My Open Letter to the Boise City Council About A Parking Code Change Which Affects People Who Live in Vehicles. You May Get the Impression I'm Pissed, Have Collected a Lot of Evidence and Feel They Do Not Have a Normal Level of Empathy, You Are Very Perceptive

This is the video I made when the unjust parking ticket harassment started. It includes the recording from parking enforcement. I have learned not to believe anything anyone who works for the city of Boise says due to multiple problems with misinformation and lies. This was during the early part of the pandemic.

There is at least one false police report as well. This is due to your systems of community policing facilitating the bullying of particular people. Your proposed change to the parking regulations further promotes bullying and mobbing against specific targets of hate in Boise. This is the first of two completely false parking tickets. Your reg change will leave me at the mercy of business owners who just don't like homeless people around, personality disorders and members of radical right organizations who do organized stalking and harassment in the homeless community, organized religious groups, political groups etc. It is already horrible. I have been harassed while shopping for groceries, had people park next to me to intentionally slam car doors into my car, play loud music or do fake arguments as noise campaigns. There are those who intentionally attempt to cause accidents, have menaced me early in the morning with vehicles, done FBI boxes, especially on State Street. There is what is known as color harassment done with vehicles. I have documentation of this and believe there are elements of the city departments involved with these groups. This is a short list of the psychological warfare tactics they use. Why are you helping them commit crimes against humanity? Are you involved? Why are you helping them wage psychological war against people like myself? 

 Posts about the unjust parking tickets


UPDATE: Unjust Parking Ticket #2 From the City of Boise Parking Enforcement This Time During a Week of Massive Harassment. I have Huge Evidence It's Unjust. 


Boise Requires Me to Have a Trial For An Appeal of a BS Parking Ticket Because It Was Written by the Gangstalking Boise Police Department, I have a Shitload of Evidence


UPDATE: Unjust Parking Ticket #2 From the City of Boise Parking Enforcement This Time During a Week of Massive Harassment. I have Huge Evidence It's Unjust.


Appeal of Second Unjust Parking Ticket Was Denied By Boise Parking Enforcement, Yes I'm Going to Traffic Court My Evidence is Indisputable.


Last weekend we found out the Boise City Council decided to change a parking law while citing several sources of complaints. The real reason is the unjust, wrongful ticketing of the homeless community and saying this law is not to target the homeless is such a blatant lie their tails are about to be caught in a crack. Parking enforcement has apparently been told by city hall to deny parking ticket appeals for the homeless no matter what the evidence shows. The denial of appeal and disappearance of evidence from the Ada County District Court demonstrates targeting and unethical actions on the part of the city. In my case massive evidence shows they are targeting me for harassment. No surprise since I have been targeted by the Boise Police Department for stalking and harassment for years along with those white Boise city cars and a huge army of weaponized morons showing up everywhere I am doing all kinds of noise campaigns, street theater, directed conversation, menacing, threatening, coughing on me and in general acting like bullying morons. 

This is very psychologically damaging. If I was in a relationship with one of these people and there are hordes of them how they treat me would be considered domestic violence in the form of psychological violence. But if the city or a business sends them to harm someone it is considered OK, even a good thing because there is a large subset of sociopathics in Boise, yes I do have expertise in that area. There is a reason Boise is the city that tried to take a case of intentional targeting and harming of the homeless to the Supreme Court hoping to overturn a lower court. Those in power believe they have a right to harm the homeless including what has been done to me which has egregiously harmed my health and shortened my life. You do not have a normal level of empathy! Seek Counseling.

I have endured years of harassment on the scale of terrorism by multiple entities including departments of the city of Boise and Ada County. Yes documented. This includes massive police harassment, cars parking by me while I'm parked to menace me, going to laundromats where I am doing laundry, showing up where I park at a store, showing up all over when I drive, cops, firemen and road construction contractors triggering lights at intersections or crosswalks, saying really inappropriate and insane things to me, BPD not calling me back, telling me I'm only allowed to talk to the BPD social worker when calling about crimes or harassment, not investigating, constantly lying, gaslighting, inappropriate responses from Police Oversight and Internal Affairs, fees for public records requests that are ridiculous, BS responses to public records requests, no response from higher ups, police running cars at me, police allowing a drug ring wherever I park even on city owned property and on and on. I could go on for days and have a lot of video yet to be published. One of the cops who ran a car at me by his description and where he worked should be easily identified but no one wants that information. Interesting isn't it?

