Bernie Or Bust! No Meritocracy, No Dem Elites, No Dem Corruption, "A political revolution is coming"...Is Here


Anonymous said...

If Bernie is so disenchanted with the DNC, why didn't he run as an independent? It's kind of like the guy who crashes a wedding and complains about the food.

Celia Harrison said...

If Bernie had not run as a Democrat much less truth would have been revealed about the process, the voter fraud, the lies and the corruption. All the current passionate people who never participated in the election process who are looking at how corrupt the system is would not be pushing for change nor would they even be voting. They have learned that to have a democracy they have to participate. If he had not run as a Democrat how else would he help to reform it from the inside out? By running with an established party getting small donations from regular citizens while his opponent gets millions from the 1% he contrasts ethical donations with corrupt ones. By Bernie running within the party the main stream media has been revealed to simply be puppets of the powerful in their attempts to promote Hillary while ignoring Bernie and promoting lies about him. He shows by his actions that the system can be changed and a candidate could run purely for the people after decades of consistently being ethical and on the side of the citizens, not the 1%, never changing his ideals for political reasons, just following his own internal passions and truth.