Why Can't Don Young Retire and Democrats Stage Faux Sit In For Appearances Sake, Conscious People Said FFS

Don Young makes it so easy for me, what a jackass.

AK Rep Don Young worried about demeaning congress.
 He has an amazing amount of votes he misses in congress, a large number of his excuses are medical or family issues, but mostly he gives no explanation. It seems he should probably be on disability. If we check the DSM 5 there is no doubt we could come up with a couple diagnoses to help that along.

Here is a past post on Rep. Don Young:

 Alaska's Congressman, Don Young, One of CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress for 2013


Don Young made the comments below, what a swell guy he is.

From the ADN:  

And he did not think the behavior suited the decorum usually reserved for the House floor. And he certainly did not keep that to himself; at one point he attempted to wrest a microphone away from another lawmaker in a confrontation that caught the eyes of some reporters in the gallery above, but no apparent cameras.

AK Rep Don Young worrying about "decorum."
He apparently said these sit-in action was demeaning, I guess he felt they should have used racial slurs or been wearing a beanie. '"It was like a bunch of babies, spoiled, displaying their dislike and not understanding really what they want," Young said…"'

Hypocrisy much?

John Lewis has never even met Bernie Sanders or his wife.

“I never saw him. I never met him.” John Lewis about Bernie Sanders

No, Rep. Young it was like a bunch of people who are worried about their next election and realize they may be in trouble secondary to all the new Berniecrats who will be running against them. They have sat on their asses, allowed corruption, have become as owned by corporations as the Republicans, do not speak up for the people and when someone finally comes along who does they don't support him, hell John Lewis couldn't even see Bernie in the past. If Dems really wanted to pass gun legislation they would have done so much sooner, but nope. The sit-in was a show, fakery, a manipulation. Bernie is real, you aren't.

John Lewis is unaware of Bernie Sander's civil rights activities, stages faux sit-in with other Dems who have allowed our civil rights to deteriorate and have turned their backs on liberal principles. Our elections are now rigged like a banana republic.

That one C-Span viewer was me, when the video was turned off I was like, what the hell, I bet the Republicans shut that off but people will say I’m a conspiracy theorist if I say so because no conspiracies ever happen in the United States, 1+1=0, vision is blurred and logical thinking is gone. People also believed this woman was seven months pregnant and those who thought she was not were conspiracy theorists.

This is what should be happening instead of a faux sit in.

This is made by a man from Israel, Igal Vilensky, but from something I found it looks like he may have a brother involved as well. 

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