Alaska After All These Years is Finally Counting and Testing the Stockpiled Rape Kits, You Know Like They Just Noticed Them, SOP

Well after all these years finally some action on this, thank you Senator Gardener and Governor Walker. Before no notice was taken, the system of allowing the rapes was even blamed on the victims. A former female governor, Sarah Palin while mayor of Wasilla charged rape victims for their rape kits. But the cops, the prosecutors, the legislators, the governors...for years, it's so disgusting. And I saw some of the victims, but no response from those in charge of the state. I can't embed any videos from the news media on blogger so here is the KTVA link.

For a very long time I have been shocked that no action was taken in Alaska to protect the women from rapists, especially Native women in the rural areas. I worked at a psychiatric facility which had an experimental program for men who raped serially in my twenties. Just like many other crimes it is a small number who commit most of the rapes. It isn't just their future victims who are protected by identifying the perps, most sex offenders will only commit one crime with appropriate counseling and supervision if caught early, so the lives of the rapists are changed for the better too.

Alaska did many things to promote rapes such as not requiring those convicted of sex crimes who came to Alaska from other states to register until a few years ago, not having law enforcement in the remote villages, not testing rape kits and unbelievably I watched as raped women came to the ER where I worked and the Nome Police did not arrest the perpetrators who were known to them. People in Nome were just OK with that, I was not. The cops were OK with it. It was like being on another planet and people did not like my opinions. I was right. Politically motivated charging and convicting of crimes were not a problem for the police or court in Nome. Cruel and vicious bastards.

“There is no justice in America, but it is the fight for justice that sustains you.” Amiri Baraka
All one can do in the face of evil is fight to stop it and make changes otherwise your own humanity will be lost to those who have no conscience or ethics. You will be damaged, but find out who you are and know you did the best you could. Believe me that is very important. 
It is evident that there is no justice in Alaska. The myth of the justice system in the United States being of high standard has been broken, but Alaska surpasses the oppression of that two tier system of injustice down to a level of heinous indifference that stuns humanity in a country that calls itself civilized.

In 2009, about seven years ago I wrote this.



We're number two second only to Louisiana. I can only imagine the jealousy in the leadership of law enforcement and  the leadership at the department of law in Alaska over Louisiana flaunting their  incompetence and corruption skills so shamelessly. Maybe if we check how long it takes to test the kits in the rural areas we could beat them? 

Now that more of the truth is being told I have to wonder if Alaska will not beat Louisiana for untested rape kits. 

Then in 2013 shocked at the below statement from Dave Parker I wrote this. 

Hollywood Dave Parker Has Been Appointed To the Alaska Judicial Council


Hollywood Dave said this about the high rape stats in Alaska:

We’re fighting an uphill battle with attitudes from Hollywood, the entertainment industry, they seem to put out the idea that this kind of thing is somehow acceptable,” said Anchorage police spokesperson Lt. Dave Parker.” 

Those in power in Alaska were so impressed with his intellect they put him on the Judicial Council.  

Now we find out that most of the rape kits were not at the crime lab, the law enforcement agencies did not even bother to even send them in. There are no words to describe the disgust I have had for so long about the corrupt law agencies of Alaska and now we have Walt Monegan part 2. He was in charge through LEAs not sending rape kits to the lab for testing. 

We know that  Senator Berta Gardner has been working on this issue.

Some issues are hard to think about. Rape is one of them. But what's even harder to think about is the fact that those who suffered the trauma of sexual assault and all its physical and emotional ramifications, have had to suffer yet again due to the negligence of the state. 

I have been thinking about it all these years, was anyone else in charge of law enforcement and law making in Alaska doing the same? Imagine how much the victims have thought about it.  

Senator Gardner states she took action after getting calls from current and former employees of the crime lab about mismanagement. It was known before those phone calls the rape kits were not being processed and that other crazy was happening to promote rapes in Alaska. Why was the problem not addressed until now? Did the visit of Loretta Lynch have something to do with finally prodding the governor to final action? He started asking for information almost a year ago and this has been an emergency situation for a long time. We now know that the majority of the rape kits were never even sent to the crime lab from the law enforcement agencies. Why until recently was action not taken to determine the number of untested rape kits and to get them tested? 

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