Have evidence of most of this except for them and others running cars at me due to it stopping once I began wearing body cameras. There are the FBI boxes and attempts to cause car accidents used to terrorize me, but those have died down over the last year. 

The back window of my car was bashed on March 6th while I slept in my car. There was a hole in the glass, since the whole window was filled with cracks and the wind was blowing 19-20 mph it eventually blew out. I viewed the window which was not knocked out, it had a hole in it and nothing was found which could have been thrown to break it nor was their a limb in it. The window was covered with reflexic which remained in place after it was broken, it was not an attempted theft. This was vandalism most likely done for harassment and to deplete my financial resources because that goes on as well. Boise Police Department was asked to request surveillance video from the business next to where I was parked, several times I was lied to that someone would call me about it, no one did. Excuses were made. Why would BPD want to protect the perpetrator of that crime? Was it a cop? Or was it one of the contractors doing harassment for the businesses in the area where I park? I asked the business myself for the video, was ignored after leaving two messages, called administration, got a call a couple weeks ago from a man who said he would be happy to find it, never heard from him again. Boise SOP treatment of the homeless.

I was gangstalked out of the Civic Plaza Apartments and before that a room I rented due to no government agencies in charge of oversight or law enforcement doing their jobs. Have not told the story of the room I rented, same stalking and harassment crap with the same issues with the staff because Boise has huge problems. 

I have ME/cfs which is probably exactly the same as Long Covid, I have had it for decades. Both are post viral/post viral sepsis syndrome. There are several subsets of ME/cfs which are dependent upon which virus caused it and the latent viruses in the body which keep re-blooming causing the person with ME/cfs to get very ill over and over. The CDC, NIH and other agencies convinced the medical community we were all hypocondriacs so we were treated like crap while being very ill for decades. This resulted in problems working and accumulated medical bills, but no medical care, just medical bullying. Every time I see Anthony Fauci one of the main perpetrators of destroying lives and preventing research into ME/cfs being treated like a hero or when he says Long COVID is like ME/cfs I want to vomit and slap the snot out of him. The CDC was given research money by Congress for ME/cfs and diverted it to other programs. If the research had been done it is very likely Long COVID many have been prevented. I have suffered a lot for decades and did not deserve to be treated the way I have in this very sick country, certainly did not deserve to be tortured in Idaho by hateful people who seek to make themselves feel better-than by harming the untouchables in the lowest rung of the caste system in Boise.

I did massive research on my own to figure out how to get better so I could keep working. I ended up in another sick place, Nome Alaska where horrors happened to the Native people, especially the women and went through hell because of whistleblowing about that along with the police not arresting men for raping Native women and the horrible situation at the hospital. If you are on the side of the oppressed, you will be oppressed. This took away the progress I had made getting my health better. 

Now that I am on SSDI the treatment has been horrendous. Cities like Boise Idaho intentionally decreased affordable housing while talking endlessly about it, but doing diddly squat to increase it. Boise has no support for tenants and allows landlords to sadistically prey upon people. Then there is the intentional sidelining of the disabled and elderly from decent housing, only veterans some of which are not good neighbors, like to harm people and cause problems and families are deemed worthy of housing. 

But you can't even live in a damn car without being constantly harassed and treated like crap in the city of assholes. Now you seek to make things harder for us.

Apparently I was identified as an influencer or change agent and certainly have been an ethical whistleblower so my life in Boise was turned into torture, constant chaos and actions were taken to make my health even worse than before. I consider this to be attempted murder by this city and the business community and their contractors. 

