UPDATE: URL CHANGED FOR TODAY'S MEETING, GO HERE. I think they are trying to separate the Saturday one from the last one.

Go to Summer Rose's timeline around time for the streaming to start to find a FB link or you can view on YouTube. 

Summer Rose who is the paralegal of one of the attorneys involved in the RICO election rigging lawsuit research has posted a new meeting starting at 12:30 PM, Pacific Standard Time. It features the same people but with a question period for the on line people. That first version was so late my brain was asleep. They will not be starting with the movie Uncounted:The True Story of the California Primary this time, but you can watch it on YouTube. They have worked on some of the issues from the first meeting. This is Marin County, I'm from Sonoma County right next door we share some characteristic (spent lots of time in Marin County in the 1970s because they had the best Discos LOL). A large number of people in that area go, excuse me, I don't think so, this is not what is supposed to happen, who is in charge, we have to change this. Then they get to work. The process teaches people how to do the work and as time goes by everyone gets better at it and more organized. It especially helps if people who have certain needed skills volunteer to help them. The work behind the scenes must be grueling due to a mountain of evidence to sort through, they are surely overwhelmed. I am just grateful they are doing this work. The lawsuits that have been filed already are much more straightforward than this one.

I'm hoping the chat comments will be as hillaryous as the first meeting, probably will be because people will be less tired.

Summer Rose is quite excited about the evidence she has seen which is not being disclosed due to the lawsuit not being filed yet.

This is what she posted.

LIVESTREAM TODAY 12:30 - 3:30 PST with Q & A for the audience, as well as online viewers, with attorneys-at-law, Bill Simpich, election integrity activist, Lori Grace, and election integrity lawyer Cliff Arnebeck via video chat and possibly also election integrity lawyer, Bob Fitrakis Remember... they can't give hardly any of the evidence until AFTER they file so please, please, please be patient on that and keep the faith!
Lawyers often use each other's outlines for filing lawsuits of their own. Please bring these details to lawyers in your own states and let's launch an avalanche of election fraud and voter suppression lawsuits in the hopes that this will put enough pressure on our officials to ensure we have truly Democratic elections come November.
Bill Simpich, an attorneys-at-law, will share details about three California lawsuits. One lawsuit was filed by Bill Simpich against Secretary of State Alex Padilla and SF and Alameda counties before the primary. A second one has been filed this week against Padilla and Michael Vu, Registrar of San Diego and the third lawsuit is filed against Michael Vu, Registrar of San Diego by the Citizen's Oversight group headed up by San Diego citizen Ray Lutz. Come hear the details of these lawsuits that will more then likely change the outcome of the California election!
Lori Grace of TrustVote will give a more detailed update about the Ohio election fraud lawsuit being filed by Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis, and also the class action lawsuit against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Lori will shed some light on the statistical analyses offered by Richard Charnin and some details about the California exit polls in Alameda, Contra Costa County, and Santa Clara County.
Finally, Lori will share insights of some of the electronic vote anomalies that showed up in the electronic vote totals. Two poll workers and poll observers may also be in the audience to add their comments about California's election process.
Please donate to Cliff and Bob Fitrakis's lawsuit to ensure that Bernie Delegates are empowered with the evidence they need to go to the Democratic convention, demanding that Bernie receive the Democratic Nomination he has rightfully earned: JusticeServed.org
See you soon! Thanks so much!
This video leads to the TrustVote.TV YouTube page where they will place a streaming link. It is not up yet. Go to the video on YouTube for more information.


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