Another Proclamation Against Bullying in Alaska. Thank You Sitka. Update.

This proclamation is about both school bullying and workplace bullying making February 16th Bullying Awareness Day.  Now we need some legislation to stop the severe workplace bullying in Alaska.
Update: Betty Jo Moore posted some new information about the Sitka Proclamation Against Bullying on Alaskans For A Healthy Workplace Facebook page. She received information that Sitka and the Borough are in the process of working on a workplace bullying ordinance. Hurray for Sitka!


Anonymous said...

Please make sure that Alaska Airlines HQ gets a copy of this. There have been witnessed problems with this.

Ginger said...

Celia, I just saw your blog on IM's blog list. I've wondered where you've been.

Your fight for justice in Alaska has always amazed me. Keep up the good work and stay well.

My best to you...


Celia Harrison said...

@Ginger, Thank you for your encouragement.