The homeless system here is dangerous on many levels and the health department is unethical and clueless, not a good combination. I whistleblew to many agencies about the Interfaith Sanctuary and nearly died that first winter. ME/cfs carries immune system problems, but when the fact that the shelter was dangerous for infectious diseases was mentioned I was treated like I was imagining that. No, I have massive expertise in that area and have written articles about infectious disease in homeless shelters the CDC has read. One does not need to know much however to figure out that being packed like sardines, sleeping in bunk beds just a couple feet apart, little personal hygiene, people allowed to hang filthy clothing on other people's beds etc is all going to result in massive spread of viruses. Same story at Corpus Christi which is super crowded and unless something has changed have Dyson hand blowers in the bathrooms which are nicknamed, 'virus bombs.' I was abused and misdiagnosed when seeking medical care. Homeless aren't supposed to have the ability to ask intelligent questions or know how things are supposed to be done. Most certainly homeless are not expected to have the experience and knowledge to determine malpractice at a clinic for the homeless is happening,  that a practitioner can't make particular diagnoses without testing, especially in a period of a 5 minute visit, along with it being out of his specialty. Non-homeless patients are not treated this way. That labeling of the homeless can be way more difficult for the clinics of incompetence with Nurse Bitchwoman around.

There is way more to the dangerous-ness of the homeless shelters and the other shelter system is just plain nuts. But the reason in this city with lots of money is the poor are demonized and the homeless are stomped on by large numbers of people.

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Developer hopes for improvements to area around Interfaith Sanctuary

At this point I call Mayor McLean, Mayor Run-Silent-Run-Deep for the lack of response and blocking of voices of those directly involved in being harmed. I call the police chief, The Invisible Man.
O’Neill is Boise’s former Planning & Development Services director, I know due to researching who it was that had no parking signs installed on 14th making for a very bad situation during the pandemic. They got around the regulations by using a contractor to put up the signs. I had to file public records requests with ADHD and Boise Planning Dept with both sides denying being involved. The system here is very sick. Boise Planning Dept was involved and who would know how to manipulate them better than O’Neill. I went over to his office to confront him about the signs and he said it was the tenant, Tandem Diabetics who had them installed. Riiiiiight.  Tandem Diabetics told me to call back on a specific day and time only to not answer the phone, SOP for shady corporations.

The author describes O'Neill as not being involved but he is the puppet master behind the scenes. He's been working on people in the background a long time. Just look at that really weird construction project right next the the day and night shelter. Whose Idea was that monstrosity and how the hell did the city approve it? Kind of like it was all they could manage to do so control and complaints were more valid to facilitate harassment. He wants the city to boost the area up and get rid of all those in the untouchable level of the caste system so he and others can make a lot of money. They cost me money. How does it feel to walk on the backs of the poor for profit? I would guess to lots of people in Boise they sadistically enjoy it by their actions. Keep Boise kind.
Now here is the interesting part of the article and I will describe the reason under this segment. 

In March of 2020 as the pandemic was declared the BPD disappeared, poof. They had come in the evenings often to harass me by parking to menace including when I parked over by the Gay Bar Cop
Shop. Then as I covered my windows they would leave. This pattern continued over a period of years making the harassment very clear. At the onset of the declared pandemic Corpus Christi was shut down and homeless people were put outside. Why? That day shelter had been dangerous for infectious disease for years and nothing was done to change locations or expand the building to a larger size to accommodate the large number of homeless people. In fact things were done to swell the numbers of people there such as run homeless out of the library system. Stalking and harassment was used for years, have I got stories. Now people were outside with no shelter so if there were weather issues they would get close to buildings for shelter and were in the park system or anywhere they could find. What kind of a city does that? One with people who do not have normal levels of empathy. There are school gymnasiums and a stadium etc which could have been used. Those people of course caused a lot of problems and I documented quite a bit of it with video and called to health department to explain body functions are not optional, that pee is generally sterile but fecal material along the river etc would pose a health problem. The police almost never responded to calls during that period of time which often included not even calling me back. Why you might ask, you probably know. 

