Shane Barbera's Part Two of Bernie Sand Wars: Episode V - THE DNC STRIKES BACK is Published, It's Awesome!!!

I re-posted the first episode again for those who did not see it or want to watch it again. The first episode was excellent, but this second one is so awesome I was laughing loudly at the library and I'm one of those annoying shhhhhssshhh people. I almost lost it when Dronebama showed up and started talking about TPP. Danny Devito was used to destroy it. Then there is the part about the traitor Elizabeth Warren, this is so fabulous.

Part 1

Part 2

This is, Killing In the Name, from the group Rage Against the Machine, they were in Philly. Part of this same song is in this video. I was listening to this song on a bus and some kid began looking around trying to find who is was. I finally had to let him know it was me. Hilarity ensued, you know because I'm 61 and he never thought an older person would be listening to it.

No one can convince me to vote for Darth Hillary. It doesn't matter what anyone else says. Bernie can't do it either. I know what I know along with having ethics and a conscience. This country, this world, and especially the people all over the world who are being harmed by the empire are what matters. Fuck the oligarchy and their puppets.

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