Brooke Browning Alowa and John Earthman Are Applying to be Judges, Oh Hell No! Featuring a Picture of My "Frickin' Cat"

Brooke Browning Alowa and John Earthman are both applying to be judges. I knew about Alowa yesterday but today saw John Earthman again running for judge in Nome. Tim Dooley was probably mobbed/group bullied in Nome and Earthman was behind it. I am very familiar with his work. I just told the judicial council staff it's best to leave Nome before they give you PTSD. I posted this in the Peninsula Clarion yesterday about Alowa. The judicial council had already printed it before I called. ******

Brooke Browning Alowa, Oh H*** no!

 She is a manipulative pathological liar who harmed me egregiously when she was my so called public defender. She kept me from having a defense and so did the drunk PD before her and the pot head one after her. I am not making this up. Yes, the man who was the director of the PD agency Quinlan Steiner has remained so since this Charley Foxtrot. She ran the Kotzebue PD office, defendants were not notified of hearings intentionally out of Kotz and Nome so they could railroad Native people into the prison. She lied to get me to take a plea when I had asked for a trial. Then did not return phone calls until just a few days before a hearing informing me the expert witnesses she promised me to get me to take the plea would not be happening, nothing would, I was screwed. She told me I would be my own expert witness but never called me to do so, they pulled that twice. I am not making any of this up. She participated in a conspiracy to have me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned with John Earthman the DA in Nome (he also wants to be a judge BTW) and Judge Ben Esch, by disappearing while they scheduled a hearing so that an excuse for not notifying me could be used. Her behavior after I was wrongfully arrested told the true story, that she was an active participant. It happened three days after I filed an appeal in a case where they all committed egregious malfeasance that should have resulted in the loss of their licenses and certain they should have been fired instead of given promotions and appointments. That was why they did what they did. But later the PD agency did the appeal and made sure it was crap so I would lose. The PD agency and lack of due process was the issue but they were doing the appeal. They used two con men in Homer Alaska to assist them who wrongfully accused me. There was an accusation of someone before me, then suddenly it was me when I explained why he could not have done it. One of the two con men filed a false police report, but interestingly it was never filled out until the warrant was issued to have me arrested. The whole scenario was orchestrated to help keep people from getting arrested, except me their victim they facilitated that. He also perjured himself during a hearing of the Nome Court. Then his brother who probably committed the crime they accused me of was allowed by the state of AK to steal my property, vandalize the rest and harmed my cat. They sent me to four jails and prisons telling me each time I was going to Nome for a hearing, this is done to prevent the defendant from communicating with the outside and getting bailed out. They did nothing to communicate with me and treated me horribly. When I was finally released 26 days later I was sent back to Homer homeless, I was the victim of those two con men and the employees of the so called justice system in Alaska. Later the day before a hearing I had to have my cat put to sleep after desperately trying to save her. I was refused a continuance by Judge Exparte Esch for being upset when they did that to me and the prosecutor had gotten a continuance for some vacation without any flack. Brooke Browning Alowa sent me an email telling me she was tired of hearing about my "frickin cat". There is much more to this story, she keeps trying to become a judge as she is a climber, you do not want that she is evil. The rest of the story involves abuse and medical malpractice in the prison system which I have written about for years and was totally ignored while the state continued to kill people, Alaska State Troopers not doing their jobs, AST destroying evidence, higher ups all the way to Walt Monegan part 1 calling me a liar and saying crazy to me just before slamming the phone down. Rick Svobodney when he worked for the DOJ told me no one would ever do anything about a malfeasant prosecutor in Alaska, then he called me a liar and hung up the phone. After that he was in a high position at the DOL. I could go on for days and have written much about this. I have been harmed by the corrupt people who work in the so called justice system in Alaska someone has to take a stand. The government of Alaska is immune to the truth. How many have been destroyed by these kinds of soul stalkers?
There was much harm done to me that will never go away by their actions, the worst was the starving and torture of my cat by one of their accomplices Robin Hume. He was not charged for this crime or any of the others he committed against me because then he would have probably spilled his guts on them as he is a weasel. 