This began the period of months of construction and reduction of parking that simultaneously started in the two main areas where people who live in vehicles, trailers and motor homes parked. The closing of the day shelter and library system and pretty much everything caused a massive level of homeless people on the streets in the area and people, perhaps contractors of the businesses showing up to do harassment. Some of the harassment came from construction subcontractors of which some were III%ers who have been specifically harassing me in Boise. Thus began the period of idiots with flags harassment, strange street theater, loud noise continuously all day, dust, chemicals, lots of trucks and other vehicles whirling around the area and an influx of old trailers, motor homes that do not run and cars piled high with crap (some which did not run) on top and around them in the streets. During this time cars would pull up next to me and just push garbage out onto the sidewalk, then pick through it taking a couple items and drive off. There was screaming at all hours of the night, hordes of people would show up at the trailers and defunct motor homes. A man would walk by my car every night growling and making inappropriate comments every night such as, "Do you want a cock up your ass?" There were also females who would come by and make statements about men in their cars masturbating as if a 65 year old retired nurse would be shocked, but they implied it had something to do with my presence in order to run me off. Then there were people knocking on windows at all hours, "If I give you $20 will you take me to Nampa?" or "I just wanted to ask you about the Dollar Stores." a LARP on a video I made. 
Many of these vehicles which did not run of all types were parked for weeks in the same spots up to six weeks. I counted and documented. I was given unjust parking tickets but the city allowed that. Most certainly that was part of the very obvious plan to create a large amount of problems in the area as part of  the operation to eradicate the homeless from the Shoreline area. by the city and Shoreline Development and partners. Then eventually an orange sticker would appear and they would find someone to tow them using a cable often intentionally targeting my vehicle and dangerously careening onto the ass of my car. One time an old motor home that actually ran but made quite a racket drove into the parking lot next to where I was parked with the doors open missing my car by just a few inches. After parking behind me I would have to move due to the behavior of those people and all the ones who would constantly go by there. Lots of problems occurred such as for weeks around midnight people would empty their motor home sewage tank into a bucket and ride off with it on a bicycle, who knows where it ended up, perhaps it was appropriately placed into a port-a-potty or not. The odor was unbelievable and stayed for hours which is why they did it at midnight. I would wake up gagging from the odor. This is just a small amount of what went on. I reported these problems to the BPD and city hall, nothing was done. It all went on for months. Things were bad enough before March of 2020. but the city of Boise abandoned the people who live in vehicles, especially the older ones. It was like the Night if the Living Dead, but the zombies were not just looking for food they were intentionally sociopathically seeking to harm and not all of them were in the homeless community. There is a larger than normal percentage of sociopathy in Boise due to the oligarchic control and propaganda used to specifically attract a certain kind of people.

The Shock Doctrine Was Used by Oligarchs With the Assistance of Boise City Hall

 I documented a shit-ton of what was going on. 

The construction and abandonment of the homeless was clearly a bilateral effort by the business community, especially Shoreline Development and the city of Boise. Both of the main areas where the homeless parked had construction begin just as the pandemic hit. This decreased the parking and put everyone together creating huge problems. No one cared. Don't say you cared, you did not, just as you do not care now about how your new parking reg will affect people like me and you lie about it. 
The noise level, the construction contractors and other factors contributed to the massive stress engineered during a pandemic depressing immune systems while at the same time causing crowding during a time when people should have been more separated. You do not have a normal level of empathy. 
Older people who are forced to live in cars were put in the mix with the drug ring people. I have a video of me leaning out of my car yelling, if you are doing drugs you need to get the hell out of here. Of course they continued to do drugs and did not leave. I documented it all. The city was nowhere to be found unless their capitalist overlords wanted something done. 

I have immune system problems and people in Idaho are ignorant and egocentric so they refused to wear masks and intentionally coughed into my car or if they could get to me on my body. That happened just a few days ago in fact.

There were lies that the city and non-profits were going around checking on people. I saw no one in all that time up to this day, no one. 

The City of Boise Including the BPD Abandoned the Areas Where the Homeless Who Sleep in Vehicles Parked In Order to Increase Problems So New Regs Could Be Used to Rid the Shoreline Area of Homeless People. COVID Shock Doctrine. 

I know about this personally because I lived the whole thing. I was personally severely harmed by it all and begged the city to provide a safe place for at least women living in cars to park. There was not even a response. You all worked together to remove the homeless and Interfaith Sanctuary from this area to drive us out. You created my homelessness by not protecting tenants in this city from criminals or predatory landlords and then tortured me for years. That is very psychopathic. You do not have a normal level of empathy. I was constantly harassed and constantly calling the police, it was very dangerous and you allowed that. 

