Freedom for the FB4 was Held Hostage to Deny Them Justice for the Loss of 18 Years of Their Lives. The Disgusting DOL.

"So this is the sort of law book they study here," said K., "this is the sort of
person sitting in judgement over me.”
Franz Kafka, The Trial

From the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner:

Posted by me on the ADN/Facebook this morning.

Yesterday the DOJ was all over my blog reading about the prison system and the corrupt DOL including a post entitled, "Why do you think I call them the Department of Lawlessness." The top of my blog says it all, John Earthman and Judge Ben "Ex parte" Esch had me wrongfully arrested (and even the public pretenders were involved in the set up) in order to use an obviously false charge as leverage to get me to drop an appeal, which did not work. But when the public pretenders handle an appeal based on their incompetence and never introduce evidence in the first place just allowing one lie after another from the lie-yers at the DOL you don't even come close to being able to seek truth and justice. It only took them 3 days after I filed. They used the freedom of the last 3 FB4 as leverage to protect the malfeasant DOL, several judges, law enforcement, almost 2 decades of governors and the corrupt and racist court system. This is SOP for the DOL and this case is being presented as evidence the justice system in Alaska is changing. No, and what about all the others? What about the mentally ill, the addicted, those who were railroaded into prison and have lost everyone in this world? What about those of us who are not incarcerated but paying the price of a corrupt justice system through social disabilities, PTSD and health problems created by their denial of medical care? We live with the knowledge that the people of Alaska did not listen to the truth for so long allowing so many to be harmed or killed at the DOC. Who will speak for them? Who will help all the others who have been denied justice in Alaska? So stop celebrating this as justice it is not. I am very happy they were released so that torture can stop but they will never get over this. Governor Walker's statement of allowing them to heal indicates he has no clue. They knew they were innocent for a very long time and did not care. Careers were protected by stomping on their rights.

I have said what I think of the Department of Lawlessness and the court system of Alaska already, many times. It is based on racism and protection of the incompetents, psychopathics, career climbers and oil overlords. There is a high rate of psychopathy among lawyers and they gravitate towards prosecution or shysterism. There has also been denial of the truth about injustice in Alaska through many governor's administrations which includes the current one whose former law partner was appointed Attorney General. The reason for the denial of the people of Alaska is racism, the public believing falsities about the courts and prisons, based on right wing fear and ignorance along with a severe lack of reading about who is generally incarcerated.
From 9/3/13
Due process is never the agenda of the Department of Lawlessness.

Just like the justice system in the United States is designed to put large numbers of minorities in prisons, so is the Alaska state system, but instead of Blacks they target Natives. I am one of the Caucasians (with some Muscogee/Creek) who got caught in the justice dys-system used for Natives. John Earthman and the public defenders engineered my arrest after I filed an appeal because the original case was not insanely cruel enough for Nome. They had denied me a trial by threats and manipulation and then knowing they would never be punished harmed me egregiously. John Earthman filed for a hearing four days after the appeal/review was filed, not that it makes any difference the Public Pretenders aren‘t going to file an appeal based on their own severe incompetence and Judge Ex Parte Esch assisted him. The public pretenders played their part by feigning incompetence, which isn‘t hard for them because incompetence is their SOP. The public defender who did this, Brooke Browning Alowa was also able to feign her ass into a position as magistrate. About a week three days after the appeal was filed they had me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned. Update: I reviewed some documentation that revealed the assholery was even worse than I originally thought.

Where is the outrage in actual cases where due process IS violated? Why were these people, you know those who are supposed to uphold justice, not charged with crimes and why were those who lied to assist them not charged as well? They allowed crimes to be committed against me and none of them were charged. In my case their goals were retaliation and attempted subjugation, justice never entered their minds. There are large numbers of cases of injustice in Alaska and so many cases engineered to manipulate, eliminate or torture someone who has pissed off one of those who has managed to get a little power or the overlords who don‘t like people who tell the truth. They manipulate the law to get what they, nefarious politicians and those seeking to make profits from oil and minerals (corporations) want along with seeking to manipulate the population of voters. Those in power in this state are depraved, conscienceless evil doers. The sad thing is they aren’t even clever at it and most of the people of this state still can’t see it.

If tribal courts are not rendered inept by this type of action at the DOL then how will the DOL railroad hordes of Native people into the prison system and keep them on probation to limit their ability to vote and cause them to have difficulty finding housing/public assistance or a job. How would they use incarceration to damage families and make parenting dysfunctional? Perhaps the state is afraid the tribes will get enough power to fight the laws designed to keep large numbers of Natives incarcerated or force the state to provide money for appropriate interventions for those who have been traumatized or provide treatment including culturally appropriate chemical dependency treatment for use of alcohol and drugs secondary to trauma illnesses. How are they expected to cause trauma in a population that would protest the drilling of oil or mines that would destroy fishing, hunting or simply cause a toxic environment. What the hell will they do if they can‘t stop the tribes from conducting courts based on justice, traditions, culture and compassion for the victims and the defendant? That kind of court might help heal broken people who are acting out due to pain, they can’t have that it could strengthen the whole tribe. What can they do with people who care more for nature, subsistence, the land and their relationship with it than money? What can they do with people who care more about Alaska than those who come here to make money and leave the toxic mess for the real Alaskans to deal with?

The state of Alaska is so desperate they have become obvious. I am starting to understand why they wanted to shut me up in Nome and why my hearings were scheduled late in the day or in the tiny courtroom with no other defendants present and why they came after me once I left Nome. 
Department of Law + Public Defender Agency +Department of Corrections = Clusterfuck Justice
I stand by the maggot reference in this post because only maggots would allow four young men to be harmed and then engineer this vile agreement to harm them further while wearing the mask of justice.

From the ADN:
"'That proposal included an agreement that the men wouldn't sue the government over their convictions, giving up any future claims to damages.
"The agreement reached today says that (the convictions) were properly obtained, and that nothing was done improperly either by the Fairbanks Police Department, by the lead detective, Aaron Ring, by any prosecutor that worked on the case," said Department of Law Criminal Division Director John Skidmore. "Instead, what has been revealed is that there is new evidence submitted that suggests if they were tried again today, it would be more difficult to convict them."
“The petitioners stipulate and agree that the original jury verdicts and judgments for conviction were properly and validly entered based on proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” Lyle said. “The parties stipulate and agree that there is sufficient new evidence of material facts that a new trial could be ordered” under state law.
The men agreed to withdraw claims of prosecutorial misconduct and the state “will not seek retrial in any of the underlying criminal cases and will file dismissals,” he said.
After a lengthy description of the legal process, Lyle said the words the four men and their supporters had been waiting to hear: “The petitioners will be returned to Fairbanks Correctional Center and released forthwith after this hearing.”'


I am writing about the DOC and the lies being told to protect those who knew about the deaths and abuses at the DOC for a very long time. They knew, oh yes they did. The coverup continues.

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