Why Do You Think I Call Them The Department Of Lawlessness?

"So this is the sort of law book they study here," said K., "this is the sort of
person sitting in judgement over me.”
Franz Kafka, The Trial

An egocentric couillon in Fairbanks blew up 300 pounds of explosives damaging property all around from windows to foundations and a grand jury found there was no criminal intent. Odd isn't it? I actually believe he is much more than an egocentric idiot, but don’t have the information to say much else. A person who texts while driving or is intoxicated while driving is committing a negligent act which can result in unintended consequences from damage of property to death. Why is blowing up a large amount of explosives in a reckless way not considered negligent behavior when it certainly has much intent behind it? It was 300 pounds of explosives, what did he think would happen. Are we supposed to shrug our shoulders and say, oh well boys will be boys when this juvenile behavior was done by a grown man, Guy "Chris" Mannino who we know has been educated as he is a chiropractor. In Alaska, who you are, who you know and what you know have everything to do with being indicted or not. For information about the militia and law enforcement connections to Mannino read Jesse Griffin’s post at Immoral Minority.

This is not the first time the DOL has dropped charges the troopers filed against Mannino. From the News Miner:
Mannino previously had been charged in association with his activities at O’Donoghue’s range, though prosecutors dismissed charges in the last case. According to a criminal complaint filed in August, troopers investigated in May when a neighbor reported “shrapnel was falling on his property.”
The investigation of that incident led troopers to O’Donoghue’s range last year, where they and Mannino got into an argument. Troopers ended up handcuffing Mannino and forwarding charges of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and weapons misconduct to the district attorney. The district attorney withdrew those charges in September.

It sounds like this guy needs a psych evaluation, but as we know being drunk or mentally ill is considered normal in many areas of Alaska. Does a person who has empathy for others or a grip on reality blow up explosives like this. I don't think so.

Take a look at the people the DOL protects and be afraid, be very afraid. Mannino is a gun dealer and an explosives dealer who makes bad choices, so what else is he up to and who does he do it with? This is how I know the orders for this kind of corruption come from high up whether it is to demonize and frame someone or protect them. In my case they protected a corporation, workplace bullies and then a man who was a pimp, constant thief and con man. What does he have on law enforcement?

I have mentioned in the past my amazement at the idiocy, lack of education, bullying and unethical behavior of many medical professionals in Alaska. How would you like to go to this man for health care? I have had some experiences that are very alarming with some health care "professionals"in this state. I have described in great detail that the Department of Lawlessness manipulates evidence to get the result they and/or their overlords desire, innocence, guilt, mitigating circumstances and justice be damned. Do you believe me yet?

I do a routine of a prosecutor taken from comedic performances done by several of the DOL's precious pumpkins who came to court unprepared as usual, “Your honor I had to read a document, your honor I have several other cases, your honor I was just on leave”. Was this prosecutor just on leave or did he have to read a document rendering him incapacitated?

Here is how a Grand Jury in Alaska works, the prosecutor presents evidence which may be total lies to the grand jurors, the defense can’t even attend and they do not allow the defendant to even be there. This is why it is often said a ham sandwich could be indicted in Alaska. In other words they can get an indictment with little effort on anyone. They just chose not to in this case. In my case ADA John Earthman tried to get the grand jury to come to a heinous conclusion at one point without any evidence at all (I know there was no evidence because it never happened), a break was taken and then it was never mentioned again. I suspect one of the jurors had been tampered with by either the DOL or interests in the community as he made statements as if he was Earthman's puppet. I was never allowed to counter the lies and misstatements of fact even in my hearings. If I had done what Mannino did I would be at Hiland Mountain being tortured by corrections officers right now. 

 The state troopers told me when my property was stolen in Homer by Robin Hume it was a just a civil case, but it was not, they should have charged him and his brother with the crimes they committed against me. This appears to be what is going on with this case, no charges, just civil cases. They protect certain people and harm others with evil intent. The DOL should have more concern for the safety of the public. This is exactly what it looks like and is as corrupt as it seems.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see the connections when you dig into this a little bit.


"I talked to a Guardsman I know who is also a member of the Anchorage Police Department
(Chris Simmons) about what to do with the information I had. He connected me to another APD
and Guard member (Seth McMillan)."

Mr Simmons' father-in-law is Judge Ben Esch.

"Leslie’s son had been witness to drug dealings. He was working at a Pizza Hut alone one night.
He was under 21 and the restaurant served alcohol so he had been left alone illegally, as the other workers of legal age had chosen to leave. That night he was led into a freezer, put on his knees, and shot in the back of the head. Essentially killed execution style."

(edited for brevity)

Conflict stalls Godfather's Pizza murder trial - REVEALED: Suspect's public defenders' agency represents prosecution witness.
Anchorage Daily News (AK) - Thursday, November 24, 2005
Author: DOUG O'HARRA Anchorage Daily News ; Staff

With a jury already chosen, and opening statements set for Monday, the trial in the six-year-old killing of a teenage worker at a Midtown Godfather's Pizza has been delayed once again.

Public defenders representing Barry Anderson said this week that their agency represents someone the state plans to call as a prosecution witness and therefore a conflict of interest bars them from continuing to represent Anderson.

This latest turn of events is so unusual, lawyers and people with the court system say there's no procedure in place to deal with it. How long can a jury be held before being sworn in? No one knows. Can the new lawyers be forced to accept a jury chosen by other lawyers? No one seems to know for sure.

Barry Anderson , 29, is accused of pulling the trigger but says he didn't do it. Trial has been repeatedly delayed by a battle that twice reached the Alaska Court of Appeals to prevent a statement Anderson made to an informant from being used against him at trial. The appeals court said the statement is admissible.

On Wednesday -- less than a week before the trial was set to open -- the assistant public defenders representing Anderson asked to be released from the case. They met alone with Superior Court Judge Mike Wolverton in a hearing closed to prosecutors.

"The public defender agency had an irreconcilable conflict of interest, which made it impossible for it to proceed and ensure all parties a fair trial," said assistant public defender Gary Soberay on Wednesday.

Neither the judge nor the defense lawyers offered any further explanation. Assistant district attorney Adrienne Bachman said the conflict appeared to involve a prosecution witness who is represented by different public defenders in an unrelated case. But precise details of the conflict were not made public, even to prosecutors, she said.