A Fucking Nightmare Was Created in the Shoreline Area

I parked in the Shoreline area starting the spring/summer of 2019. There were some problems that would come and park but there were other places for them to go, so they would leave a while and then come back. There were no people with cars piled with crap, only rarely and the motor homes were running. The three consistent people parking were myself who mostly parked on 14th in the new no parking area behind Tandem Diabetics, a man who parked across from me on the other side of the street and an older man in a minivan who parked by the park. None of us caused any problems. Then in 2020 there was a huge influx of trailers, dead motor homes and this odd phenomenon of cars piled high with crap and crap all around them. Something odd about how it started suddenly like that. There were people parking over by Terry Reilly and in the area of the new Gay Bar Cop Shop who seem to have been completely run off from the area. now. Many of them came over here causing even more crowding. So we went from hardly anyone in 2019, to super crowded in 2020 which was engineered by oligarchic and city manipulation. Then the city allowed trailers and dead motor homes to park for weeks at a time in one spot as if they were helpless to do anything while people in regular vehicles that even worked were given false parking tickets. See how that works? BTW I heavily documented that.

The study done by BPD of the Shoreline area was done August and September of 2020. The area had been let go feral since March of 2020. There was already an element of feral-ness due to the lack of laws against harassment in this 3rd world country called Idaho so harassment can be used as a political weapon. But it got a lot worse. They waited to do the study at the maximum point of problems, waiting five months so the problems could snow ball. The research was done during the last two months of summer just before the weather began to cool and people would go back into the shelters for the winter. and FFS a day shelter was finally opened after all those months.

That was planned, no doubt about it. Then they proceeded to tell businesses they needed security cameras, etc. Really now? Who the hell could not figure that out for themselves no matter where their business was located. You all planned the whole thing to run the homeless out of this area so capitalists could stomp on the surplus humanity in Boise for profit. I documented the whole fucking thing. 

Ogilvie Said the City is Not Working With O'Neil Directly On His Development
Project. Please!

O'Neil is in charge and playing everyone, yep. He is using the city which already loves to harm homeless people to step it up and really hurt them due to those icky people being in the area they have been in for a very long time while O'Neil and his partners hate them. The homeless did not create the shelter they just are kind of forced to go there and the city has brutalized some for not doing so. That means they walk through the area and may sit down somewhere if they get tired. They can't have excess humanity around their wealth generating projects.

Now I agree there are problem people in the area and certainly I did complain about them to police on a massive scale, mostly to no avail. The BPD has huge problems with their attitudes and training along with the state of Idaho having problems with legislators who are a mixture of sociopath, crazy and stupid that is hard to explain to people in other states. I thought the politicians in Alaska were bad, but then Sarah Palin's family is from Idaho. 

Those people who harassed me and took actions to harm me went completely unpunished and it is very likely they were working for contractors hired by the business community, homeless or not. I have lots of weird stuff on video done by people who don't appear to be homeless and clearly at the Civic Plaza Apartments there was a contractor organizing gangstalking and yes I do know which one, but all the security guard contractors sub-contract for them not just in the USA, but also in other countries. 

Here is the odd thing, most of the problem people disappeared about three weeks ago and things have gotten a lot quieter. We have on the block where I park now myself, a good man who stays at the shelter and often parked behind me to keep the druggies and other harassers from bothering me, a man who parks farther up who has a dog, and a new guy who I've been told works all the time and stays at the shelter. None of us cause problems. There is another guy who will sometimes park there who does not cause problems, he comes and goes and another one who parks there at times and loves to harass me while knowing he will be documented. That is way better than it was before. 

Finally things got better and now you will ruin it for us. I do not park over by the park unless there is not another option due to the behavior issues over there. I sent city hall a video of a drug drop which may have been a LARP because gangstalkers and cops will pull that crap, no reaction from anyone to that video or any of the others. You are all unbelievable. 

O'Neil wanted something done about parking violations, so did I but you gave me two unjust parking tickets and I have been through hell because of that. Had to go to the damn court house where as an immune compromised  person was exposed. You only care about yourselves, shutting down city hall until it is like a ghost town but forcing people who are actually in danger to be exposed. Shame on your egocentric selfish selves. You do not have a normal level of empathy.

Apparently no one is in charge at city hall and parking enforcement can't add 1+1=2, this is demonstrated by denying my appeal in spit of irrefutable evidence showing the ticket is BS.

“As you saw, (O’Neill) had certain concerns brought up in the Shoreline study and we’re actively looking into those things,” Ogilve said. “…He’s brought something to our attention and like a good responsive city government we’re trying to take those concerns seriously.”

