Bernie Sanders Op-Ed-ed Us the Bern of Betrayal, the LA Times Deleted the Pissed Off Comments Twice So Far

I don't know what the deal is, if Bernie Sanders was hypnotized, is a pod person, is drugged, has a relative being held hostage by the oligarychy/DNC, was in on the scam all along or is completely not grasping the DNC corruption and election rigging concept. It is really fucking weird to read what he writes and says now. I was pissed at Bernie and already feeling like a knife was stuck in my back and beginning the process of forgiveness because he did some good with his campaign. That has completely changed now.

Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed that was in the LA Times and probably other papers today. He is essentially saying that Queen Hillary must be crowned or the evil man will embarrass us and look she said she would do all these progressive things, she would never lie to us don't ya know. Hillary lies, Hillary has done very evil things, Donald Trump has said evil things. I am not a Trump supporter and think he is a psychopath, just like Hillary and Bill, but really the hypocrisy is stunning.

People who had little money did without to send Bernie Sanders money because they believed in him. Some people did without essential things and were proud they got $20 together through sacrificing. He said little about the election fraud, little about the news media ignoring him and now has betrayed us. He can now kiss my ass.

He wrote this, "In these difficult times, we need a president who will bring our nation together..." Does Bernie know a large number of Republicans hate Hillary Clinton and so do most of the actual left wing? The Democrats are not left wing, they think they are, but hell no. Many think Hillary belongs in prison so what makes Bernie think they will vote for her to become president. The DNC picked a poison candidate and now Bernie who obviously never wanted to win the election wants us to vote for her. He discusses promises Hillary Clinton has made, she will go back on much of that, it's the Clinton way. Bernie was in place as a sheep herder to get new members of the Democratic party in an attempt to get more voters to try and win against Trump, it backfired on them.

Been sick and feeling crappy and that won't be changing because I am homeless with health problems as are many and have been for almost 1.5 years, there is almost no low income housing, the shelter I am in a part of the non-profit industrial complex created by the neoliberal Clinton destruction of welfare threw away my three civil cases I was working on, the health clinics of incompetence for the homeless have nearly killed me, the shelters have traumatized me over and over, their cruelty is off the scale. Mayors all over the country are doing horrible things to the homeless but lie about it to the public, I can't even do self care or eat healthy food. The shelters are generally filthy and filled with people with poor hygiene and then I have a defective immune system which results in my frequently catching something, but there are also toxins that affect health.

It is the anniversary of my wrongful arrest and imprisonment, I called several agencies involved in that corruption and found it quite difficult to even find their phone numbers. The governor's staff was rude to me, many agencies have played games with me for over a decade which is SOP. One said someone would call me, that has not happened, but I did not expect it to. Governor Walker's administration is no better than the others when it comes to ethics and how citizens are treated. Those who harmed me were rewarded and without legal action those in charge of Alaska will never do anything to right the wrongs. They are all cowards and many are liars. I hoped if we got an ethical president something would be done about these corrupt states, the oligarchy will not allow that whatever horror story is elected Clinton or Trump.

This nearly made me vomit, thanks Bernie.
During the primaries, my supporters and I began a political revolution to transform America. That revolution continues as Hillary Clinton seeks the White House.

Wow Bernie, wow, you have now damaged the word 'revolution'. You hurt a lot of people, we are no longer feeling the Bern, instead we are feeling betrayal, you used us and so did the DNC. You also hurt the country. There is no revolution, if we could have had a peaceful revolution we may have been able to avoid the now inevitable bloody revolution. THERE IS NO REVOLUTION WITH HILLARY CLINTON! You could've been a contender but you chose to be a chump.

I waited and gave Bernie the benefit of doubt, I tried to forgive him, but as usual my first instincts were correct. When he began looking like he was going to endorse Hillary it seemed we would be screwed and we have been. But here is the mind fuck problem, Bernie seems like a good man with good intentions, so it makes people hesitate to be pissed at him. I weighed the good and bad, but the scales are now tipped over.

Pay attention people, this was a very obvious PSYOP and it worked until it didn't work. The reason it stopped working is people are becoming more conscious. Some will fall for the manipulations, but most of us are standing tough. The people including me were hungry for an ethical person with empathy to change this country, now I do not trust Bernie Sanders and don't know what to think about him anymore.

Bernie's op-ed in the LA Times earlier today deleted a large number of the comments to the op-ed Bernie wrote. Then this notice appeared in the comments because they think people are stupid.

A couple hours later they deleted comments again and put this in the comments.
The LA Times thinks deleting is a technical difficulty. This is the LA Times, the southern California branch of the fucked up fourth estate who demonstrated what they were when they fired Ted Rall over bullshit.

Bernie is now actively telling us who to vote for, was he lying then or is he lying now. Mind fuck.

But here is what really pissed me off.

I understand that many of my supporters are disappointed by the final results of the nominating process, but being despondent and inactive is not going to improve anything. Going forward and continuing the struggle is what matters. And, in that struggle, the most immediate task we face is to defeat Donald Trump.

First of all there was no nominating process, there was a rigged election, there was the DNC working towards the coronation of Hillary. As Bernie knows this is very well documented due to massive evidence and the DNC emails. I said long ago before the news media quoted an inside NSA source it is probably expat CIA or someone from a similar agency on the inside who is disgusted by what is happening in this country. The source is probably not Russia, that runs the high probability of being a group lie. Good for whoever released the emails for wanting to live in a Democracy.

Bernie, Bernie Bernie we will go forward at this point and make our own decisions about what we will do without your input. This was it, you know how when men piss women off and just have to say that one last stupid thing?

...but being despondent and inactive is not going to improve anything. 

Really? You screwed us over, you got everyone believing you really wanted to win the election, you got us to fall for the hopey changey thing again, you lead us to the DNC soul crushing slaughter, then have the balls to make a comment invalidating our feelings. Fuck you. 

If I was in a relationship with Bernie I would be packing my shit right now and mumbling to myself using lots of swear words, "I must be some kind of god damn fucking codependent idiot, what the hell was that." I am packing my psychological shit right now and moving far away from Bernie.

I would be singing this song and dancing just like this guy as I went out the door and then yell, don't bother me anymore or I'll get a restraining order because I can't deal with your crap anymore.

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