitting together in the front row. How can this woman who has many issues with being dishonest become president. This scenario is so bizarre that it seems only a writer with a wild imagination could come up with it, but right now this is playing out in the real world of oligarchic controlled elections in the United States.

The right wing candidate for president, Donald Trump is a sexual predator who seems to think of women like a high school boy. In high school I could not stand the boys due to their behavior. The right uses the excuse that lots of men use locker room talk, yes they do but not a damn one of them should become president because women will never achieve equality with something like that in the White House.   

This is all possible due to the ignorance and lack of intellectual activity on the part of citizens of our country. Yes the news media is mostly propaganda, but with a bit of work you can find some truth to read, you can learn to evaluate things for yourself. It is very unlikely that most who are not taking in real information now will ever change. My hope is with the millennials who it seems are reading and striving to sort out truth from fiction.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters carry on as if the information being dropped by Wikileaks and others does not exist. The lack of facts was the original reason they chose their candidate so it is no surprise their denial becomes deeper.

The rigged Democratic primary that resulted in party officials resigning while the rest of the party pretended there was no real election rigging, no manipulations from the White House to help HRC above Bernie Sanders, no manipulations of the news media and no manipulations to pick the Republican candidate for Hillary to run against will be engineering the general election to the best of their ability. That is why every vote is a vote for Hillary Clinton. This time the Republicans who we know are also quite the election engineers will be in competition with them, but just like the below email the Democrats are in control right now, so their efforts will be more successful.

The only honest person running for president is Jill Stein. She has the interests of the common person at heart. If someone like her were to  become president our lives would get better and so would those of people all over the world. She is a woman who is strong, intelligent and she possesses empathy. Hillary has shown callousness in many ways.

How can a woman who is married to Bill Clinton who has been accused of multiple rapes, sexual harassment and more be considered a strong woman when she supported him and denigrated his victims. Why is a woman who claims to support women still married to a man who is continuing to have young women visit him in his Clinton Library Penthouse? Word is he wants nothing to do with living at the White House. When Queen Hillary is installed he will probably just pop in to make appearances and take off back to his hide out in Arkansas.

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