This statement reveals  a lot. It shows O'Neill was clearly the architect of the study, probably even picked the time period for it himself. But my favorite is, "...like a good responsive city government we’re trying to take those concerns seriously.” You already knew about the problems as I had given you information and posted some of it very publicly. You are only responsive to people with money, but ignore the people who are actually being harmed by the problems. You suck and do not have a normal level of empathy.

"...Illegal parking due to residents living in their cars and RVs on the street has become more of a problem in the area in the past year." That is because the problem was artificially created by the city of Boise and the oligarchs. And NOTHING could be any clearer. FFS! The homeless were put out of the day shelter, the libraries were closed, there was a pandemic making those with health problems take actions to protect themselves from the virus due to shelters being infectious disease danger zones to begin with. This is basic logic, if you take people from inside and put them outside there will be more of them outside. If you decrease parking more vehicles will be taking up the parking spots in the areas that are left. Hello, ding, ding, ding. I realize Idaho has the lowest IQs in the country but did you all really fall for this crap? Yes, my alter, Nurse Bitchwoman who use to deal with psychopathic surgeons has been unleashed.

If you think it was hard during the early pandemic having to stay home, distance etc. imagine what it was like for the homeless. Imagine being just thrown out of the day shelter like you are a stray animal with no facilities for a bathroom and the city does nothing until the next year around winter time when a day shelter is finally opened. Imagine the kind of people who would do such a thing. They probably don't have a normal level of empathy. Of course certain issues will be exacerbated during the time of pandemic isolation just like they were for everyone else. But you twist the information to come out the way you wanted just like every other damn thing.

Developer hopes for improvements to area around Interfaith Sanctuary

The author describes O'Neill as not being involved but he is the puppet master behind the scenes. He's been working on people in the background a long time. Just look at that really weird construction project right next the the day and night shelter. on Americana/16th. Kind of like it was all they could manage to do so control and complaints were more valid. He wants the city to boost the area up and get rid of all those in the untouchable cast system so he and others can make a lot of money. They cost me money. How does it feel to walk on the backs of the poor for profit? 


Boise considering tightening 72-hour street parking rules

This change in the parking codes to allow those with money and homes to run the homeless who live in vehicles off is a result of a sadistic capitalist hegemonic system of government in Boise Idaho.

What we have here is a city that did not create affordable housing and has an unsafe overcrowded homeless shelter system using regulations to harm the homeless who are forced to live in vehicles. Do those you refer to as "patrons' have places to live? Are they without a normal level of empathy? What you are saying is you prefer to run the homeless off so that those with homes can have even the places where a miserable existence is eeked out. I experienced your abuse in the park system. I have experienced your so called community policing system which is really community mobbing. This is a system set up by the oligarchy in this country and actually world wide in which those who have are allow to harm those who have not. Those people definitely do not have a normal level of empathy.  


Community policing is gangstalking. You allow sick psychological warfare to be waged against the homeless and then lie that you are not targeting us. Boise is made of lying and gaslighting which is readily demonstrated constantly by the politicians, heads of Boise city departments and Boise Police Department. 


Somewhere on this story a reporter wrote something about those living in vehicles parking in residential areas, most of us do not do that. Instead we park in industrial areas to avoid upsetting people and create less problems. If I had a house random people parking in front of my house would not be welcome either. I have a friend in another state who asked a friend here in Boise if I could park at there house. She said yes, but I said thanks but her neighbors will mob her you have no idea how awful the people here can be and I would not put here in such a position. Why, because I have a normal level of empathy. 


There are people who live in vehicles who are more stealthy and park in residential areas which are more likely to be young people who work and move around a lot, parking after dark and leaving early to get to work. Older or disabled people will be parking more in industrial areas. In my case with ME/cfs and the PEM and migraines I have to sit with my legs elevated and rest a lot. 


Just like other urban renewal actions like tearing down affordable housing when some developer wants the area the poor are in, horrible things are done to us for displacement, the United States has engaged in such practices for decades while right wing politicians blamed the victims of this brutality and the Democrats just sat back doing nothing about affordable housing. Then the homeless shelters which are essentially night concentration camps or prisons are abusive as if keeping people in health harming conditions and traumatizing them constantly is going to make homelessness worse. Many people have died from the health harming conditions while people like you work to force people into the shelters of destruction. 


No Zyklon B, a cyanide based pesticide like the NAZIs used to kill their throw away people is needed, the United States prefers a slow death filled with torture. Besides for the women's dorm at the Interfaith Sanctuary chlorine gas is used.


