Portia Boulger Ranting Delegate Interview! Bernie or Bust Rally! Changes are Coming!

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Portia Boulger Whose Rant Went Viral Yesterday Is Even Cooler Than She Seemed!

She is the delegate whose rant I posted yesterday.

Portia Boulger worked as a union carpenter. She is about my age, that means she has courage to stand up for herself and do what she thinks is right because women carpenters when we were young were few and far between. I was an apprentice carpenter only for a short time because the work caused my health issues to go off the scale, but the discrimination was massive in just that short time. She would have endured all kinds of abuse for a long period of time. This means she has courage and strength.

She says, "Sadness from the truth is better than happiness from lies." Yes! Absolutely! I would rather know all things learned from my decade of abuse in Alaska and have PTSD than have happy oblivion. 

I agree with her that all the leaders of the Democratic Party who were involved in the "blaming culture" and the corruption should not have their jobs any more. The only way the Democratic Party can be saved is to clean house, but I have serious doubts that will work. Third parties may have to just work around the Democrats and Republicans. Since most of the members seem to think corruption is a normal and acceptable practice selecting leaders who can be proper role models is very important. No what has gone on is not normal and acceptable, they stole an election. Thieves run the Democrats just like they do the Republicans because the oligarchy thinks everything is for them. The Dems lack the crazy dominionist evangelical fringe, but they have gone right wing and have the majority of the Democrats thinking they are liberals. Almost none of these people are even in the ball park of liberalism. Their party should be called 'Republican Light'. They were apparently not taught about sharing and have a complete lack of empathy. 

Bernie or Bust Rally

These next two videos are from the Sane Progressive. The first one features, Lee Camp telling it like it is, a short announcement from the Sane Progressive, Debbie Lusignan and Tim Black throws an amazingly awesome speech.

The guy at the beginning of the video is wonderful, but I don't know who he is. 

Tim Black starts at 46:00  

The Sane Progressive, Debbie Lusignan starts at 44:10

Lee Camp starts at 12:50.

Lee Camp: We have so much fucking potential…if we just thought outside of this two party paradigm that they forced us into. It’s bullshit alright…and this unfettered, unregulated capitalist domination of the mental fear, the natural here and now. It’s an extraction, it’s a defamation, it’s a defecation on anything and everything that matters to your average human being…the question is really now whether we’ll take our differences and put them aside for three seconds in order to tell the assholier than thou titans of dickery at the top to go fuck themselves with a rusty fracking pipe.
We can do this and it’s on us now…keep fighting!

The next video is a continuation of the Bernie Or Bust event. 

Ultimate Rage is on first.

Then Jill Stein's entro is on at 9:48."We are the ones we've been waiting for an we are not going away."

People have been educated that they have power. I learned over about the last decade that I have a lot of power all by myself, no movement, just me. I had to operate alone due to massive corruption, people demonizing me, saying I was lying and crazy, this included people on the left, this is bullying. I operated with no support at all from anyone, blocked by every government agency responsible for the problems, was lied to and hung up on by commissioners, politicians and reporters. The more they blocked me, the more I had to say. They are still lying, but changes happened. They can all kiss my ass. 

Those politicians who did not support us in making ethical changes for the people of the country and are telling us to vote for Hillary Clinton a dangerous candidate owned by the oligarchy by using a candidate selected by the DNC/Hillary to run as a Republican and be their Snidely Whiplash need to start looking for a new career. There are people who will be running against them or are running against them now, there are changes coming. Remember when someone speaks up others join in, that is what Bernie caused, he spoke the truth, said how it aught to be and people who had the same thinking in their heads and hearts became alert. Bernie gave people the knowledge of their power and the courage to stand up and work for changes for their fellow man, their country, the earth and people in other countries. I disagree with him supporting Hillary Clinton, but don't know the threats or pressures in the background.


When you are the lone wolf whistleblower you pay a huge price because you are scarred in a war, but there are positives. I get to like myself, I get to know I have courage, I get to know I do the right thing when everyone else does the wrong thing, I get to know I am strong, ethical and intelligent. There is nothing in this world, no amount of money as valuable as this. 

Claudia Stauber of Cabin Talk interviews Bernie's Videographer below. He describes what we are doing. Even if we lose, we win because this is a process of purging the evil, the corrupt, the dinosaurs. It is an evolution of change.What we have accomplished is amazing.

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