A Special Message for the Oh So Desperate Hillary Trolls

Hillary Bots, Hillbots, Hillary Zombies, Paid Hillary Trolls have been going after myself and several other outspoken people who are for Bernie and against Hillary. Those trolls are really nasty trying to manipulate me.  This will not be working because as I said to a cop earlier today after calling a police department to complain about being harassed by a cop for "doing laundry while homeless", having been guilty of "felonious laundering" and "felonious folding," I am the most stubborn bitch on the planet." Yea, came in and went up to people including me and said, "Are you doing laundry?" He really did. No I just carry laundry detergent, quarters and a large bag to carry clothing around with me for shits and giggles. But I digress as per usual.

Don't bother, why are you on my blog. I will not succumb to your psych ops, I will not be mind fucked. 

What these trolls do not understand is the reason I don't put their comments through is they are a waste of time for me. Sometimes they are entertaining due to their stupidity and sheer evil nastiness, but my general reaction to them is the same as in the video below.

Trying to sustain this laughter for any period of time causes severe abdominal cramping so I try not to read too many vicious HillTroll comments. Here is a special song for all the Hillary Clinton BS Trolls of ignorance and uniformed idiocy....PISS OFF!


No I don't think they will indict her because hello that was me FBI who reported the cops in Luna County New Mexico were the drug dealers and you told me to do something that would have gotten me killed, then cops there were part of Fast-N-Furious, that was me who reported Mimbres Memorial Hospital was committing Medicaid fraud and nothing was done to the tune of about $350,000,000. I did not want to make money off it just wanted it to stop, but it finally did not due to our government not doing it's job. A whistleblower lawsuit by an insider finally made the story public. Then there were the missing Native people in Nome Alaska that you ignored a long time, oh and I know the story of LEO corruption and the involvement of the FBI in the Christy story, then there was the setting up rather than helping people in the militia case in Alaska as you so often do. Nope don't think she will be indicted because President Obama is also protecting her, then there is the crazy obviously staged meeting between Loretta Lynch, the attorney general and Bill Clinton on an airplane. That is nuts because they knew not to do such a thing. The airplane meeting could mean they are panicky due to a coming indictment, but I know just how deep the corruption runs and that we have war criminals who were never charged with crimes. H. A. Goodman  is a really intelligent man believes she will be indicted and I hope to hell he is right. Nope, don't expect an indictment, instead expecting manipulation of words and laws to make her look exonerated by the investigation.

I get trolling from Democrats who are hoping to get an appointment from Hillary Clinton, that is until I call the governor's staff and ask WTH is going on at UC California that J. Edgar Napolitano or staff are doing surveillance out of her office. Does HLS or some other agency have a branch there? No answers but it immediately stopped. There is much more to this story, please note the date.

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