I have essentially been in a war for years here in Boise and consider myself to be a war correspondent. You deserve all the publicity you get. One of  my police harassment videos is at 43k views. There is a lot more where that came from. 

My favorite part of the city document is that it says there is no financial impact. Not caring about the low income people this regulation causes changes for and disregarding the cost of getting tickets and then having to pay court costs indicates a lack of a normal level of empathy. There are huge costs for those who can't pay the tickets, including having their vehicle impounded and having to pay a huge fee for that. You have affected my finances in many ways with your fake parking ticket bullshit based on what some business or person seeking to harm has requested. Your regulation changes seem to totally base tickets for parking on the bullying, concerns and requests of random others or groups of others. 

From the above article, "The ordinance will be enforced when complaints are filed from the public against vehicles and not enforced without cause, according to ordinance sponsor Council Member Patrick Bageant."This is complete horse shit. The police department doesn't have officers who have appropriate judgement to enforce with cause and there is a severe lack of a normal level of empathy with them. I have the documentation to prove this. 


What this ordinance change does is empower bullies, those who wish to retaliate including individuals and organized radical religious and political groups, personalty disorders etc to use parking regs as they already do in their organized stalking and harassment programs. Yes, this is what goes on and they have apps they use to track people for targeting. I have also documented this. I also believe the city is either involved in this or sanctions it. For instance either you are totally clueless or seek to assist them with this regulation change. 


In the above article, "...vacancy rates for affordable units are below 1%." If affordable housing rates are that low how does it make any sense to expect those living in cars to have any other choice, especially considering the health harming conditions and abuses at the shelters? Why would any sane person go into one? Only a person who is clueless, desires to die by slow murder or is sedated with substances would go to a shelter. There is no hope of housing, lies have been told for years while all these non-profits claim to be helping people get housing. How do they help people find something which does not exist? You created massive harm through actions like your parking reg changes and allowing O'Neill and company to brutally stalk and harass people like me for years. You do not have a normal level of empathy. 


Here is something else mentioned in the article, "Boise Police Department and emergency shelter Interfaith Sanctuary started a partnership last summer to reach out to those living in the vehicles to try and get them into housing and connected to case management." I never saw these people or anyone else coming around to help people. Not one fucking time. Nope, I was just harmed by hordes of assholes. I did see those white Boise city vehicles that show up all over the place including when I go to laundromats. Stalking people is what the city of Boise does and it is very sick. Having police partner with the shelter is going to drive more people out. Homeless people know the police are not there to help, but instead to harm them by experience. 

Here is another gem, "...moves his vehicle every three days to skirt city parking regulations." Since the parking reg is 72 hours, how in the hell is moving after 72 hours skirting regs. This is not skirting regs, it is following them. This theme of people following the regulations is ripe throughout everything I have read about this parking regulation change. 

Typically and dangerously for my immune system problems I go run errands including buying food every 2-3 days. Upon returning you would now require me to go park in an area where there most likely will be druggies and others looking to bully and cause problems this lowering the function of my immune system. I have had people jump on my car and shake it, punch my car, park down the street and walk over to stand next to my car and have a fake accident. That is the drug ring bullying me just like all the other egocentric bullies in Boise. Or are they working for the city or the oligarchy LARPing? Whoever they are they do not have a normal level of empathy. 


When my car was punched the BPD did not respond appropriately, that night I posted to FB and sent emails to both BPD and the mayor's office that either something bad had happened in the park that night or was going to.  No response. The next day the vandalism in the Ann Frank Memorial happened. There was some evidence of who it might have been but BPD is only able to investigate and charge left wing people it appears. 

"...nearby property managers and the City of Boise started to receive a wave of complaints about sanitation and loitering about the people who live in the vehicles." This went on for years and I complained about it, but the excess humanity has to have a place to go to the bathroom, pooping and peeing are not optional. Considering the large number of intoxicants in the area and the fact that the city allowed them to bring cases of beer to Anne Morrison park for months pee was flowing everywhere. I objected not to people who need to pee finding wherever they could, but their choices of peeing by or onto buildings etc. when there are trees and grass all over the place. 


