The Nevada Convention Was Rigged, Rushed, and Clustered to Steal Delegates While in Alaska the Revolution Was Danced

First the Hillary Dems pulled massive assholery by changing the rules to favor Hillary winning. Then the Bernie people motion for a recount, "You can't count petitions if nobody got to sign em." Then just look at what they do...the 'no' votes having it as anyone watching this video can tell, but they rule the 'ayes' do.

Take a look at this video...LMAO...it is part of the other one, but with reactions of the crowd. "What the fuck was that?" That was the Hillary elites stealing your convention. "Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit..."

People protesting for a recount, some explanation of what went on and people in the audience talking about it.

We are sick of your crap DNC. Where is democracy? It's been stolen just like our economy and those who are supposed to be facilitating the people to protect democracy are owned by the 1%. The officials at the DNC are acting like dictators. "Take your seats, Take your seats, Take your seats..." aka sit down and shut up. Sanders supporters are not going to stop acting like they live in a democracy, even though we know we do not. The only points of order the Hillary people know are cheating, ignoring and manipulating. They scheduled the convention on college graduation day so the millennials could not be there. This is mainly the older people standing up and fighting for Democracy, bless them all. There are also lots of disabled people present. Here is another Hillary talking point that was busted, no it isn't just the young people who support Bernie Sanders and their manipulations to stop the millennials from being at the convention have highlighted this.

They stole the primary and then got the authorities to have the Bernie Sanders people who are the actual winners thrown out. 

Democracy for Hillary and the Democratic National Convention is rigging the convention, rushing it for cover and having law enforcement on standby to get rid of the Bernie Sanders supporters. That is not Democracy to me that seems more like fascism.

The excuse that they had to leave by 10 PM was BS because this was a ballroom, you know where they have balls late into the night. The whole thing was trumped up.
Tim Black on this subject, "When they start losing they change the rules." When they voted verbally the Bernie people were louder because there was a hell of a lot more of them. They even lied about the booing. These are bullies doing what bullies do, they lie, manipulate and sabotage. Changing the rules so people can't get a fair shake is sabotage. Thieving con artists is what they reveal themselves to be.


Debbie Wasserman-Schultz spoke at the Alaska Democratic Convention last night and some of the people walked out. Reports were that the counting was done in a fair and ethical way. Bernie won in Alaska by 82%. Then there was this anti-convention party. Sure wish I could have been there. How many millennials do you see? Hehe.

I spent quite some time watching videos and reading about what happened in Nevada. It is clear part of the problem is manipulation and part of the problem is the convention was a cluster, possibly intentional. They were supposed to have the room for Saturday and Sunday in case they did not get done and it was not reserved, then they had to clear out fairly early. The Clinton DNC people pulled crap that they knew would piss off Bernie people so they would get loud and aggression would increase. They changed the rules and then stole delegates, refused to respond to motions and ended the convention in a really assholey way. This is bullying 101, pull something they know will get a reaction and then use it against the target. Then they were telling people everyone had to be out of there by 10 PM so they could get the room ready for another event while also saying they had to leave because it was not safe. What was not safe? I bet if Trump had an event there would be assaults, arrests and quite a bit of yelling, but it would be considered safe. This was all preplanned to rush the procedures, steal delegates and then quickly get rid of the Bernie Sanders supporters. Shame on the DNC, as a party they simply need to end. I say instead we restart the old People's Party.

This link to Real Clear Politics has some great videos, some show there were massively more Bernie Sanders people than Hillary Clinton people at the convention. There are many videos making it easy to see what went on.

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