Billary and Staff Lost a Laptop and Thumbdrive in the Mail Which Could Have Been Mined for Her Emails, I Have No Words

But then words came.

Having a hard time getting my mind around the idiocy.

This is getting so absurd that it is hard to believe. How could anyone do these crazy incompetent things Hillary Clinton and her staff pulled. It’s a complete shit show. I understand the resources of the State Department were decreased just like all the other agencies that could negotiate to help prevent problems and wars so the Department of Defense could have more money they could lose aka divert, but it seems the resources of intelligence, competence and ethics were also decreased.

H.A. Goodman felt in the past that Hillary would be indicted for compromising classified emails, having the server in her home used to thwart security and all the other crazy, criminal acts because he is logical. I knew she would be protected by President Obama secondary to the oligarchy wanting her as president so they could sell their products and services to the Department of Defense when she starts essentially WWIII for them. I know how corrupt this country is, every agency, most every politician and certainly the president and I learned it by experiences and massive reading.

Billary had them mail a laptop containing all her emails as Secretary of State and it got "lost" in the mail. Who could have thought that could happen, you know, that something could get lost in the mail? Who could have thought someone would be waiting and watching for a breach and then snatch said laptop. Or is it sitting in dead mail due to a wrong address? The whole story could be total BS.

I know anything can happen with the US Mail because I reported that mine was being opened twice. The first time was most likely an employee at the post office in Nome, Alaska for the workplace bullies and others involved in bullying and corruption. The inspector general refused to take any action. Then in Soldotna someone was taking my mail, taping the envelopes closed all exactly the same, then I would get a large amount of mail in my box all of a sudden, all of it taped exactly the same. I reported that and they refused to investigate. This was very likely a next door neighbor or the managers at Laurawood Arms the USDA RD apartments for seniors and disabled where I was mobbed by the Russell crime family. The only person who tried to help me figure it out was a state trooper because I wondered if some LEA was doing random drug searches or something. She they would not be interested in my mail because drugs can't be smuggled in envelopes, but packages are a different story. I did do FOIA requests to LEAs and they all denied having warrants to open my mail. But I really thought it was that employee at the post office all along. This experience told me not only is the USPS mismanaged, but when complaints are lodged citizens are gaslighted and ignored. Who would send a laptop in the damn mail when important and secret documents could be mined from it?

You can read the story in the Guardian. The story of Cooper having Hanley transfer the emails and then she forgot to give them to the Clinton people and then later she tried to transfer them to an IT company and that did not work so she transferred them to someone’s Gmail account. Then, LOL, she deleted the emails but never wiped the laptop. Hey ask the Parnell administration, there is a program or ask the Secret Service they can completely clear the HD of a person who poses a truth threat to Sarah Palin. But wait the Parnell administration’s hacking of people’s emails was also a Sarah Palin threat. Hanley mailed the laptop and poof it vanished. LMAO. Then a redacted person claims to never have received it and they were moving offices so it could have gotten lost then. Somewhere is someone using that laptop not knowing what could be dredged from it’s bowels with the proper technical expertise? Apparently other devices such as blackberries also came up missing.
This laptop story may be a total lie as cover for something or a set up for another part of the story. Hilllary’s claims that she “could not recall” are bullshit and of course designed to prevent indictment. She has massive memory problems but wants to be president is what the right wing thinks. No she is a pathological liar. 

I don’t know what words to use in describing a situation that is worse than “extremely careless”.
Hillary Clinton’s ass will continue to be covered by the overlords.

This is hilarious, sad and scary all at the same time.

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