They did much that was wrong in a court case which should have gotten them disbarred and Judge Esch should have been removed from the bench. They had me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned three days after an appeal was filed. Look at the top of the page to understand why they had me wrongfully arrested.

I posted this on FaceBook today with the same cat picture.

Misbehavin the cat killed by Brooke Liar Browning Alowa, DA John (I'll dismiss the charge if you drop the appeal) Earthman and Judge Ben Exparte Esch all out of Nome with the help of Judge Margaret Bullshit Murphy in Homer who is unable to know the difference between truth and BS. Then their accomplices who should have been charged with several crimes were Robin Psychopath Hume and Steve Scumbag Hume. Brooke Liar Browning Alowa after having me wrongfully imprisoned, then ignoring me claiming to have been camping said this to me while I had been severely traumatized,"I'm tired of hearing about your frickin' cat." They forced me to have a hearing on the phone the day after I had to have her put to sleep secondary to their heinous actions against me. The DA had gotten the hearing continued due to a vacation but both he and the public pretenders had it continued several times. Exparte Esch treated ME like crap for wanting a continuance due to being upset. They did this on purpose but probably have some story as cover. Anyone who examines the evidence can figure this out. These people, none of them should have ever been practicing law. This is what they did to the Alaska Natives over and over. Some of them were so traumatized they refused to go on probation and served the whole sentences to prevent them from constantly harassing them. Others carried large sums of money with them at all times due to such frequent arrests, they take you wallet and check book so you can't bail yourself out and they can keep you in the prison longer.

Alowa just applies everywhere.    

Misbehavin, I loved her very much. Brooke Browning after setting me up told me she was tired of hearing about my "frickin' cat." Well Alowa I am tired of thinking about what she must have gone through and remembering what I went through trying to find just one person at the public defender agency who had enough empathy to even call the animal shelter to go and get her. 

Thank you DOJ for at least reading about what happened. It's been a very long time and no one in Alaska even listened. I wrote a fifty page letter about the whole story and sent it to Sarah Palin, agencies and legilators, I got crickets except the state Ombudsman was pissed about it. The staff of Palin told me she read that fifty page letter, yea that's hilarious. 

I was run out of Anchorage, Alaska last fall and the federal government was involved. Right now I am in pain and not feeling very well due to being homeless and having to sleep in a dorm with egocentrics who do all kinds of crazy things that keep people awake and of course no supervision from the non-profit industrial complex. That does not go well with PTSD and ME/cfs. Soon I will write more. Yes, I will be testifying at the hearings.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Celia, Don't print this, it's a message just for you.

I'm so sorry for what you've been put through, by the poor excuse that serves as "Alaskan Justice". While I knew some of what you'd been put thru from past columns, somehow I missed the part where your poor little kitty was treated so horrifically and you could not get to her to rescue her. That's HORRIBLE and so traumatic for us who love our cats like they're our kids, I mean that shit HURTS and wont stop, EVER. I'm crying for both of you now. The only comfort is that little sweet cat is beyond any pain or fear now, poor babe. I can't imagine how angry and hurt you must be, rightfully so. I carry the memories of Every Cat(and dog) I Ever Loved with me,and not to traumatize you further, but as a child I saw adults do terrible things to the little ones I loved and I coulnt do a thing to stop it. That's worse than what the adults did to me according to my perception. My counselor calls it symbolic violence, and it was an effective means to silence the child I was, but the grown woman I am can scare the hell out of an abuser today. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY abuses a vulnerable ANYTHING in front of me, be it child, cat dog or insect. I'll do more than draw blood, let's just say. It's like all that rage and pain for my little loved ones is STILL there, and I only let it out when I m faced with witnessing abuse. And boy howdy, is it UGLY and scary. I only direct it at abusers. There are only a few non-negotiables with me, and abuse of any innocents is one such.
Once again, Celia, I'm very sorry for what you've endured. And very very sad for that sweet kitty-kid of yours. Please take care of yourself, Celia. Please try to eat and rest, and maybe try to hear some good music. Y'know, just do something simple yet important to feed your soul while you take care of your physical person. I think you're a good lady, and I hope you Win against those pricks. You got a fan in western NC. That's all for now.