UPDATE: SECOND MEETING 7/2 @ 12:30 PM PST. The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity Will Have a Live Stream About the Lawsuits and Evidence Bernie Won at 7:30 PM EST, 3:30 PM AK, 6:30 PM PST and More

Update 2: See this post for more information about second meeting on 7/2/16 at 12:30 PM PST. Update 1: The video is to be streamed at 6:30 Pacific Time.

Cliff Arnebeck's paralegal gave us an update yesterday and an invite to a streaming today about the lawsuits and they claim proof that Bernie Sanders won the election. Well, we know that but if they have proof the oligarchy and Darth Hillary are doomed. I want to thank them for their years of hard work which gave them the experience to now fight for the people of this country. Without fair elections there is no democracy.


Below is the link to the streaming event today at 7:30 PM EST, that is 3:30 PM Alaska time, 6:30 PM PST, and 5:30 PM MST. Update: There was some wrong info it is due at 6:30 PM Pacific Time. I assume that after the live steam they will put a video up, if so I will add it.

See their website for more videos.

Join TeamBernie to help do a recount of the primary. 

They are working on a blog called Justice Served  to provide information about the lawsuits.

It's #1 purpose is to assist the lawyers of the Nationwide Racketeering Lawsuit being filed by Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis to prove that Bernie has in FACT received more votes then Hillary and has won by such a large margin he does not need the vote of the super delegates to receive the Democratic Nomination.

Watch the next video to understand that the election rigging was not the complete coup, the oligarchy is now trying to consolidate the Democrats and Republicans into one big party for full control. They manipulated the Republicans until they are destroyed to the point of just being a giant clown car filled with crazy people who will do anything for money or power and the Democrats are not far behind them. Note that Garland Nixon made this video in May and his predictions are coming about. The Democrats for a very long time with the help of Bill Clinton, Darth Hillary, Al Gore and many others have been moving the party to the right.

Remember when the Alaska Democrats pulled their coup on the voters? After the primary, not before, they decided to take their candidate for governor put him in the lieutenant governor spot, and replaced their governor candidate with a Republican who turned Independent so he could run. They threw their lieutenant governor candidate under the bus. This video explains why they did this. I was not happy about it and stated this was very unethical due to the Democrats having voted in the primary for their choice, but the Democrat elites decided to thwart democracy, ignore the voters and install a candidate. When I called other Democrat state party offices in other states they were shocked and said it sounded like something the Republicans would do, yea, there is a reason for this. Bet this would not be shocking to them now. It was another scenario where a very evil candidate was in the contest against their candidate insuring a win.

This is a short version of the two hour video the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity made in Marin County California.
The long version is here.

Below is the movie, UNCOUNTED: The True Story of the California Primary. Remember how I have said incompetence is used to cover up corruption.

We are still with you Bernie and we know you are holding on for certain events to unfold. We love you.

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Anonymous said...

Celia, I want to thank you for another important post. I don't care if you ever post my comment, I just want you to know that some poor, regular working types here in NC appreciate what you're doing, by getting this information out. We Feel The Bern! We will be looking for the vid of the live stream to be out soon.
Thanks again, Celia! I think that exposing voter fraud is a cornerstone of a true democracy.

Celia Harrison said...

Hi Anonymous, the Clinton Trolls are going nuts, but we are use to that due to the Palin trolls. They are just free entertainment. I have also had some nasty comments about people in AK that don't go through from the Bernie side.