Update Due to Donald's Thin Skin, Dawn of the Donald, Thanks Democrats, We Must Find the Positive That We Can Do and Protect Those Targeted With Hate and Abuse

Here is a group targeted with hate and abuse, along with horrible living conditions, bullying, poor nutrition and healthcare, the homeless. Why is it that group that dies at half the age of the sheltered population did not get any help under President Obama, why it is almost like some Deep State wants the homeless to die or be ignored. Right now they are finally organizing the agencies but there is no low income housing, almost none being built so what is the point? They all act so positive and it just gets on my nerves. And the lies to the public about housing, housing first and on and on make them think we are getting help, that is a lie in most states. Anything such as tiny houses or revamping the hell hole shelters which might help the desperate homeless people is squelched, ignored and pooh-poohed. Homeless people are a commodity used by the non-profit industrial complex reducing us could crash part of the economy. Help could have been given long ago but President Obama did not lift a finger. The holocaust of homelessness in the United States will get worse under President Trump, many will suffer and die. The same would have been true under Hillary Clinton.

No I am not a Trump fan, not happy about his presidency, but considering the Democrats decided to sideline Bernie Sanders and screw him over along with his supporters to run some damaged, unethical candidate during a period of time when the uneducated white people had been screwed by the government polices set by the oligarchy for decades Trump is what you get. In this kind of a situation the lower classes are looking for someone to blame because they have no idea who caused the problem and they are always sure it was the "others." Without Bernie we get Trump because 1+1=2. I was certainly not a Clinton fan which brought much abuse from the Clinton cyberbullies.

I am also not a fan of many people Trump is choosing for his cabinet. I'm waiting to see if Sarah Palin will be appointed to some position. Someone in a newspaper suggested Trump might make her the Secretary of Pussy Grabbing. That would assist Track with his ever present question, "Do you think I'm a pussy?" Then she could grab him and say, yes Track you are, I should know being the Secretary of Pussy Grabbing and all. I mean both Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, it's a comedian's heaven.

What many of us are trying to do now is find anything positive about Trump we can, such as wanting to step back from all the wars, Putin wants to have a relationship with us and TPP is dead. Then on top of this we must organize to protect people he may harm, the environment, civil rights and more. Did you know President Obama deported 2.5 million illegal immigrants? Bet you didn't say a word about that, nope, but I did because I read lots of books and articles about it. Now Trump wants to deport 3 million and suddenly the Clinton supporters are able to see deportation when it was invisible before. I did not agree with these harsh policies under Obama and I will not agree under Trump. Trump's claims that it will be criminals who get deported makes no sense as they already deport the illegal and legal immigrants who commit crimes, mostly felonies. Did you know that under Obama illegal immigrants were and are held in horrible conditions including children. Did you know a reporter in Mexico who wrote stories people did not want told was running for his life with his child and asked for asylum and was put in a prison? The child was too. "We were looking for refuge and they put us in prison," Gutierrez said. This happened to other reporters in Mexico because anyone who told the truth ended up dead and no one could be trusted as the police were often the sicarios (assassins). After all these years I can't find anything to show Gutierrez's case was ever decided. Since he was writing about the Mexican military harming citizens in the drug war that was paid for by the United States and our military trained theirs it is not too hard to figure out what the delay is about, just like in Mexico, suppression of the truth.

Barack Obama is a charming man who did lots of bad things, but Democrats did not notice them because he played for their team, the Democrats who think of themselves as the good guys...well that has changed hasn't it. Now in Donald Trump we have a man who will also do bad things but the Democrats will be able to see them due to Trump playing for the other team. I don't like team sports and find the wearing of school colors and all the rah, rah crap kind of odd. The only sport I like is the Iditarod, but only the mushers who take good care of their dogs. Go, Aliy Zirkle! In the Iditarod each person is independent, trains their dogs and forms a strategy, then each person gets some luck, good or bad, all of this forms the positions to cross that burled arch in Nome from the winner to the Red Lantern winner. I wanted a woman president, but in order to fill that position I have requirements of morality, ethics, experience and intelligence. Hillary Clinton had experience and intelligence but failed the other two tests. Jill Stein would have filled the morality, intelligence and ethics requirements, but no experience in a higher level political position, but I voted for her due to her qualifications being better than Hillary Clinton's and not wanting Donald Trump as president.

I would also like a female musher to win the Iditarod which requires experience, education, training, intelligence and the morality/ethics to take care of the dogs and put their interests first. This is why I have supported Aliy Zirkle for years cheering for her to win, she takes good care of her dogs and if she did not would be the winner instead of taking second place a few times. Without a woman in the race like her I would be rooting for a man to win. Last year Aliy would have won, but she was attacked by an aggressive drunk on a snow machine. This is where the good or bad luck comes into play. Bernie would have won against Trump but he was attacked by the Democrats, the main stream media and the oligarchy. It was not possible for Bernie to fight them off with a trail marker like Aliy did  with the snow machine attack to save her dogs, no the fix was in on a massive scale.

The most positive thing about Trump getting elected is the political left is going to have to get their crap together. We need strong liberal intellectuals to educate people as to what an actual liberal is and what their role is in the country. The real liberals need to step up to the plate. What we have with the Democrats are people who are right of center, that does not a liberal make. Of course this does not stop the right wing from calling them liberals, you know with that snarl in their voices, lib-reals, but they are not liberals. That has been irking me for a long time.

What we really need is third parties to take some of the power from the two party system and give us wider choices. One party falls down, has scandals, has crappy politicians, their policies suck, they are representing the oligarchy, switch your vote for this other party that represents the interests of the people instead. People have been hypnotized into thinking there are only a possibility of two parties and yes they both suck, but just pick the candidate that seems to suck less than the other one. That is not a good choice and one reason we no longer have a democracy.  

Donald Trump will be very unlikely to deliver what he promised to his supporters. When they find out they will not get to burn crosses on the lawns of black people, chase Hispanics over the border with guns or that the great wall of the United States is crazy and will never be finished they will probably become violent. Dumb, angry crackers with guns is way more scary than the paid Tump protesters. History has shown this is the kind of candidate that pops up when the country ignores the needs of the working class people. Thanks Hillary and the DNC for your unethical and pervasive bad decisions, oh and wasting our time with your paid trolls mucking everything up, fucking up Facebook with fake articles and sabotage and having all the MSM reporters in your back pocket. It was you who got Trump elected not the very small number who voted for Jill Stein, nope.  

No I do not advocate stabbings, nope, but this is funny and I do advocate humor. Without it living in hell would have killed me long ago. I love the very end. 

Update: Thin skinned Donald couldn't take a cartoon, the account was terminated. 

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