You could have taken actions to provide disposal or dealt with people who did things such as dump waste from a motor home like the ones I reported and nothing was done. You had no concern about where people would go to the bathroom when they were just put out of Corpus Christ where for many years viral infectious diseases were spread like wildfire and the health department indicated that was fine, it never was. 


The only option a knowledgeable and sane person can take is to separate themselves from people who will to make bad decisions for them that causes harm. In fact some of the harm done to me at the Interfaith Sanctuary was done intentionally including by staff. Really sick stuff. And Jesus' Concentration Camp for Unsheltered Women is run by people who are just plain nuts, no exaggeration. They also intentionally harmed me and at that time did not help clients with housing. Upon talking to their social worker by to request assistance with finding housing as that was all I needed I was told, "Oh we don't do that, we use to just send people to the Salvation Army for housing but now with the changes we were told to stop that." Then they told the public that they helped hundred of people find housing that year. It was crazy on every level there. 


They mention people do not want to give up their property to go into a shelter as if you are not worthy to have anything. Come into the light children all are welcome...to be traumatized, given infectious diseases, be prevented from sleeping, be exposed to toxic chemicals, as a woman have men put their hands all over you but you must give up your meager possessions to get all these wonderful gifts.  In my case they had long term storage where I was told to stop worrying about my suitcase that had important documents I needed for a court case in it. The staff and their minions stole and destroyed all of it and then Dan Ault lied about it. I was devastatingly traumatized by those sadistic actions done by people wearing the mask of autruism who do not have a normal level of empathy.  Dan then went on a smear campaign against me for that and due to my whistleblowing to agencies and the US Attorney. I need to take probiotics due to ME/cfs and that is important for my immune system. Back then all of them had to be refrigerated, the staff kept removing them from refrigeration so they were no good over and over so I had to replace them. They did that to harass me. 


Why is it everything in Boise is run by people like this, this is narcissism and abnormal levels of empathy. You expect people to be subjected to abuse that can cause suicide and severely harm health because the truth is you don't give a damn about the homeless, especially the elderly and disabled. You seek only to control, warehouse and keep unsightly homeless from the public view in order to promote the city for oligarchic profit. 

Even if someone gets an apartment it is temporary. Resources are used to get household items and then they are all lost due to as I found out the apartments being untenable or the rent being raised. Now you the formerly homeless person is homeless again. Some have experienced this several times. What is the point? BPD, Idaho Housing Finance, Fairhousing, legal services, HUD etc don't do anything to provide oversight even without the rent raises it's horrific in low income apartments. 


In my minivan I have a way to go to the bathroom, a bed, can cook, refrigerate food, have electrictiy and have a space that is mine. It is dangerous but so are the apartments and the shelters. You just tell lies to the public about that. The dangerous part has been in great part intentionally created by the city.


The constant harassment has kept me in many ways from being able to do the things I need to for my health and well being or even just my personal business, it is a part of the slow murder of the homeless, especially the elderly and disabled. One of a large number of instances of this is the harm done by my car window being bashed. I had to stay up all night and then run around all day to take care of the problem. This stress caused a flare up of ME/cfs called PEM which occurs two days after loss of sleep, exertion etc. Out immune systems to not suppress a certain class of viruses all humans are exposed to with stress to our mitochondria, which are latent, causing illness. It made me very ill and a harasser parked behind me to intentionally harass that very day staying for five days, odd no parking tickets for him. 


I had an appointment to get a SARS Cov 2 vaccine a few days later. After months of research because with ME/cfs we do not normally get vaccines, lack of medical expertise about this illness, my having to be my own health care provider on this and following the advice of an actual ME/cfs medical expert I decided to go ahead and get the vaccine. After managing to get my immune system and health on an even keel I had to cancel it. Now with all the intentionally caused problems and lack of actual police etc my health has not gotten back to the point of being able to get a vaccine. It was hard work finding the one that by research I determined was least likely to cause me problems and had the best chance of giving me high immunity from one dose in case it made me so ill I could not get the second dose, as second doses cause greater symptomology.  SARS Cov 2 mRNA vaccines provide almost 100% protection from the serious consequences of the virus making the second dose of vaccine optional. 


Yes I am very angry about the whole story. I will not leave permanently from Boise until I get justice for the massive sadistic abuse. I do realize that abuse will continue due to a severe shortage of a normal level of empathy on the part of many.

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