Assange Describes Why Hillary's Moves Are Limitied and Already Scripted, Fabulous Video Describes How DNC Rigged the Convention Too

This is not what democracy looks like. While watching the video and reading always remember this scenario that played out with the Democrats was pre-planned with all the major players involved. This is why President Obama and many others allowed a rigged election and said nothing.


Hillary and other Democrats along with the oligarchy made the choices she did that defied unity, yes it was Hillary and her henchmen/women who caused the disunity because she has to pay people back for screwing the country over to force her coronation on us. Discussing 2008: “…Hillary loses the election, ah loses the primary process against Obama. At that point Tim Kaine was the head of the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was ah, Hillary Clintons campaign manager. So then some kind of deal is done whereby Debbie Wasserman Schultz becomes the head of the DNC and Tim Kaine steps down. Ah, now if you are Hillary and you are thinking strategically you are going to run again in four years or eight years to have your campaign manager as head of the DNC, controller of if you like the regulator, is regulating the nomination competition, ah is a huge strategic advantage.”

Assange is saying that Hillary Clinton is operating in much the same way as Sarah Palin did in Alaska, cronyism, keeping those who know something about her close, picking those who will do unethical things for her but are not educated or experienced to actually do the job well.

He discusses when DWS had to resign due to the leaked documents showing her corruption and how Hillary rather than create unity with the Bernie Sanders supporters immediately appointed DWS to her campaign (remember it was the same damn day). Then Hillary went on to pick Tim Kaine as VP rather than someone from the Bernie camp which would have created unity. The process of creating the DNC platform could have also created unity, but they screwed us on that too. Why? Assange believes the kingdom of Clinton is built on friendships and alliances and she can’t let the message get out that she does not respect those alliances so she immediately put the corrupt DWS into another important position. The deals of who is picked and what goes on were made years ago so this may be why Tim Kaine was picked as VP. Kaine gave up being head of DNC mostly likely so DWS, Hillary’s campaign manager would be in place at the DNC which was supposed to be impartial, but instead was a Hillary election machine. It looks like the leverage to manipulate Kaine to step down was he would be given the spot of VP running mate. Even if you did not figure out from Obama’s previous behavior that this means DNC corruption goes all the way to the White House and DWS was just the errand girl of the powerful. The oligarchic overlords will have the candidate they want despite the people finding her distasteful and overwhelmingly wanting someone else.

Why did Hillary pick DWS when she was forced to resign as head of the DNC? “Hillary has to keep her close.” The reason is DWS knows a lot about the Clintons. Then there is this, “Don’t worry if you take a fall…for doing a corrupt act for me…then you will be taken care of.” You scratch my back, I scratch your back, you rig an election I protect you when you are outed. 

Then he goes on to claim this all creates a limit on the moves Hillary can make. In other words her choices are limited to her unethical cronies who were all promised positions, appointments and favors for helping her get elected, they also have to be careful to not anger those who have information which can be used against them. She could not choose a person for the VP candidate that would have made the Bernie Sanders people feel more comfortable with her because that spot was already filled. Picking a Bernie or actual liberal for the VP spot would not have worked with me, but it would have with a very large percentage of Bernie supporters.

This is how we ended up with a government corrupt to the core and dysfunctional as hell. We watched this in Alaska with Sarah Palin and Parnell. So many times I wrote that Palin chose people based on if they were in her high school class, would protect her or that they were in place to do unethical things for her. This is at the federal level however and has affected all the agencies.
“There wasn’t a move available to her to unite with the Bernie Sanders supporters…because those squares were already occupied”
This next video is a work of art describing the events that went on at the Democratic National Committee to prevent the Bernie Sanders supporters from having a voice. Most of this the public did not know about because only the alternative media reported the truth. The revolution may not be on TV but it will be on the internet. It was not just the election that was rigged, so was the Democratic National Convention.

This is Melissa Melton who is the editor and writer at the Daily Sheeple is the woman in this video. Love the title. Truthstream Media.


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