The MSM Has Their Panties All Bunched Up Over Bernie Sanders Not Buying TV Ads in California

Read this book to understand how the Democrats lost their souls and for the history of the Clintons.
Bernie Sanders supporters do not watch MSM like Hillary or Trump supporters for news and information. We only watch to see what lies they are telling or to see what someone they interview has to say. We READ a lot. This is very contrary to what Hillary has said about the young people who support Bernie Sanders, "I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this, they don't do their own research." We have instead developed our own ways of transmitting information. Why is that? The main stream media is propaganda plain and simple. Why waste our time on that BS. Then we read books and articles written by intelligent, ethical truth telling people. Most people don’t do this, instead they get their information from the propaganda spinners which includes people like Rachel Maddow who I began to drift away from when she threw Keith Olberman under the bus. Then they repeat this idiotic stuff over and over.

There are Bernie Sanders ads all over the internet and that will continue as that method works for the kind of people he is trying to reach.

There are some trusted journalists and experts we read, but they sometimes use big words and those books have lots of words so Hillary and Trump supporters just ignore them, too hard, takes time away from their hours spent watching reality shows and all those facts can just be so exhausting. We spend our time doing research about now and the past, you know, history. The history of the candidates
running for president is very relevant and so is what they are doing now. We share what we find on the social media sites so others can critically examine the information and give feedback. When large numbers of people are researching it sorts out the lies from the facts.

One of the coolest things going on are the alternative news sources and talk shows on the internet now. Some of them are mainly supported by individual viewer/listener donations.We have to do our own news because the official news IS NOT THE NEWS, IT IS BULLSHIT. There are only a handful of corporate/oligarchy controlled news networks.

There is TYT, but Cenk Uygur has gotten on our nerves some, but he does have the courage to go against the grain of the MSM. He was on MSN-BS and they told him to cater to management and that people in Washington did not like his tone, he left them. This BTW tells you a huge story about Rachel Maddow, oh yea. 

BTW, if the Democrats think they can replace Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden who has not campaigned or won any delegates there is going to be a shit storm. Considering what they did to get Governor Walker elected in Alaska, there is nothing the DNC could do that would surprise me. The reaction would be the DNC in Chicago in 1968 on steroids.

More TYT:

Young woman leaving Idaho State University after we went to the Bernie Sanders rally.
 What we really want is peace, but the other side is not composed of peaceful people.

Redacted Tonight/Lee Camp on RT interviews Greg Palast my favorite investigative journalist.

More Lee Camp. I love this one for many reasons including how he discusses an Italian court ruling it was not a crime for a hungry homeless man to steal food. Lee Camp discusses how 'UnAmerican" that is. In this country homeless people are run off and criminalized instead, but hey who could imagine such a thing Anchorage?

Sane Progressive/ Debbie Lusignan, a one woman show.


And more Sane Progressive.


My favorite: Tim Black, he has a shorter day show and a longer call in night show M-F. He is all over social media, here he is on Twitter. Check him out on Facebook and Blog Talk Radio. This is a one man show.

And his passion.

Spending money on TV ads is just a waste of resources. We got this. #Bernie or Bust.

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