Shawn Lucas Served Notice of a Lawsuit to DNC/DWS in July and Died in August, Another Clinton Death Coincidence

Shawn Lucas, process server to the DNC/DWS is dead.
There have been several coincidences associated with the Clintons for a very long time with regards to people dying...decades of deaths. In fact when I heard the story of how my uncle died decades ago in Arkansas and what went on before his death I questioned if he might be one of the people. I was met with anger, but sorry it was a weird and illogical story. Bill Clinton dedicated a room to my uncle after his death.

Back when Bill Clinton was running the first time, people came to my house in Washington state to have a meeting organizing support for Jerry Brown who ran against him in the primary. We discussed the people associated with the Clintons who had died so far. That must have been around 1992ish. Those mysterious Clinton associated deaths are continuing and interesting how they have increased dramatically now that Hillary is running for president. I waited a few days for more information before posting about this but there wasn't any.

The video of Shawn Lucas serving staff at the Democratic National Headquarters regarding the lawsuit out of Florida addressing corruption involved with donations to the DNC is in a post from July 1st of this year on this blog. The claims that he was a lead attorney are false, he was a process
server. Of course the death will be declared natural causes or an overdose, at this point even if that were true with all the deaths over the last few weeks who could believe it? Well Hillary supporters will.
Class Action Lawsuit Against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz Filed in Florida To Defend the USA From the Corrupt DNC

Here is the video.

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